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Sun in Sagittarius in the BirthChart

Sagittarius seeks to understand and control with superior knowledge, unlike Scorpio, who seeks to understand and control with emotional power. They become bored when surrounded by people or circumstances in which they have no interest.

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Sun in SagittariusThose with their Sun in Sagittarius have an affinity for traveling the world, availing themselves of adventure, superior knowledge, faith and optimism. Most Sagittarians have a natural curiosity that covers a wide range of subjects. When one confronts a Sagittarius in a duel of wisdom, they will likely fight back with a vast supply of information, which they will recite promptly and willingly.

Jupiter, the great benefic planet, is the ruler of Sagittarius, which in and of itself brings a little more luck, protection and abundance to the natives of this sign. It should be noted that faith is extremely important to Sagittarians and this can lead to many accomplishments simply because they tend to feel inside that they will always be able to achieve them.

They have more ability to illuminate everything around them because they believe in themselves a lot. For this reason, they can be great mentors, spiritual guides, teachers and motivational speakers. The most unhappy Sagittarians are those who believe that they do not deserve happiness. If they change their focus and come to believe otherwise, they will almost certainly succeed. Positive mantras and affirmations are quite powerful things for Sagittarians, as they are designed for personal reprogramming and reaffirmation of their faith.

Like a free Centaur on the prairies of the world, they become bored and restless when surrounded by people or circumstances for which they have no interest or affinity. On these occasions, they quickly find ways to disappear, physically or mentally.

The natives are always prioritizing sincerity, justice, companionship and compiling information to create their own mode of mental operation, which is differentiated and very subjective. Their own concepts of everything will guide the path they think they should take in life. Their horizons can be quite broad, and they have an extremely well-developed sense of morality.

They usually prefer to learn things on their own, through reading, adventures, travel and varied experiences. If they can expand their knowledge and gain tangible experience, they become excellent teachers and administrators.

They feel at home wherever they are, as they are usually quite adaptable, a characteristic inherited from the mutable quality of the sign. The astrological symbols of Sagittarius are the hunter (archer) and the centaur, a mythological being that is half human and half horse. They represent the search for Sagittarians to gather, group, select and disseminate truth and knowledge, as well as their constant search for new ideas and new adventures. They feel happy when they risk something to gain something.

Sagittarians are usually talkative, optimistic and adepts of the truth, so they do not hesitate to give their sincere opinions, a gesture that may seem insensitive, though rarely intended to be cruel. This frankness may seem abrupt, but they let their ideas and opinions slip due to their relentless pursuit of truth and wisdom. Many people even think that Sagittarians have no tact, and the saying “the truth hurts” fits their way of thinking and acting. Regardless of these not so diplomatic characteristics, some people instinctively feel that the Sagittarius does not want to hurt and is only interested in sincerity.

People with the Sun in Sagittarius tend to be more idealistic, optimistic, friendly, sincere, versatile and open-minded. On the negative side, they can be immature, insensitive, irresponsible, exaggerated, arrogant and bossy. They like any job that involves predictions and risks and try to avoid those that involve too much delay or too many specific details. Their optimism and enthusiasm guide their actions, which may be good on the one hand, but risky on the other.

Optimism is indeed a two-way street. A Sagittarius can say something like: “I'm sure that today I will be able to close that deal and earn a lot of money!”, but when they arrive at the agreed place, they discover that they forgot the folder with important documents. This is precisely the difference between Sagittarius and the previous mutable sign, Virgo, who may not be so sure that they would clinch the deal but would certainly not forget the folder.

Sagittarians generally love the outdoors, large animals and nature. Travel and long walks can have enormous appeal for them, as they feel free, something that is extremely necessary in its essence. They can be quite philosophical as many of them want to understand the deeper and more abstract questions of life, or they simply think that everything is a miracle. They tend to believe in higher things, which helps in their optimistic take on life, no matter what the difficulties they are going through may be.

Others want to understand the meaning of life, as it helps them in their need for growth and expansion. Even so, this same desire for expansion can cause them to commit excesses, doing several different activities and expending their energy quickly. They need to have rest intervals to recover between one activity and another.

They can adapt to changing moods and different circumstances, having an undeniable need to feel free to explore the world and meet new people. They can feel pressured and trapped very easily, so they may be reluctant to enter situations of total commitment, often avoiding or postponing more serious relationships. When a Sagittarian person falls in love, they can be highly romantic, but they need their partner to be intelligent, varied and communicative. They generally hate jealousy and possessiveness, and like Arians, they tend to like hunting more than capture, and may have a relatively diminished interest after they conquer something or someone.

In the professional field, they are reluctant to commit to a set schedule and can try a variety of jobs. They need to learn to focus on their current projects and stay on them until the end. Always full of enthusiasm, they tend to dedicate themselves more at the beginning of new ventures and then decrease this dedication as the project continues, especially if there are many details to be taken care of or if the work gets rather difficult, there is little variety and things get boring.

They do better in careers that allow them to travel for work. Many also like to deal directly with people, whether selling or promoting ideas or products. They may ignore details, but their broader sense of planning is excellent. They also tend to have a good memory. The challenge of a problem is what interests them, as it has to do with the satisfaction of exploring the unknown. Taking chances is easy for a Sagittarius, who tend to enjoy the trip more than the destination.

They are known for being helpful, friendly and having a subtle humor. They can enjoy debates, arguments and have a real gift for making friends, being able to go anywhere in the world without feeling lonely because along the way they relate to others easily. They have humanitarian instincts and are practical in expressing them, always helping those in need.

How to become a better Sagittarius?

  • Have more focus on projects;
  • Be less proud and bossy;
  • Do not accumulate so many activities and take time between them;
  • Balance some of your optimism with realism and responsibility;
  • Be more responsible, especially with money, due to Jupiter's expansiveness.

Homens de Sagitário

What to expect from Sagittarius men?

Sagittarians may even have defects, but malice is generally not one of them. If you think someone has done anything to attack you, think twice and try to observe the other person’s point of view. Their greatest characteristic may be frankness. Their problem is thinking that they are always right, and that justice is always on their side. This gives rise to disagreements and discussions and, in this case, the Sagittarius can be rude to people, blurting out truths as they see them without measuring the consequences. However, they are normally good leaders because they care about their collaborators. They are usually good workers and want to be happy at work, though spending a lot of money can get them into financial trouble.

Sagittarius men are generally generous, fair-minded and dedicated. They enjoy making friends many times without thinking about commitment. He values his freedom - both physical and intellectual, and it is not uncommon for younger Sagittarians to relate to two people at the same time. The quantity of relationships can also be numerous, which reflects the Sagittarian need for adventure. However, the Sagittarius does not want to deceive anyone. Right at the beginning of the relationship he will probably say how it is that the other person may not have paid much attention (or conveniently pretended not to pay attention). As it is usually very cool, their partner may mistake reason for heart.

Whoever wants to relate to the Sagittarius male must learn to respect his space. Forget pressure or trying to force them to change. If they feel caged, they will soon lose interest and go on to another. However, they like to have someone by their side, someone who understands them and respects their wants and needs. When they finally settle down in a relationship, they tend to be good partners. The problem is when they get involved due to impulsiveness or with the wrong person, because they will end up pretending that they are not unhappy and try to continue living their life as they please and may have several other relationships.

Mulheres de Sagitário

What to expect from Sagittarius women?

Sagittarius tends to be very independent and detests female stereotypes: A “dedicated wife” or “housewife”, for example, may not be the most suitable roles for a Sagittarius. Her enthusiasm for life makes her spend energy on many things, with her partner being just one more of them. Their desire to live intensely tends to be enormous. This leads Sagittarians to possibly commit some excesses, such as spending more than they should (or can) and forgetting about their commitments. This lack of limits can prevent them from fully maturing, in their constant search for fun or adventures.

With her agitated nature, she will always have many friends and easily attract admirers. They tend to be fickle in love and fall in love with incredible speed, but just as quickly they lose interest and end the relationship, often without an ounce of regret.

It is difficult to resist such an optimistic and selfless person. But the problem is not just resisting, whoever wants to win her over will have to work hard and keep up with her pace. Always doing a thousand things, Sagittarians were born to travel, to be outdoors, so getting stuck in a relationship is usually not a priority on their list, unless the partner keeps up with this pace of theirs. This outgoing personality, (a reflection of their ruling planet, Jupiter), can also be influenced by the environment that surrounds it and not just a natural feature, as the Sagittarius woman can go through calmer and more solitary moments in her life yet still always travels inside her mind.

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