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Part of Fortune in Gemini in the BirthChart

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Constantly learning through courses, books or any contact with informative activities can be a source of advancement and joy. Developing different activities simultaneously can also being satisfaction, whilst maintaining stimulating relationships. Joy can be found in satisfying your curiosity. Cultivate versatility, flexibility, freedom of movement and a sense of humor.

It is possible you will enjoy communicating, talking and exchanging information and learning, being someone who is always reading something (even if it is just the news) and updating your knowledge. These are things which could somehow generate a feeling of contentment. There is also a greater tendency to promote gatherings in which distinct ideas are exchanged, serving as a catalyst to learning and spreading information.

However, when there’s tension in this aspect, a certain embarrassing situation, be them caused by confusion, gossip or misunderstandings, could lead to communication issues. That can make the person lose some spontaneity and their will to express their desires and opinions, going as far as delegitimizing their right of speech. And where there’s no dialog, there’s only silence, unspoken words and a fear to express oneself.

If they haven’t yet reached their full potential to communicate once they reach adulthood, they need to find some balance and the paths that could lead to freer communication and tact, becoming less defensive and afraid to express opinions.

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