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Part of Fortune in Pisces in the BirthChart

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Intuition has the spotlight in this positioning, guiding people through a path that relies on self-esteem and concern with understanding others better through a supportive perspective. Somewhere inside them, there’s a fertile imagination and a strong capacity to understand the invisible and the unity of all things.

Cultivate compassion, faith and imagination and tread lightly through life. Adapting to any vibe can make sense, as you feel more content when you see yourself interacting with everything and evolving spiritually. Therefore, voluntary work in more impersonal institutions is recommended as a way to exercise compassion, bringing more joy and exciting opportunities into their lives. By helping others, you also help yourself.

However, it is essential to avoid keeping distressing feelings to themselves, which can transform their minds into fertile ground for preoccupations to flourish and take root, creating repetitive thoughts about self-esteem or lack of trust. When there’s tension in this positioning or due to a high-pressure childhood, people can sometimes be confident in their decisions and other times question their choices with fear of failing or not deserving positive outcomes.

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