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Saturn in Pisces in the BirthChart

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saturn in pisces

Saturn in Pisces is a positioning that brings much sensitivity to its natives. It can eventually make people feel more defenseless or vulnerable as they find it easier to see the negative side of things. They can end up becoming victims or martyrs if they let this tendency run wild.


However, this sensitivity can also be positive, making individuals more honest and compassionate. They also tend to have a latent or active artistic, spiritual or psychic streak. They feel a greater need for a higher connection or following a religion or spiritual doctrine since it can bring them more inner structure and psychological safety.


However, they can be more resilient than they think, uncovering a great inner strength when they reflect and meditate. This positioning tends to increase empathy, but their relationships can be wild rides: they can be caring and detached simultaneously.


Considering Empathy


This positioning assures greater empathy. People need to learn not to identify too deeply with other people's problems. This willingness to help those in need indicates they could work backstage in large institutions, such as asylums, hospitals, government agencies or educational institutions. Arts and religion can also be attractive.


Improving their self-confidence is another vital point. This can help them fully develop their abilities if they learn how to listen to their subconscious mind to avoid being double-crossed by selfish people. Saturn in Pisces opens their natives' path for growth in terms of emotional understanding, humility and compassion. This is why they need to overcome any negative emotions and fears, as well as their overactive imagination, which can lead to anxiety.


Spiritual Elevation


If Saturn's position doesn't have an unbalanced aspect with other planets, the individual can achieve a higher spiritual understanding through meditation. Saturn under tension, however, can make people more restless and hyperactive, too worried about things, with too many regrets due to their mistakes or problems of the past. They find it very hard to forgive, and it can be challenging to analyze their past, accept it and let it go.


They need to be less defensive and more open to the present. People who receive more extreme influences may need some calm and isolation, which may be the only way to dive deep into their inner self in search of answers and balance. Reinforcing the most important tip: focus less on the past to enjoy the present more, tracing a path for a fully conscious and integrated future.

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