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Neptune in Gemini in the BirthChart

Neptune was in Gemini from 1822 to 1889, inspiring a time where people better understand each other´s concepts and ideas, even if they often disagree, while positively influencing thoughts and communication.

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Neptune in GeminiFrom 1822 to 1889...


The last time Neptune was in Gemini inspired a period when people better understood each other’s concepts and ideas, even if they often disagreed. At the same time, it positively influenced thoughts and communication. It was a generation that expressed feelings through literature and images. Still, it was also a period marked by too much instability and too many changes. Thus, people used to be more open to debates and arguments, becoming more restless.


In this last era of Neptune in Gemini (1888–1902), several inventions allowed communication to flow more swiftly between people, such as the wireless telegraph, Marconi’s radio and photographic film (visual communication). The telephone, for example, was becoming increasingly popular in Brazil.


In terms of ideas, the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud established itself as a therapeutic method in a quest to understand the human psyche better. Education was greatly favored by communication. In Brazil, for example, many pursued careers in teaching areas the last time Neptune passed through Gemini (and in areas of communication, such as journalism).


Brazilian education analysts claim that it was only at the end of the Empire and the beginning of the Republic that a state educational policy began due to the strengthening of the State. Until then, the Catholic Church handled educational policy almost exclusively within civil society. During Colonial Brazil (1500-1822), higher levels of education ensured Portuguese rule over native American Indians and imported enslaved Black people. At the end of this period and during the Empire (1822-1889), Brazil’s class structure took hold, and education, in addition to reproducing ideology, began to reproduce the class structure as well. After the First Republic (1889-1930), it became increasingly valued as an instrument for the reproduction of production relations.


Personal relationships were also favored, but while making friendships was easier and more natural, maintaining long-term relationships became more difficult due to the difficulty of putting down roots. Neptune in Gemini brought on a restless inner nature, which sought new and varied experiences, thus also idealizing a period of many travels and immigrations.

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