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Venus in Pisces in the BirthChart

Love reaches its peak when Venus is in Pisces, and marriages are usually for love. They are romantic and emotionally sensitive. They are afraid of being hurt or rejected and so tend not to express their feelings.

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Venus in PiscesLove reaches fever pitch when Venus is in Pisces, with connections forged from love and empathy. They lean towards romance and emotional sensitivity, being afraid of getting hurt or rejected. Therefore, they often suffer in silence for love instead of expressing their feelings. This lack of expression can make them lose a few opportunities in love.


They can become emotionally dependent on others or make others emotionally reliant on them. They feel alone and disappointed when they don’t receive displays of affection and love. When such disappointment is too strong, they can become martyrs and seek solace in religion or like-minded philosophical groups. They can also feel a deep compassion and empathy towards life.


Enchanting Empathy


They can understand other people’s feelings and intuitively empathize, becoming more sensitive to the suffering of others. People can often take advantage of their sensitive and understanding nature. If their judgment has matured, they won’t be led on by false feelings. They identify with most people, as they have experienced all other star signs in the zodiac.


Neptune, co-ruler of Pisces, offers Venus intuitive inspiration and an aptitude for creative artistry. As such, many poets and artists have Venus in Pisces. Excessive sentimentalism, laziness, hypersensitivity and extreme dependency on others tend to be heightened when Venus in Pisces is under tension. This is why the objective perception of reality can be undermined by strong emotions.

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