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Mercury in House 3 of the BirthChart

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mercury in 3rd house

Here, there are better chances that those born with this positioning will be noted for their quality of expression and sense of style in communication. As this is one of the natural houses of Mercury and where this planet has affinity, mental faculties and learning are facilitated.

Having Mercury in this area of one’s chart tends to increase precision in the presentation of ideas, making them transmitted in a more clear and objective manner. This positioning favors short-term studies, as Mercury assimilates more superficial knowledge with greater fluidly. Thus, intensive courses that require a great deal of thought or accumulation of information are always welcome.

One matter for attention is for them to try to control the flow of spoken information, as usually the brain acts faster when it comes to communication, where people can skip some parts of the story or speak very quickly. Curiosity can be present in many moments of life, and this can make people always updated on the latest issues. Because they like to transmit information, they should be careful not to say more than they should.

They also tend to be good communicators, good students and can learn about anything in a more natural way, with the ability to write well or teach. There may be an increase in anxiety and enjoyment in moving about and talking a lot. If reading is put into practice, it is more likely to become a pleasure and an important source of information.

They tend not to give up consuming the latest technologies or being informed about the news. This positioning also increases the chances of a better relationship with people in their closest social circle, constantly thinking about how to maintain an adequate relationship with the neighborhood, with brothers and sisters and with uncles and aunts.

It can facilitate learning in the early school years, since mental and intellectual processes happen in an optimal manner. Mercury in this position can make fast things even faster, with a tendency to lose focus in communication due to an accumulation of information, especially if Mercury is under stress. Therefore, they should always try to keep their feet on the ground and, above all, pay close attention to what they do, especially when signing important documents or even in traffic.

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