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Mars in House 3 of the BirthChart

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mars in house 3

This positioning denotes a tendency for the person in question to be a more assertive communicator and learn more dynamically, with more courage to think and communicate their ideas. They are also more inspired to convince people to do the things they want them to do, because it becomes more difficult to leave the person without arguments when it comes to a discussion.

If they work with the public or perform any activity in this sense, debates and presentations will be more favored and tend to be successful, as long as they do not disturb their line of reasoning. Take a deep breath and enjoy each sentence you utter.

They may be interested in or get involved in some way with things related to news, as well as having a penchant for writing fictional literature (although it may be an effort to maintain interest in writing books, despite having the dynamism to do so), because transmitting messages and information can always be a stimulus and a pleasure. Managing multiple activities at the same time can be easier, since their way of solving things allows them to be more given to multitasking.

There is also a certain propensity for occasional tension in relationships with siblings, neighbors and relatives, which can be conflicting or competitive and is not pleasant. Thus, always strive to give in when necessary and try to solve problems based on dialogue, which is also a subject of this house.

Discussing the relationship, with anyone, regardless of who it is, can be a way out to improve getting along on a daily basis, provided the conversation does not turn into a battle in which each one talks over the other and no one listens in the end, because they too can be more inflexible at certain times.

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