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Sun in House 6 of the BirthChart

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Whoever has the Sun in house six may have some Virgo traits, and it is important to establish routines, take care of food, and dedicate themselves to what they do. This positioning gives natives some practical skills, which develop daily, becoming a good differential for the individuals, as it ends up creating methods that streamline the work, bringing the light of practicality and organization to daily life.

The Sun in house 6 indicates that there is a great need to give and serve, the work has a connotation of commitment and dedication. They are individuals who can better observe the details, the minutiae, implement methods and systems, and analyze data, having a very detailed overview of the area in which they work. They can be more dedicated, avoiding missing work and not valuing people who are soft-spoken or who are not committed to what has to be done.

This configuration is also linked to health care, which ends up creating the need to establish a routine, healthy eating habits, discipline, regular sports activities, interest in nutrition, diets, functional training, a balance between body and mind, and the health area in general.

Natives who have this positioning know how to move well through the sectors of a company, relating to all spheres, a skill that gives them the ability to observe everything that happens in the gears of an organization, generally becoming indispensable, which is why they usually become supervisors or managers.

In general, they can appreciate pets and enjoy taking care of gardens, plants, and sympathize with the idea of growing organic products indoors. Many doctors, therapists, and veterinarians have the Sun in house six on the chart.

When the Sun is afflicted in this position, individuals can become manic about organization and cleanliness, developing syndromes, hypochondria, or becoming disorganized, neglectful of health, which opens the door to illness. In addition, they can become compulsive about work, neglecting leisure and rest. As they adopt this type of posture, they end up being demanding, critical, too detailed, bureaucratic, and authoritarian.

The negative expression of the Sun in house six can also generate feelings of inferiority, causing them to lower themselves or become real doormats to maintain positions. Many natives with this positioning are exploited, unable to establish limits to the abusive demands of their superiors.

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