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Saturn in House 3 of the BirthChart

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With such positioning, Saturn brings an air of distrust, coldness, rigidity, and severity. Natives tend to be more careful, shy, or even distant, feeling a little more difficult to learn, communicate and interact with others, where the tendency is to be of few words. Due to these characteristics, they can become very observant people and excellent listeners. They tend to pay close attention to what others say. Some talk a little more and are even considered chatty, but the most common is for the person to be more reserved and assertive.

It can lead to difficulties in learning and stagnation in the flow of information, with the possibility of eventual estrangement caused by differences of opinion or conduct on a day-to-day basis. It is important to be more careful about what they write, say, and deliberate, because everything will be taken very seriously and anything poorly explained can indicate a certain uneasiness, and there is no way around the intrigue other than to give explanations.

In contrast, whether it is for doing reports, monographs, or finishing a book, Saturn represents the good application of methods, improvement, and hard work, even under tight deadlines, generating good conclusions. Studies, short trips, and relationships between siblings and relatives tend to be valued by natives. However, Saturn’s influence can cause one to walk in the opposite direction of these characteristics, or in a more limited way.

On the negative side, there are, for example, those who find it difficult to express themselves due to an excess of shyness. Because of this, some people only go to places where they feel really safe. Travel, then, only as a last resort, and preferably for business or study purposes, as travel involves having contact with other people and this contact can become a problem for their prospects. During childhood, they may have had difficulty in communicating, expressing themselves, so they need to learn over time to feel more secure, to speak their mind, and communicate without feeling embarrassed. To achieve security and recognition, it is worth investing in knowledge as well as in voice and expression mastery techniques.

Natives tend to be careful, attentive and to enjoy studying, reading, and learning, having a good memory, and being concerned about writing well and correctly. They tend to believe that the word is a sacred gift. They may also be skilled at calculations and talking about real, concrete things rather than just ideals or dreams. They could be a rigorous and disciplined teacher.

Although some people have difficulty expressing themselves, others have the power of oratory, feeling safe to express opinions and express what they think, speaking about what they know. It all depends on how the Saturn energy is used here. Working in the media or pursuing careers as a teacher, writer, secretary or librarian are possible trends.

And no constraints when expressing themselves. The fear of speaking and communicating, if any, must be faced head-on. Therefore, phonetics, singing, body language, and breathing lessons can help those who have difficulties in expressing themselves. Another challenge may be to always maintain a balanced family relationship, with siblings, uncles, relatives, and neighbors. Finally, it is necessary to learn to live more lightly.

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