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Uranus in Pisces in the BirthChart

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Last periods with Uranus in Pisces: 1919 to 1927 | 2003 to 2011
Times which make us more capable to dive deep into the occult and use our intuitions more naturally and unconsciously. A new understanding of ego, religion (especially the most dominant) and the role of humanity and the planet in the Universe can be uncovered by this generation, which is very useful and sensitive to the common good.

It wasn’t so long ago that we had Uranus last transit over Pisces. Besides, the last time Uranus was in Pisces happened in the early 20th century, which means most older people with this combination have already passed away or their current existences are about to end.

When Uranus is in Pisces, it inspired a time of idealism, sensitivity and a certain sacrifice for others, all with Uranus’ sense of humanitarianism and logic. There’s creative potential in all fields, which must be channeled correctly and not only in bohemian or escapist trends. Sudden crisis in great institutions, especially of the religious kind, can’t be discarded either with Uranus in such positioning.

In the 1920s’ for example, this trend manifested in the shape of a more intense quest for spirituality and the occult, often seeking acceptance, understanding or contacting the generation who died in the World War 1, where people started to face towards different ways to attenuate their pain and look for meaning.

It accelerates transformation in religions and attitude in great institutions, including government changes. It also attracts more attention to the less fortunate, generating new humanitarian ideals. This passage can activate confusion and lead to questioning the human condition, who we are, where we are going, our spiritual evolution and caring for the environment and the ocean.

Birth Chart Interactions

Anywhere in the chart where Uranus is positioned, it can make their natives capable of changing and revolutionizing their way of thinking about a particular subject. With Uranus positioned in Pisces, the revolution is of a spiritual nature, in understanding the whole and in the way we deal with our own ego. Its natives must use this energy to better understand more abstract and transcendent concepts of human existence, attracting answers which can improve everyone’s lives. There’s potential to relate more and to be more compassionate towards others, a certain empathy and telepathy which inspire a stronger communion with the Universe.

Those with this positioning tend to look for spirituality outside of dominant religions, in a very unique and original way, finding their own ways to connect to the divine along their lives. They tend to create or admire technological advances which aim to obtain renewable energies and sustainable methods of consuming which do not harm the Earth.

Pisces is a Water sign and, just like Cancer, its energy is somewhat linked to the past and emotional connections, meaning natives of Uranus in Pisces also have a certain inner connectedness and a need to break free from the past’s influences, with a better understanding of how the universe naturally behaves.

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