Gemini - Sign of Mutable Air

The Sign of Gemini in Astrology


Gemini is the third sector in the ecliptic reference system, and relates to the transition phase between two seasons. Because of this, its heat and humidity relationship rhythm becomes unstable, creating instabilities of energy flow and relative humidity. The Air element in astrology attributed to Gemini is formed exactly by humidity and heat, fundamental principles of transformations, evaporations, instabilities and chaoticities, as well as the creative potential (as in an environment like the Amazon forest, which is hot and humid), the multiplicity of genres, colors, shapes and sounds.

As in the human brain, the neocortex is the most chaotic, creative and unstable region. This sector, Gemini, when emphasized in the birth chart (astrological chart), evidences the presence of restlessness, curiosity, intellectuality, the desire to learn and relearn, create and discard, leading to the urge to know and explore one's surroundings.

This sign/sector, when in evidence, goes beyond Aries' need for the raw energy of survival and Taurus' physical need to touch and experience the material world.

What is in evidence here is the intellect and the communication that we need to develop in order to rationally understand the world outside our body, how it communicates and how we communicate with it, something that involves people, environments, cities, countries, the Earth, and the universe.


Gemini and the desire to communicate with others

The Gemini sector in Astrology represents the mind beginning to learn, to discover, and to communicate, even if it does not yet have a sense of the depth of things assimilated. The interest is in picking up and quickly passing on bits of knowledge sounds, words, associations between objects, associations of processes, observations of repetitions, and also the knowledge loose in the air. Thinking is not the result of emotion.

Thinking involves discriminative, cognitive, linguistic, logical, rhetorical lexical and conceptual skills, in an effort to say the unspeakable: emotions, instincts, physical sensations, etc.
Thus, it is an effort to try to represent the unconscious.

This sector/sign is connected to the conscious mind. It relates to what is understood and propagates information that comes in great flow and quantity, but not always with quality and good filter. The important thing is to seek novelties, pass on, discard, recover, recycle, sell, exchange, buy, and seek again, as in an endless cycle.


Developing the intellect and incessantly seeking knowledge are basic Gemini characteristics, generated by the need for adaptability and preservation. To exchange knowledge means to constantly renew information.

Wherever there is a manifestation of this component when in evidence in a birth chart (birth chart), it brings lightness, curiosity, and duality - as the very name of the sign suggests, as well as air itself in motion.

The image of Gemini was placed to represent two analogous forces (twins, from the same origin, very similar, etc.) that are fighting or transferring the power to control the forces of nature - each Gemini would control a station. In this transition, there is duality, uncertainty and elusiveness.

Thus, this component inspires curiosity, expression, communication, intelligence and adaptability can where it passes, however, as in all spectrums of behavior and psychology, a not very well conducted management can carry restlessness, skepticism, instability, unproductive dispersion and foolishness.

Managing this astrological component means seeking a better management and coexistence with the contradictions proposed by intuition and logic, which are often mutually exclusive.

Our psyches have the ability to help us perceive the voices of the various regions of the brain and nervous system, and thus we can perceive equally the two sides of the brain. With this we can decide whether to use logic or intuition, the symbolic or literal interpretation of cognitive processes, even without often achieving consensus, since the regions are of different natures. Thus, maturity can imply acceptance of the logical conflicts that exist.

Gemini in the Birth Chart

Gemini in the Birth Chart

Even if you don't have the Sun in Gemini or another planet in this sign, know that it is in everyone's birth chart. It may not be in planetary placement, but it is there in some House, which represents the area of life in which you manifest Gemini characteristics.

To you Gemini, I will give the questions without answers, so that you can bring to everyone the understanding of what man sees around him. You will not know the reason why men exist, speak or listen, but in your untiring search for answers, you will find the special gift that I give you: knowledge. And Gemini returned to his seat.

Characteristics of Gemini:

Element: Air
Quality: Mutable
Solar period: +/- from 22/05 to 21/06
Ruling planet: Mercury
Natural of House 3
Principle: Active | Male | Yang
Keyword: Versatility
Key phrase: I think
Glyfo: Roman numeral II
Opposite sign: Sagittarius
Anatomy: Lungs, collarbone, bronchi, hands, arms.

People with sun in Gemini

What Astrology says about Gemini.

Geminis, just like bees, buzz between one experience and the next. They never seem to stop exchanging information, producing, imitating, copying, and collecting different fragments, whereas their opposite sign, Sagittarius, tends to expand and group the ideas they pick up, generating stories and philosophies based on the data available to form a larger and more in-depth picture. One side of the dual Gemini personality is not complete without the other.

They need to express their ideas and share what they learn with others. But if they use or put into practice everything they learn, that is another story. This tendency to jump from one subject to another or from one task to another can give the impression that they are a person keen to know everything, but one who doesn't go into anything very much in-depth at all, being just replicators. They tend to tell stories as if they already know everything, because, in general, they are more at home with words, in addition to having the “gift of the gab”.

Geminis should put a little more effort into controlling and channeling their energy in the most positive way possible, thereby gaining more focus and concentration, since patience and persistence are not usually their strong suit, but the variety and the constant exchange of information are. Speaking and articulation are part and parcel of the Geminian scope and thus they can become quite persuasive, serving as able salespeople, journalists, broadcasters, and teachers.

Being so friendly, intelligent, and witty, they are used to almost everyone. Variety, flexibility, and freedom in relationships are important for the natives of this sign, who adapt easily to changes in life and generally get along well in any environment and with anyone, as they are somewhat chameleonic - the benefit of their mutable nature.

Not only do they have a good ability to understand what others are thinking, but they also have the cleverness to please people, if necessary, to overcome any barriers. They tend to think fast and use words well in any situation, all with a light sense of humor. With this, they can readily get around socially and open doors throughout their lives.

Do you want to know how this information affects your life?

With the ability to see both sides of any issue, they tend to fluctuate between different points of view. They change sides as circumstances change. For many Geminis (or those who have a healthy dose of Gemini in their astral chart), oscillation can be a big problem. They tend to say what others want to hear instead of saying what they really think of a situation. They often have a hard time maintaining interest in a project or relationship for a long time. Some may prefer to taste the nectar of many flowers than settle for just one.

As they are very mental, they tend to react intellectually to their experiences. That is, before deciding, they try to analyze things more rationally and less emotionally. It is this intellectual orientation that makes some people see them as insensitive or emotionally distant. In short, they often use their heads instead of their hearts to find the solution to most of their problems. They are guided by logic and speed, being able to understand why a person is behaving in a certain way.

They usually read a lot about anything or, if for some reason they do not like to read, they communicate a lot to satisfy this need to stimulate their mind. Many people who lack this mental focus and need for variation may find it difficult to keep up with rapidly changing subjects or chores.

They can be good communicators and writers, with a more fluctuating mood but fond of witty games, as well as being volatile, versatile, curious, and perceptive. Sometimes they can also be relatively contradictory, restless, critical, and impatient people, due to the duality of the sign. They do well at jobs that have a wide variety of stimuli and like to do several things at the same time, sometimes being late for appointments. Boredom is not part of their vocabulary.

How to become a better Gemini?

  • Channel your mental energy better;
  • Be more focused and concentrate;
  • Seek knowledge less superficially;
  • Try to balance duality;
  • Deal better with boredom;
  • Look for a little more depth in things.

Homens de Gêmeos

What to expect from Gemini men?

They are generally enthusiastic, dynamic, and communicative. They tend to live a double-positive life: they work hard, but when fun comes knocking at the door, they manage to completely disconnect from work and go on a spree without end. But no problem, the next day they are ready to work again, and maybe for another party.

This duality can also appear on the affective plane. If the loved one is not around, he is capable of attracting others. He is generally a good talker, especially if his Mercury position helps, and he uses his smooth words to seduce. He loves a conversation when sex is over and, even during the act, he can talk about several things. Anyone who wants to be with a true Gemini may have to be more liberal in some situations in order not to get upset.

They can change their mood and behavior without notice, being cheerful, helpful, and caring at one time, but becoming cold, distant, and disinterested at another, which can leave their partners confused. They generally like to travel around, even if they never move out of their neighborhood. They usually have a certain relationship with science, design, and journalism, being able to stand out in any of these areas.

Mulheres de Gêmeos

What to expect from Gemini women?

With her predisposition to be more communicative, the Gemini woman still has a little childlike spirit within her. She simply cannot stay still for a long time. This animation can turn her into a great hostess, and she may be able to throw incredible parties. Enthusiastic, charming, and with a provocative look, she can delight anyone. In terms of relationships, she tends to look for smart and sociable people who like to go out and meet others. Insecure people do not match the essence of the Gemini vibe.

The duality of the sign means that Gemini is influenced by two completely different poles, so their mood and behavior can vary mainly when compared to people with Earth signs.

Gemini women tend to have several friends from different backgrounds, and they nurture an appreciation for contact with new cultures and people. Since she is naturally restless; it seems that she was born ready to live adventures and have fun. Because of this, she can spend a lot on travel or anything else that includes fun, communication, and contact with people.

The other stars when positioned in Gemini

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