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Sun in House 4 of the BirthChart

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The Sun in house four of the birth chart is at the bottom of the sky, that is, at the lowest point on the chart. As house four is linked to the sign of Cancer, individuals who have the Sun in house four may have some Cancerian traits, which makes them have to distinguish between what they are and what the family is. They may give more importance to the family environment, issues related to the soul and inner growth than to the external world, precisely because they need to discover who they are as separate parts of the family unit, which is not always easy.

When the Sun is well-positioned, they usually have a good relationship with the mother or father, depending on which parent is represented in house 4, which gives them emotional support and good affective nutrition. However, when the family relationship is complex, these individuals tend to build armor to protect themselves against emotional vulnerability, which often ends up having an impact on love and family relationships that will be built in another phase of life.

They may have a strong identification with their roots, with tradition, with parents and family, they are generally interested in history, anthropology, and issues related to real estate and property. Usually, the connection with the family unit is closer or suffocating, for this reason, they tend to value the acquisition of real estate, where they can do things their way.

They appreciate comfort and feel comfortable at home, a place that provides them with security, and where they like to receive friends in a hospitable and welcoming way because they are usually good hosts. When the Sun is afflicted, individuals with Sun in house 4 can be attached to their parents, often compromising their marriage or work life because of the overly close bond with the family.

The negative mother figure can be perceived as coldness and emotional detachment, which ends up generating adults who are more insecure, needy, or have difficulty dealing with traumas and possible harmful habits experienced in childhood.

When house 4 is represented by the father and the Sun is afflicted, individuals may perceive the father as despotic, cold and distant, or as someone powerful who would restrain their expression. Thus, they will have to work hard to free themselves from the dominance of the father figure or they may live in an eternal search for the absent father. They should try to be efficient in their professional life, knowing how to measure what belongs to the family sphere and what belongs to the public sphere, as they tend to mix things up, which can affect their professional performance.

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