Venus Gemini

Venus in Gemini

Venus in Gemini in the Birth Chart

Those born under the influence of Venus in Gemini can enjoy having a variety of social and romantic experiences. This can make them very interested in people, wanting to explore a wide range of possibilities instead of pursuing a more stable romantic relationship from the start. They look for instigating, intellectually stimulating relationships, that can fill hours with interesting conversations and challenge them mentally, eliminating any chances of boredom.

Usually, they love talking, sharing ideas, going to new places and learning together. Therefore, they feel attracted to partners who are intelligent and have good sense of humor and communication skills, which are even more important than physical appearance.

When Venus in Gemini presents tension, romantic relationships can be fleeting. This means they can easily lose interest in more serious relationships, which become superficial. Because they are very sociable, they tend not to want jealous partners. They need the freedom to be who they really are. Usually governed by their minds, their feelings can be expressed in a very intellectual way.

Talking is a Must!

Knowledge and communication can be strong desires with Venus in Gemini. This is why individuals with this position in their charts usually want to make a lot of friends and acquaintances and spend time with them. Intelligent, skilled conversationalists, those with this positioning are usually attracted to equally versatile individuals, who are dynamic and can keep up a constant flow of ideas and information.

Usually enjoy literary activities, such as poetry. They will possibly spend a lot of time traveling or moving around to discover new cultures and make new friends. Individuals with this position in their charts are pleasant and have good relationships with their siblings, friends and neighbors. They don’t relate to unrefined people, always proffering to be surrounded by people who have something to offer, intellectually.

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