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MarsMars in House 2 of the BirthChart

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The tendency is to devote more energy to obtaining and caring for personal assets and resources. However, due to a certain impulsiveness, there are similar chances of obtaining something and having to give it up so, ideally, they must learn to save for rainy days. However, with Mars positioned in this house, there may be more willpower to obtain personal wealth, for the construction of a safe fortress.

People with this positioning in their charts will also be able to replicate this behavior in their physical senses and assign great importance to them. It is likely that they will have a high level of self-esteem, which can be achieved when they are reprimanded for doing something wrong. They must control some habits, such as the impulse to shop.

Money can be a matter of easy come, easy go, so it is necessary to stay focused on developing talents instead of just worrying about material things. The act of owning is not exclusively related to money, and in this way, people with Mars in their 2nd House can become a great manager of any physical/material possession, as they are usually more careful when acquiring, using and managing the things that belong to them.

Those born with this positioning generally have a great sense of self-esteem, and this can be used as a propellant to pursue goals and, in the best of cases, it also helps to overcome certain challenges by using their resources, be it money or some object of value (but they must be careful not to ever take undue advantage of a situation or other people).

Depending on the context of one’s chart, this positioning can indicate material conflicts: if someone crashes their car, for example, people with this positioning may feel a greater need to ensure that the culprit assumes responsibility for the repair work.

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