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Midheaven in Pisces in the BirthChart

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Such positioning provides these people with a little more sensitivity in their public image and a greater capacity to identify with the Whole far beyond their ego. They tend to feel that one of their life goals is to have a life immersed in meaning. For this reason, they have the potential to pursue an artistic, multifaceted, spiritualized path or provide services in large, more impersonal institutions.


This path can lead them to be anything that requires creativity, such as a musician, designer, visual artist, writer, actor, film producer, or advertising person. Helping others is another possible vocation, so nursing or healing work can be attractive. People with this positioning can further follow a vocation that is in some manner religious or philosophical. Even if they do not work as actors or in something related to music and arts in general (many may have this potential), they generally put themselves in other people's shoes to try different roles and stimulate their compassion. Illusions usually fascinate them.


Compassion, but in the proper dosage


They must be a little cautious when donating their efforts to the world without any filter. First, because some people may want to take advantage of them and then because in case such people accept some counseling work, they will need to keep their problems separate from others. If they do not have strong influences from an air sign in their birth chart, for example, they may find it more challenging to do this, delving deeply into the problems of others.


Having the bottom of the sky in Virgo brings more practicality to the Midheaven in Pisces. Such people will not manage to enjoy a promising career and achieve their goals if the whole base of their Being is in pieces or disorganized. Even their well-intentioned offers of help can be rejected and treated as a nuisance or intrusion without proper focus, organization and direction.


It can be an excellent lesson to realize that their visions must be linked to everyone else's reality. Compassion is more authentic and valuable when offered by someone whole rather than fragmented and lost. When such people have integrated and stabilized their most rational, practical and useful Virgo base, they can take Pisces' vision of universal unity and harmony to the world. Through compassion, these people can relieve the pain and suffering of others, dissolve barriers, and help others connect with the Whole at a higher level.

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