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Neptune in House 2 of the BirthChart

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Their relationship with money may not always be a smooth thing for those who have this Neptune positioning. There tends to be some nebulosity about how to handle money or material resources, with greater difficulty in settling accounts or perhaps spending more than they should. Another possibility is for a person to feel that they do not deserve to be rich or that they are not deserving of what they have.

There is another side too, where there can be hyper-valuation of money and wealth, where getting rich quickly can become a personal goal. Thus, the person can become vainer or create the illusion of an unreal world, where their relationship with money is out of step with reality. But remember, these are just tendencies and obviously a person can manipulate these energies and be able to understand and shape them throughout their lives.

The development of sensitivity is also important, so as not to fall into traps or become overly dependent on any substances with psychotropic effects. By getting rid of such tendencies, people with this aspect in their charts rule can spend their money however they want, including not thinking only about themselves and becoming more charitable, giving others some of what they have and realizing that they are part of the whole. Among the challenges for those who do not have a good relationship with money or resources is learning to deal with such things in the most balanced and realistic way possible, without needless illusions.

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