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Saturn in Gemini in the BirthChart

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Saturn in Gemini makes things more practical. Those with this positioning tend to be more logical, excel at problem-solving, and more easily find practical solutions. This is a suitable positioning for Saturn since when in Gemini, it is in triplicity. Individuals are more likely to be very perceptive, noticing many things that pass through their internal radar. Generally, they think about things and make their conclusions very quickly. Planning and organization also benefit.


Many people with this position in their birth chart look for professions, leisure activities or hobbies that bring along a particular intellectual challenge. They can also feel attracted to areas that involve communication and writing. If Saturn has a bad aspect, with a tense factor directly affecting Mercury, the rising sign or House 1, for example, can negatively affect how these natives communicate. Speech problems, such as stuttering or speechlessness, can emerge.


Saturn can also have a limiting action, taking away some of Gemini’s versatility and ability to communicate and quickly adapt to a new situation. This can make these people always search for something new as a challenge to test their adaptability. The opposite can also happen, with these individuals finding it hard to communicate or adapt to new realities.


Always Learning


Acquiring Knowledge Comes into Focus people can feel so hungry for knowledge, always wanting to learn more about things, as they tend to feel a certain intellectual void as if there’s always something more to learn. They need to feel as if they can answer any question (even if they need to make some stuff up or fill in the blanks a little). When they don’t know something, there’s a bigger chance they will feel embarrassed. After all, this is a great challenge for people with this positioning: to sincerely admit and not feel bad if they don’t know something, humbly taking the time to learn it later. Many natives with this positioning feel the need to know everything about a specific subject to feel respected.


If there are quadratures or oppositions involving Saturn, especially with Mercury and the Moon, there could be a tendency to lie. This happens because the individual needs to be a know-it-all. They can be simple lies or end up being complex plots that last a long time, eventually underestimating others’ intelligence. To alleviate their guilt and agony, they can deliberately put themselves in a position where the lie will be uncovered. Obviously, this is not a set rule. Still, it is a tendency when this positioning is under tension from a certain aspect.


Saturn in Gemini under tension can also make individuals intellectually pedantic, wanting to show off the knowledge they don’t possess. However, this is generally assuaged by experience and maturity throughout their lives. There’s also a potential fear of not being heard and a desire to have their beliefs taken seriously. Not needing constant intellectual approval from others is an excellent way to adjust Saturn’s energy in Gemini, becoming a severe speaker or professor with no restrictions and governed by truth.

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