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Taurus Rising in the BirthChart

Taurus Rising: Learn about Taurus rising sign traits, personality, and appearance. Get insights into your Taurus rising compatibility and career choices.

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Taurus RisingA rising sign in Taurus points to steering life more slowly, as well as to being more physically resistant and to having a more beautiful appearance to others. A natural sparkle is expected and when it is present, those born under this sign have the power to charm using sympathy, a talent or a specific gift.

At first glance, they may give the impression of being more persistent people who are endowed with great willpower. Moreover, life’s pleasures will be more important to natives of this sign, such as enjoying a nice glass of wine and savoring sophisticated foods. Nevertheless, some aspects of health should be regarded with care, especially in the throat area and problems resulting from excesses related to food.

With a slower personal pace, protection of their space is always a priority. We live in hurried times filled with information that we are not always able to pay attention to all the time. Taurus is a fixed earth element sign, whose characteristics tend toward inaction and waiting for life's pleasures. So keep in mind that savoring a delicious dish, appreciating the little things, and getting a good night’s sleep are, in short, always important to their well-being and personal fulfillment.

With this rising sign, you feel that it is not necessary to rush to attain your goals (unless you have neglected your responsibilities and they are beating down your door); therefore, the best thing to do is to set a pace in life that accommodates rest, appreciation for art, a healthy diet and comfort, as well as productive things that provide concrete results.

There is a tendency for this person to see security as more valuable and to want to build it patiently. Nevertheless, excessive patience can lead to laziness or procrastination, where things can progress more slowly in life. They will always look for paths that provide them with financial security and allow for material acquisitions. They tend to dislike abrupt changes in their daily routine, and this will also be reflected in their manner of thinking, since it will be much harder for them to change their mind.

Immediate learning can also be slower, but once learned, knowledge tends to be retained. At first sight, they want to build and make things grow; yet they do not usually rush. They like to work hands-on and see the practical results of their undertakings. However, a certain lack of initiative as well as possible difficulty in breaking undesirable habits and specific behavioral patterns may be a problem if they do not pay more attention along these lines.

Unless other points in the chart favor initiative in projects, whatever is natural to this rising sign within their dynamic should ideally be kept. Yet when a chance to start from nothing arises, Taurus Rising Sign will lead natives to establish their ideas based on the real opportunities in the environment, provided they use caution to avoid insisting on continuing when things are not working out. In this case, they should look to more experienced people for advice.

When the energy of Taurus rising sign is stressed, this native may hold grudges for longer, especially if their ego is not well-rounded, which will also attract stubbornness or greater stringency from others around them. There may be a greater propensity to place excellent value on material things and care should be taken with avarice.

On the positive and harmonious side, they tend to be more stable and loyal, working hard when they are doing a task. They are also good at picking up where others left off, but with some difficulty to start things.

Materialism and self-esteem

Taurus rising sign indicates a personal direction that always considers life's material side. Resources and goods (which can be people or material things) are always evident in their decisions. They are usually self-assured, but when they fall in love, they are normally extremely attached to their beloved.

They hold firm beliefs and they may take a little longer to change their mind or way of being. They can even be guided or persuaded, especially by more influential people; yet they are almost never forced into anything. It is no use to impose something on a native with this position, since they hate to feel pressured. The positive approach is always dialogue and good sense.

They are generally more practical and full of suggestions to give, although this practicality is oftentimes geared toward self-benefit. Their tendency is not to stand for any kind of betrayal and they seek lasting relationships based on stability. One good tip for those with this rising sign is to try to be more flexible in their opinions, while also mastering any instinct toward jealousy and possessiveness, becoming more detached.

I want to live well!

Taurus is ruled by Venus, a planet with references to sensuality, money, beauty and the feminine side. As a reminder of this, many individuals whose Rising sign is in Taurus tend to be more attractive (this rising sign also rules physical appearance). Instead of using styles just because they're trendy, they usually choose clothing that they feel make them look good or that are extremely comfortable. Comfort and the touch and feel of softness tend to be appreciated and inebriating for these natives. They are normally born foodies and like to try new foods, drink good wine and, in short, enjoy the pleasure of a satisfying meal.

They tend to have a good relationship with art. Many share the opinion that the best things in life should essentially include some type of manifestation of art or beauty, be it dance, film, music or anything else. Like the Sun's position in Taurus, the Rising sign can also be indicative of a pleasant or quite resonant voice.

Rising sign ruler

Venus rules Taurus rising sign. A Venus ruler tends to ensure great affection from those closest and life tends to be more easygoing, becoming better and better as time goes by. Assess the quality of Venus in your birth chart, since it is a relevant star in your astrological experience. Venus indicates how someone deals with financial earnings, material possessions and romantic desires. It also shows the value they give to the things they love and how they show affection.

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