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Pluto in Gemini

Pluto in Gemini in the Birth Chart

It’s interesting how the concept of generation we have used all through the 20th century has some parallels with Pluto’s positionings. People born in generations where Pluto has already reached a different sign could have very distinct challenges, inner possibilities, concepts of power and ways to deal with changes and transitions in society, when compared to others.

Latest periods of Pluto in Gemini: 1884 to 1914
Suggests transformation regarding intellect, communication, transportation and mass mobilization.

Pluto in Gemini intensified the principles of mutability, duality, restlessness and dexterity, by taking intellectual, literary and artistic abilities to an extreme in its correspondence. Gemini works through intelligence, feeling, and nervous action. This period revealed the obstinate search to establish connections, and with it, the urgent expansion of communication and transportation networks.

Social needs were highlighted through the expansion of mental horizons, the structuring and organization of knowledge and intellectual know-how, by revolutionizing traditional forms of social organization and its ideas. Among the few occurrences at the time, in 1900, the study of quantum physics gets underway. In 1906, Gandhi brings the philosophy of “non-violence” to the world. In 1907, Buddhism is introduced to the West. On the eve of World War I, there is an advance in the production of automobiles, airplanes, telephone systems, and newspapers, among others. In 1913, Ford begins mass production of automobiles. Communication begins to be disseminated more quickly in much of the world, and at the end of the period – when entry of Pluto in Cancer from 1914 onwards – World War I takes place.

In the field of ideas, the incisive spirit of Pluto in Gemini is revealed in the political trajectory of one of the greatest and controversial personalities born during this time – Adolf Hitler. Hitler embodies the archetype of horror, the junction of all that the human shadow oppressed deep in the subconscious, and emerged in an uncontrolled form in impulses of destruction. This has historically shown that denied subconscious impulses have a life of their own, and can spill over onto the collective scale. On this, there was subsequently a great advance in the deep development on human psychology and studies of the human brain.

The extreme of rational thinking, when devoid of compassion and empathy for the suffering of others, is the source of all human monstrosity and cruelty. By taking the paradigm of rationalism to the extreme, Hitler’s existence brought to humanity the importance of realizing human values and respect for life.

Some interesting personalities born during Pluto in Gemini:

Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Charlie Chaplin
Isaac Newton
Salvador Dalí
Frida Kahlo
Coco Chanel
Alfred Hitchcock
Al Capone
Carlos Drummond de Andrade
Cecília Meireles
Fernando Pessoa
Mother Menininha do Gantois

Birth Chart Interactions

People born during Pluto in Gemini have to deal at some point with the stubborn and compulsive impulse in their thoughts. Willpower, excessive intelligence, and a relentless willingness to seek out and impart information can lead to exhaustion. The foremost challenges are mood swings, duality, and superficiality. Curiosity and levity bring missed opportunities for more meaningful involvement in relationships. As logic and rational thinking are exalted and impartiality is prioritized, it is lost in hypocrisy and constant improvisation.

Pluto reveals on the less luminous side the willingness to manipulate others to serve one's own ends, which, in Gemini, works very well through intelligence and cunning. Urgent challenges will arise in the need to focus one’s mind and willpower on transformation itself, on exercising the courage to face one's deepest desires and compulsions, and transmute them through communication. These energies can be channeled to develop a deeper understanding of human-related things and situations.

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