Mars Gemini

Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini in the Birth Chart

Mars in Gemini tends to make people active and versatile, ones who generally enjoy intellectual debates and discussions. Geminis are always interested in obtaining information and knowledge to be able to pass it on, so the actions of people with this positioning tend to be faster, more versatile and adaptable.

With Mars under tension, the tendency is to add discussion and irritability to the recipe, with a more sarcastic or even rude approach. Communication skills are endowed on those who have this position, so it may be that in the end, their arguments prevail, and they win the debate. The problem is that they tend to be people who do not always go through to the end, because this position does not favor persevering, but rather being scattered. When a person with Mars in this position gets angry, for example, be prepared for a heated discussion with intelligent speech. There may be no shouting, but the words will be fun and lethal at the same time, in the best sarcastic style. It is as if those with this placement manage to put the other person in their place.

On-demand communication and information

This positioning opens the door to careers as a journalist, reporter or even critic, since the tendency for discussion is in their astral DNA. As restlessness is one of the most evident characteristics of this positioning, those who have Mars in Gemini in their chart may want to work simultaneously in different jobs. They may also have mechanical and engineering skills, courtesy of their star.

Mars in Gemini when things get intimate - good chats and versatility

This positioning can guarantee inspiration to discover new ways to excite their partner through words and whispers. When this Mars is impregnated with Gemini energy, be prepared for a lot of versatility when it comes to intimacy, with lots of lightness and fun moments.

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