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Aries Rising in the BirthChart

Gain a deeper understanding of your Aries Rising sign and how it influences your life, relationships, and personal growth.

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Aries RisingThe rising sign in Aries means a greater proactivity for this sign's natives, behavior that could manifest in various areas of life. Attitude and initiative tend to be relevant factors. It is harder to ask those with this rising sign to keep calm, since they have a unique sense of urgency: every second they are at a standstill can seem like an eternity. Natives of this sign harbor a constant sense of having no time to lose and this speed will be part of their day-to-day activities, whether by guiding their actions or their ideas and thoughts.

They usually spare no effort to achieve their desires, preferably as quickly as possible and without caring very much about obstacles. To the contrary, the greater the challenge, the greater the purpose may be. And it doesn't matter where they choose to act; the image conveyed at first sight is that they are always goal-oriented, leaving an impression of assertiveness wherever they go.

Because they are highly attuned to satisfying desires, what others want may occasionally be an afterthought. It is not that they are selfish, but in their enthusiasm to achieve a goal they can easily forget the rest. So they end up having an adverse effect on those around them: some move at this speed and perform in this way, some do not.

Because they are more restless, they are oftentimes unable to control their mood and may have some sudden reactions, especially if other positions on the map amplify this type of predisposition. However, just as they get stressed they also get calm, avoiding prolonging any unpleasant situations. They are not easily frightened and this can make it even harder to give up on their goals.

The need to act

The rising sign (cusp of house 1) in Aries brings a significant need for fulfillment, which in combination with courage can mean that natives of this sign do not hesitate to pursue their desires. Once motivated, they feel the need to act immediately. Their enthusiasm may be powerful, conveying a self-confident image at first sight.

Standing still or being totally passive and stagnant can be quite bothersome. If they are not doing something, they are restless and stirring. The simple thought that they are wasting time can be troubling. As such, it is important to be more careful as for acting before they think, since this can sometimes draw risks. They should always remember that some actions cannot be reversed.

There may be a greater desire to be first. When they feel inspired by something, this tends to immediately set them in motion. All of this pioneering spirit can be accompanied by a willingness not to leave others too far behind, since honesty (or even the naïveté of Aries) is activated so that there is never an unfair competition.

All of this enthusiasm and the passionate manner in which they tend to begin things can be mistaken for aggression, so it is also good to pay more attention along these lines. Actually, many people with this rising sign have a calm temperament, channeling their primary energy into one or more simultaneous activities without others even noticing. Those who suffer from the restlessness characteristic of Aries can find it more difficult (albeit not impossible) to develop a prolonged period of concentration.

One of their most likely complaints is usually having too much to do. The restlessness of Aries can cause those born with this rising sign to jump from one situation to another in the blink of an eye, unconsciously and constantly looking for something new and stimulating. This means that it is good for them to focus on finishing what they are doing before starting another activity.

Personal Relationships

Insofar as romantic relationships are concerned, when they fall in love, they can be bolder and more direct in their forays. They tend to be impulsive; in other words, their passions are generally sincere, but most of the time they can be hasty. At work, even with this great energy (and greater stubbornness), it does not tend to bother them to serve as subordinates. To ensure there is a better chance of this working, they should be treated well by their superiors. Although they take most adverse situations well, any disrespect or attempts to force undue authority over them can bring about strong resistance.

Rising sign ruler

Mars is the ruling planet of the rising sign in Aries, and having Mars as a ruler means that natives of this sign are predisposed to fights and conquests, since this is the warrior archetype. They are more deeply moved by injustices. Assess the quality of Mars in your birth chart since it is a relevant star in your astrological experience. Mars shows how a person handles their impulses, their courage and their strategy. It also shows what happens when they act without thinking and how they may transform. It also indicates where you invest your most passionate desires.

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