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Moon in Aquarius in the BirthChart

Individuals with the Moon in Aquarius are extremely observant. They have an open mind and a desire to investigate all knowledge. They spend their lives studying human nature and love to analyze the behavior of others.

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Moon in AquariusDown to their core, a person with their Moon in Aquarius must follow an original path, even if it is an unpopular one. They possess an energy that deals well with the terrain of possibilities, with inventions and a vision of the future. The influence of the Moon in Aquarius can involve a tendency on the part of those with this positioning to deny more irrational emotions, such as jealousy and possessiveness, for example. It is as if there is a desire to rise above feelings that are considered useless or counterproductive.

The humanitarian tendency of this sign that deals with the good of all becomes more powerful with the Moon in Aquarius. But while they can understand the behavior, emotions and motivations of other people a little more clearly, they may fail to have the same kind of intuition with respect to their own feelings. This position of the moon can be considered a stabilizer of emotions, which inspires in the person in question greater self-awareness and being in tune with the future, something that allows a cooler approach in their closer relationships.

The charm of being different

Intimately, a person with this positioning in their birth chart is more willing to walk their own path in life according to this worldview, even if it may be a lonely one. Inwardly, personal freedom is highly valued and if such an approach is always successful, the feeling of emotional comfort will be with them for the rest of their days.

They tend not to make excuses for any behavior they have: they follow their most intimate desires and that’s it. They can constantly undertake a search for some personal utopia, having a particular mission to be part of. Thus, they tend to love the diversity of life, friends and have various perspectives and views on things that transcend the limits of normality (in addition to the desire to be part of every kind of experience). In their inner world, nothing is so bizarre and strange that something new and interesting cannot be extracted in the process of analysis.

Although being sociable does not cause discomfort, such a positioning suggests a certain feeling of inner loneliness, as if the person does not fit completely into the ordinary world. This means that people with this chart positioning are able to look at things from a totally different and less biased perspective. Although prone to tantrums and being stubborn in youth, over time they realize that such emotions are unpleasant and reserve them.

They can be very ready, willing and able too. Their desire for independence is powerful, no matter what their age might be. As a result, they tend not to want too much attachment, as this is an indication of their emotional independence being blocked. However, participating in something collective can serve as a tranquilizer, nourishing the person and making them feel part of something bigger.

When people with this placement are raised in very conservative families and of limited beliefs, tend to become rebellious and a little more reclusive, amidst progressive thoughts and inventions.

The Moon in Aquarius in relationships

People with this moon in their charts can have a streak of visible stubbornness and are rarely very fickle people. They need an extra dose of emotional freedom in their relationships (but they also usually provide it), so they may not be so fond of very jealous and possessive partners. They like to have new experiences and provided they have space to be themselves, they will always be happy and loyal. When they are criticized, their emotional side is usually not affected, and they do not change their position and manner of doing things. They expect other people to accept them exactly as they are.

For the record:

* They need more freedom and independence in their relationships and their homes;
* Overall they are not into bonding emotionally with very jealous and possessive partners;
* They enjoy new experiences;
* They are open-minded, have a good rapport with the future and a desire to investigate and experiment.

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