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Mercury in Gemini

Mercury in Gemini in the Birth Chart

People with Mercury in Gemini tend to be intensely curious: they want to know everything about everything! The problem is that they run the risk of wanting to learn too many things at the same time, thus dividing their attention very often. This means that they do not continue with many of the projects they undertake. That is, they end up starting everything and finishing almost nothing!

When this tendency is taken to extremes, it makes these people talk about various subjects, but not mastering any of them in depth. Another problem may be their indecisiveness, since for them it is possible to consider any situation from many points of view. Thus, they commonly change their minds very often, something that can confuse others. For this reason, it is not uncommon for them to earn a reputation as people who are volatile or just a flash in the pan.

A brilliant mind

Only Mercury in Aquarius can match this position about mental originality. The inventive minds of people with this positioning can discover new and surprising solutions to problems and emergency situations.

These people need to have a good education as they grow up so that they can make better use of their intellectual capacity. This position is common among scientists, mathematicians, IT experts and computer science professionals, secretaries, designers, writers, reporters, journalists, teachers and speakers.

If Mercury is under a lot of tension in Gemini, there can be endless talk about trivial matters. This positioning in their charts, makes these people tend to deviate from their goals and lose their main focus. This is precisely what we have already said about wanting to learn a lot and not delving into anything or starting and not finishing projects.

People with a well-developed position of Mercury in Gemini are capable of profound logical and scientific thinking. They are generally knowledgeable about many subjects and able to communicate easily, quickly and accurately, both in speaking and writing. They usually deal with symbols and puzzles very well, and have an excellent vocabulary, something that is one of the secrets of their ability to communicate and express themselves so well.

Lots, lots of information...

People with this position have extremely sensitive nervous systems, which makes it more difficult to keep out external stimuli. All the talk and activity around them is recorded with intensity and vividness in their minds. This makes them have to deal with many thoughts and impressions at the same time.

Their agile mind can register two impressions or to have two thoughts almost simultaneously. However, if they are subjected to busy and complex environments for a long time, their nerves can be destroyed. This may give rise to their getting tired, confused and irritated.

They therefore need periods of isolation to calm down and focus their mind. However, Mercury is at home in Gemini, the sign of its natural ruling planet. If this position has nice aspects, pure thought processes and logical reasoning can be developed to the height of expressiveness.

People with Mercury in Gemini can highly versatile, less biased and impersonal in their ability to perceive the truth. They are more concerned with facts than with personal attitudes and preferences.

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