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Jupiter in House 2 of the BirthChart

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jupiter in 2nd house

Here Jupiter is able to influence the material expansion and the notion of valuing things, giving the native greater wisdom to optimize the use of his own resources. Money and resources seem to come to the person in a more relaxed way, making the chances of having to go through very critical situations of scarcity in life less.

Jupiter fertilizes this sector so that good fruit will always grow and ripen in it. It is a productive position and one that tends to generate wealth - of course, within what is foreseen in the synthesis of your birth chart. With confidence and a dose of luck, throughout life you can find opportunities that expand your resources.

However, it should be protected a little against extravagances, since Jupiter amplifies the physical experience, making the native have a fall to enjoy the good things in life, especially those that sharpen and stimulate the senses. You can find all the excuses in the world to pursue the pleasures that interest you most, always in search of material stimuli. The more comfort and pleasure, the better, but you need to be careful not to eat or drink too much, or even to make debts, as there is, however, also the risk of exaggerated spending, either for a behavioral issue or even by circumstances of the environment that end up requiring more out of your pocket. It is legal to improve monetary activities through specialized courses and invest some of your time in learning economics and management at some point.

But, even with possible excessive expenses, the native with Jupiter in the second house tends to be successful in making budgets and financial plans, being able to cultivate and prosper his material goods and eventually being called even "lucky" in some moments of life, being this is just a reflection of knowing how to manage their own assets and eventually manage to increase them.

Jupiter in this sector can also help with addictions or eating disorders, but also make them even more exaggerated. The coin, after all, always has two sides and will depend on its performance and the fluidity of the star on the chart, if tense aspects are forming if beneficial aspects and favorable signs are at stake.

Your career may even depend a little more on your talent to develop things from ideas, visions and insights, requiring your ability to take advantage of opportunities. Executive positions and investments can be profitable, since Jupiter in this house can improve his judgment on finances, perhaps even making the native a good financial advisor. His honesty, coupled with self-confidence, form a great projection of his image - that of a successful person, that others trust to manage their finances.

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