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Part of Fortune in House 2 of the BirthChart

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Many people associate the Fortune part with money, although this reference is not entirely valid. Even though, when placed in the mundane second house, this positioning may indeed have to do with money and possessions. With such a configuration, the chances of finding yourself in the midst of prosperous environments increase, perhaps from an early age. It indicates benefits for finances, possessions, and the like, where the luck to “call” money is amplified, something that can attract opportunities or facilities in life. It is not possible to say that it will rain money all the time, but there is a greater possibility that the gains will be obtained more fluidly.

Your joy will come in manifesting what you truly value, although you need to find out what it is first. You can be materially blessed if your actions in life reflect your sincere values. Good things are even more likely to happen depending on some conjunctions of beneficial planets, as they can be indicative of prosperity through opportunities, favors, profits, and other advantages that happen.

Learn to be sure of what you want without making a fuss about it. The sooner you learn about what is of value to you, the better choices you will make. Here there is an indication that desires are materialized in a better way and that the person feels more fulfilled by conquering them.

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