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Sun in Aquarius in the BirthChart

In Aquarius the individuality of human, so carefully cultivated in Leo, now becomes part of society as a whole. Capricorn defines the structure and rules of society and Aquarius the role of making social organizations work.

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Sun in AquariusAquarians are the original collectivists and humanitarians of the zodiac. Their tendency is to treat any person in any hierarchical position in the same way. Science or anything involving inventions, innovations and electromagnetic waves, usually appeal to this sign, be it electricity in general, radio, TV, computers, the Internet or even the quantum mechanics of the universe that encompasses everything.

Most of the time they are easy to live with, thinkers and questioners. Their social orientation, loyalty, impartiality and objectivity are reasons why they tend to attract many friends and acquaintances in life. In fact, an Aquarius without friends is like an aquarium without water. Friendships and their network of contacts are some of the driving forces of this sign. Many Aquarians can have a vast book with many phone numbers (or a long list of friends on social media), but only a few select ones are true friends for life. Despite this, they see everyone as friends, enjoy partaking in activities with people or helping them when needed.

They may also be good listeners, but they do not readily offer much information about themselves. They will probably only state their opinions if asked. They try to see everything in life through logic and reason, which is good, but only to a certain extent, because often emotions and more abstract knowledge must be considered. As an air sign, an Aquarian is more mental and a good communicator, always interested in ideas, concepts, technology, people and a variety of information. It is an inventive sign, which generally sees obstacles and difficulties as challenges or opportunities.

Aquarians can see things from a different and original angle and are oriented towards the future. One of the greatest characteristics of Aquarius is their ability to get out of a specific situation to see things from another perspective, perhaps a more objective one. The fixed quality of the sign adds determination, which is also an unrelenting energy when seeking out a goal.

This same fixed quality can also denote a certain inherent stubbornness, although their air element gives Aquarians the ability to change direction when necessary and try another tactic. When they put an idea in their heads, that is it. They have an open mind before deciding, but they often ask for opinions as a final step, even if the decision has already been made, just not finalized. It is a type of interpersonal confirmation process that only the Aquarian fully understands.

Although they do not despise a good material life, many Aquarians are more interested in people than in accumulating great wealth or assuming the responsibilities that invariably accompany this lifestyle. When they cannot afford a little luxury, they understand that they do not really need it and move on.

They are usually stubborn and resist changing their opinions or accepting new ideas when they dislike or disagree completely. Because it is a fixed sign, substantial changes in life are accepted as a challenge, but small changes (even if they can end their most immediate plans), are well accepted.

Many Aquarians, in keeping with their astral heritage, are idealists who uphold the highest principles that humanity can aspire to. However, they are also independent thinkers. When faced with authoritarian demands or principles not accepted by them, they tend to rebel. In fact, rebellion is a very peculiar trait of Aquarians and they are often rebellious just for the pleasure of it, out of mania.

They may also be known to do things to deliberately shock people, as they believe this is transformational. Originally, most Aquarians prefer not to commit themselves to schedules and regulations though they adapt to them if necessary. Even so, do not expect them to always stick to schedules on time or to always follow all the rules.

Sometimes they may hesitate to take the initiative, but once they decide that a situation or idea is worthwhile, they get involved and defend it in a progressive manner. They do not mind when someone asks for something, but they do not much like taking orders. If you want to earn points with an Aquarian, help them without requiring them to ask.

They can also be impersonal and unpredictable. On occasion there may be a certain lack of tact and diplomacy in relations with people. As they are generally not so conventional, they can be stubborn, radical, bohemian and eccentric. Aquarians like any job that requires inventiveness and application free of rules.

They seek to share their knowledge to build a better life for everyone and enjoy working in groups. Helping others so that they can help themselves has great appeal for them. Although they seem cold or indifferent, internally they may be concerned with humanity as a whole and not just with a particular individual. Since they generally do not have big egos, they rarely strive to win the approval or praise of others, and they do not worry too much about this at all.

They are usually analytical and scientific people and can reflect a lot on things until they reach a precise conclusion. They avoid petty behaviors and generally do not like arguments and fights, unless they feel the need to defend a person, an ideal or a principle. As they are quite open to anything that is new and different, they have little patience with those who refuse to hear new concepts or innovate.

Aquarians are generally not possessive of people or things, nor are they very fond of possessive people. They give others a lot of personal freedom and expect the same in return. In relationships, they usually prefer someone intellectual with whom they can communicate in a less limited way.

They may hesitate when it comes to compromise because of their desire for independence and freedom. However, when they get married, the union is generally stable. They are loyal and faithful to their spouse, but they are not prone to excessive displays of affection and romanticism, especially in public.

How to become a better Aquarius man?

  • Be less stubborn;
  • Be less radical;
  • Be less distracted;
  • Be less rebellious;
  • Be more punctual.

Homens de Aquário

What to expect from Aquarius men?

Aquarian males are peculiar and tend to be stubborn and original. Their behavior is unpredictable and unexpected, but their intentions are generally good, both for others and for the world. They value friendships very much and do everything to keep them, but if they think they are being misunderstood, they can argue quite emphatically to show their point of view. When they cannot get something off their chest, they invariably get upset.

They are, in general, scientific and rational, and they do not like to be attached to emotions. With their full understanding of the past and present, their minds are always looking to the future, as it looks like something much more promising. So do not be surprised if your Aquarian male partner does not pay much attention to your feelings. They generally take a cold and impersonal approach to everything: work, friendships and relationships. Another negative characteristic is the contempt they may have for people they do not consider intelligent, in addition to not tolerating folly and stupidity. Despite this, they are naive and sincere, and can be deceived, regardless of their high level of intelligence, due to their heightened humanitarian sense.

In relationships, they are usually attracted first to the potential partner’s intellectual aspect, and only later consider the physical side. An aquarian male also tends to idealize the person he loves. Rather than the social status of people, they value equality and security, which for them is like being with their friends and family. Therefore, they are sociable and make friends easily.

Because of their incredible willpower, it is not uncommon to see Aquarian males involved in discussions in relationships. If you are going to argue with an Aquarian male, it is good to have your memory up to date, as he does not forget any details and usually wins arguments because of this. Their sudden changes in mood can make people around them confused or hurt. However, even with their unpredictable behavior, Aquarian males are determined and firm. This audacity of theirs makes them attractive and fascinating, as they create an idealistic, unique and independent image. They are generally faithful in relationships, but as they value freedom and independence, they can fly about here and there. They hate to feel trapped or to entrap others. Normally, they are not jealous, but they do not tolerate dishonesty.

Mulheres de Aquário

What to expect from Aquarius women?

The Aquarian female does not seem to pay attention, but in fact she is noticing all the details. She is smart, smart, fun and loves progress, so she is always attracted to novelties and the arts. Her mind is human, independent and full of compassion. For her there is no prejudice, and she relates to people regardless of their social position. She is independent and cherishes her freedom. Because of this, they can relate to people who are not very conventional. Other people do not need to have money, but they must be rich in ideas, actions, aspirations or talents.

Their relationships must be exciting and have a lot of chemistry. She is no ordinary woman and can end a relationship just as suddenly as she started it. She does not want to be the owner of anyone and neither does she want anyone to be her owner. The best that any interested male person can do is give her just the right dose. If you suffocate her or relax a lot in caring for her, she will possibly leap out from the relationship.

Romanticism is hardly the place where female Aquarians hang out. Details of life in a partnership may go unnoticed (she may even forget your birthday), but she will never doubt you, nor will she force you to commit to anything outside of your beliefs. In a serious relationship, she uses the same determination that she has in other areas of her life. She is usually a loyal and persevering companion, always looking for a better future for both of you. However, her partner may require more attention than she is willing to give. But none of this undermines her best features.

An Aquarian woman never loses hope of seeing a better world and occupying the mind and body is a good way for her to ward off negative thoughts, leaving her more cheerful and happy.

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