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Sun in House 11 of the BirthChart

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Individuals with the Sun in house eleven tune a little to the energy of Aquarius, giving certain importance to freedom as well as friendships and attitudes that have a social dimension. They have a good intuition of common sense, being able to more easily grasp the trends and directions that lie ahead as if they had a broad view of certain political scenarios and the markets and economic flows.

They can be more creative, independent, and protesting, and they usually embrace political and social causes that aim for the common good and justice more naturally. As solidarity is a remarkable trait when one has this positioning, they seek to benefit the collectivity, being involved with it in some way, even if only in discussions about innovative projects and reforms that preserve freedom and equal rights.

There is an essence here that has an affinity with activism and humanitarian things, where they have the energy to fight for a better world. They can be interested in politics and defend more democratic concepts. They value autonomy, freedom and have the impetus to fight various forms of imprisonment, even if they end up in heavy conflicts.

Whoever has Sun in house eleven tends to value friendships, groups and even when they become emotionally involved, they do not give up on friends. They usually say what they think, value the exchange of ideas, and do not accept many impositions. They are people with an unpredictable spirit, who do not fit into tight categories.

When the Sun is tense, they are more likely to be rebellious, uncompromising, and atrociously stubborn. They can often be seen as “the contrarians”, who contest everything for the simple pleasure of opposing others, which is extremely tiring and exhausting. One of the negative aspects of this positioning is irritability, where natives can have real outbursts of anger, acting erratically and aggressively out of the blue, i.e. you never know what to expect.

It is also worth mentioning the indiscretion, as they may be able to ask inappropriate questions or comments at inopportune moments, without realizing that they are being indiscreet and rude. With the affliction of energy, they can approach people out of interest or create confusion in the groups they move through, polemicizing and wanting to contest everything all the time.

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