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Sun in House 9 of the BirthChart

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The Sun in house nine may indicate a voracious ambition for knowledge, and it gives natives a quest for every kind of stimulus that leads to wisdom. It also vitalizes all attempts at personal expansion and growth.

Natives are usually more studious, fascinated by knowledge and the idea of crossing barriers, even territorial ones. The attraction exerted by what is strange, distant, or exotic can be great, as well as for mysticism and philosophy, fostering a desire to discover how the cosmic gears, the meaning of life, and all events operate. They feel that dreams and big projects must be contemplated and studied.

There is more willing to do great things in life, also developing reciprocity. That is, when they help other people, they are always helped back - and whoever receives help becomes a person with more potential for growth because of the experience provided.

They are not usually satisfied with pre-conceived ideas, researching, and going deeper into the themes that interest them. Therefore, they undertake efforts to acquire knowledge, whether through academic teaching, travel, stories, cultures, curiosities, specialization courses, or even through extensive use of the internet.

They must be careful to contain the motivational impulses that are created only by ideals of grandeur or megalomania to the point of losing touch with reality.

House nine is also related to advertising and the law, therefore, it is not uncommon to find natives with the Sun in this position working in government agencies, as editors, running competitions, acting with the courts, or always propagating useful information and knowledge. They can be fickler, with greater ease in accepting changes in residence, workplace, and routine. They see many opportunities to expand their knowledge in such change processes.

As they tend to go deeper into their studies or into the many topics that are of interest to them, they often end up becoming teachers, which makes them very good, as this further enables the expansion of knowledge, cultural enrichment, and the exchange of knowledge. They are usually interested in ancient philosophies, astrology, religion, ethics, and culture and often go in search of something that makes sense, a knowledge that leaves the ordinary and brings answers to questions that have been asked over time, such as: “who are we?”, “What are our purposes in this life?”, “God exists? If so, what is He?”. They are always looking for questions that bring a broad view, that goes beyond common sense.

The plans are more futuristic, ahead of their time, they are often visionaries who can foresee different trends without even knowing how, and many have an almost prophetic mind. When the Sun is afflicted, they can become arrogant and overbearing, wanting to demonstrate a certain intellectual superiority. When they go down this road, they become pedantic and tend to judge others, making harsh and exaggerated criticisms.

Whoever has Sun in house nine can still become an accumulator of knowledge without ever sharing it. Just as they can be typical consumer travelers who have no interest in learning about the culture or knowledge of the place they are visiting, and are content just to post pictures on social networks and go shopping.

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