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Pluto in House 3 of the BirthChart

See the characteristics of those who have Pluto in House 3 of the Birth Chart.

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Possible harmonic aspects of Pluto in House 3:

  • Discover what no one discovers, see what others do not see more easily;
  • Intense mental power. You can use this power positively (healing) or negatively (destructively);
  • Tendency to analyze several issues and delve into the subjects;
  • Interest in knowing the subjects in more depth, a good aspect for the research area;
  • You can always look for something deeper and not just a simple, superficial answer.

Possible disharmonious aspects of Pluto in House 3:

  • Tendency to become obsessed with your own convictions;
  • When thwarted, you can become a little more radical and intolerant;
  • Strong desires can influence your mental activity;
  • Tendency to like asking awkward questions, liking to talk provocatively, ironically;
  • You may have some communication difficulties;
  • To free a person from prejudices and shallow, futile thoughts, life will demand from them, forcefully imposing itself.

Possible challenges of Pluto in House 3:

  • There are other ways of thinking, of seeing the world. And this is one of the challenges: realize that other opinions do not interfere with your way of thinking about the same issues;
  • To help transform the other, it is important to learn to develop your mental power and communication;
  • Always renew the mind and power of communication;
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