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Sun in Capricorn in the BirthChart

Capricorn seeks control by virtue of authority. And this control is achieved through regulations and rules that civilized society accepts and needs to comply with in order to progress.

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Capricorns have an affinity for topics such as authority, caution and discipline and this essence is what guides their decisions and objectives. They like to control things in keeping with the regulations and rules that society accepts and needs to comply with to progress. Even if they are concerned about legality and justice, Capricorns are often guilty of creating or applying rules that they themselves do not follow to the letter, perhaps because they think they have certain perks or that they can fulfill their duties by being above all these things, after all, they tend to create them themselves. They are capable of desiring to walk their own path in a more autocratic way, regardless of others.

Ambitious and almost obsessed with their goals, many adopt the philosophy that “the end justifies the means”  and see the search only for pleasure and fun as a waste of time, as they usually feel that they are not here for a walk and that their work is very necessary. Throughout their lives, they manage to reach their goals little by little.

The mountain goat is in fact an appropriate symbol for this sign, since the main objective of Capricorns is to climb up in life, cautiously and with their feet firmly on the ground, to the top of any mountain they decide to climb. In addition, it is at the summit that they finally have a clear view of everything and can make broader decisions and make use of more resources, even things that perhaps others have more difficulty seeing or do not have access to. They aspire to positions of power or government and admire others who achieve such positions through their own efforts.

Capricorns tend to work hard to achieve their goals and have a high staying power on the journey, something that guarantees them more confidence and respect as time goes by. They are good at delegating tasks when in a managerial position only to those they trust.

Initiative and a willingness to accept responsibility are the keys to their success, as they tend to want to be admired and respected and are afraid of appearing weak or ineffective. Although they compete for what they want with apparent firmness, incredible as it may seem, they may have a certain lack of self-confidence, which makes them highly defensive. However, since they view insecurity and fear as weaknesses, they usually hide these feelings very well.

As children, they have an unusual maturity. They seem to be in a hurry to participate in the adult world and often get along better with older people than with children their own age. These are the kids that inspire others to make comments like “you are so mature for your age!”.

They go through any obstacle to achieve their ambitions, linked to the causes they believe in or just to obtain any eventual redemption necessary throughout life. They tend to be conservative, organized, methodical, traditional, responsible, efficient, patient, practical, disciplined, serious, focused, with the potential to work hard, learn from their mistakes and improve over time. On the negative side, they can be overly concerned, authoritarian, retaliatory, suspicious and very stubborn. They are happier in careers that require the skills of organization, control and perseverance.

Their calm exterior makes Capricorns look lonely. Many are extremely hard on themselves, get on their own cases too much and tend to stick to an external standard of continually striving for success. Some build a wall around them to protect themselves from the evils of the world. They struggle for security by clinging to duty and responsibility, so work is extremely important to them and they tend to take it very seriously. Some Capricorns may have difficulty managing their self-confidence, and this can sometimes hinder or slow their progress.

They like to plan all their movements, weighing all the pros and cons of any problem in advance, like real strategists, goats who think about each step before moving their weight. They take life seriously and are reliable providers, especially in times of crisis. They are usually the type of person who stays calm and knows how to proceed when everyone else is desperate. When asked, they give safe and practical advice. They are not usually aggressive people and only express hostility when attacked, more as a form of defense (just like a goat’s headbutt).

They can be very sensitive to hurts and feel alone at different times in life, as if no one understands them. They need people around, but they tend to isolate themselves due to the fear of being hurt. They can be very loyal to their closest friends and people they care about. Respect and recognition are important to them, encouragement and praise are great for motivating them, even if they do not show such a need.

Accomplishments in the life of a Capricorn are attained through steady progress rather than speculation, risk-taking, or get-rich-quick schemes. They have strong self-discipline and nothing gets them out of their way once their course is decided. They will probably give up many pleasures in life to achieve their goals, because hard work invigorates them. Many are savers or like to collect things. They abhor waste, so they also do not like to waste time on small talk or futile things. They usually only like to talk when they have something useful to say and they can contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.

They can be quite creative too and have a lot of patience, which is good, as many of their plans can suffer from delays, setbacks and obstacles, valuable lessons from their ruling planet, Saturn. This teaches them to be obedient and can help them to strive for spiritual realization instead of just material satisfaction. For them, work is therapeutic and is probably the best medicine for anything that bothers them. They may be prone to overwork, and it is difficult for Capricorns to fully relax: he is happiest when he is busy and productive, even in his spare time.

Most Capricorns are thoughtful, reserved and very sensitive (even though they may not look like that). Their own personal sufferings help them to identify with the sufferings of others, increasing empathy. In love, Capricorns are as romantic and emotional as anyone else, but sometimes they feel inhibited, feeling greater difficulty in expressing their emotions. They are cautious when committing themselves, until they know that the possible partner's qualities and lifestyle are compatible with theirs. Once in a more serious relationship, they rarely want to separate, because they feel that any problem can be solved if there is commitment and dialogue. A good piece of advice for Capricorns is to always remember to help people along the way as they climb the ladder of success, because whoever gives to the poor helps God.

How to become a better Capricorn?

  • Be more confident;
  • Do not overwork;
  • Do not worry too much;
  • Be less authoritarian;
  • Be less suspicious;
  • Do not get on your own case so much.

Homens de Capricórnio

What to expect from Capricorn men?

Even though they want to be a public person, someone who needs to speak and appear for several people, Capricorns are generally somewhat shy and try with all their might to look good in public. In their heads, they need to prove to everyone (and to themselves) that they are capable and efficient. Their life is focused on their goals, they need to achieve their ambitions. What matters most is to prove to themselves that they can fulfill their desires. They may have your ups and downs, but they will never forget a person who helped you.

This constant need to prove, to do, to perform, to work is the reason for their existence. Their ingrained values, which can even be old-fashioned, and their absolute belief in law and order make Capricorns the sort of people who tend to be honest, dedicated and sincere in their relationships. They spare no effort to satisfy themselves and those they relate to and develop strong bonds with people, bordering on dependency.

Capricorns are practical, efficient and reserved people. Because they are serious, they have their feet on the ground and do not shy away from work. When they relax a little, they even have a good sense of humor. Although there is a strong conservative tendency, they tend to take chances with their money, but they succeed when least expected thanks to their high degree of intuitive power. They usually enjoy taking care of accounts and finances in a relationship as they place high value on authority and responsibility.

Mulheres de Capricórnio

What to expect from Capricorn women?

Capricorn women can be reserved and a little conservative. Suspicious in nature, she's not much of a talker, but rather prefers to go straight to the point, perhaps being sarcastic and sometimes even bitter. And there is no point in wanting to please her by showering her with compliments, as they do not seem to care about that. Nothing seems to surprise them, and they make sure that everyone around them has the exact notion of their talent.

She is a woman who sets goals and seems to have enormous self-control. They are afraid of entering into a relationship with the wrong person or turning in a bad job. But this only happens inside her, whoever sees it from outside thinks that she is the most confident person they have ever met. Understanding this is the way to win her over. If you try to expose this, highlighting her weaknesses and disdaining her plans, you will be excluded from her life forever. If you understand what it takes to win your friendship, she will be a loyal and trusting friend.

They may seem distant, but that does not mean that they are cold or indifferent. Give it a little time, for Capricorn ladies are slow and reluctant to open up, but that's part of their charm and enchantment. She is a profound woman, one who does not keep promoting herself and seeks sincere and character partners, which is why humble people (very simple), with no real goals in life, often do not stand a chance with her. When they fall in love, they do so in a profound way, even if they do not show this very much.

Capricorn women are tailored to overcome obstacles and almost always reach higher social levels. The desire to succeed makes her work too hard, dedicating herself to her career in excess. She walks with patience and persistence, always upwards.

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