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Moon in Libra in the BirthChart

Individuals with Moon in Libra are generally kind, friendly, pleasant, upbeat, fair, and are very fond of social pleasures. They tend to be thoughtful friends and have a real talent for making others feel accepted and appreciated.

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Moon in LibraThis positioning of the moon can influence those with this aspect in their chart to be more polite, kind, friendly, fair and pleasant, nurturing a certain affinity for the social aspect of life. They tend to be attentive friends and have a certain talent for making those around them feel more comfortable in their presence, which emanates an energy of communion.

There is a tendency to dislike being alone, as if they needed people on their comings and goings (even if it involves nothing more than going to the corner store). They can feel more emotionally secure when they are with someone, be it a friend, family member or romantic partner, as they find emotional reinforcement through others.

Anything out of sync and balance can bother them until it is straightened out. The internal clamor for harmonious and polished moments or behavior can sometimes end in frustration, because such a configuration does not always exist in this world. Searching for a perfect (and often illusory) way for leading their lives can prevent them from enjoying the present, with all its flaws and successes.

Connecting emotionally with people tends to be important. They tend to be friendly and concerned about others, socializing and having good debates with their closest relationships. Discord is something that causes great emotional discontent, and the diplomatic side of people with their Moon in Virgo often makes other people support their views.

The power of subtle convincing

People with this positioning in their charts tend to be able to choose precisely the right words to convince people, whether at work, in friendships or relationships. Although diplomatic with acquaintances, when they argue with their long-standing partners, they can avail themselves of a thousand arguments before ending their clashes. Winning debates is one of their specialties and sometimes, even if they themselves do not believe in their own arguments. Indeed, they can continue to put forth all kinds of ideas just to have the final word, which they can consider the fairest. However, it is always good to remember that while having one’s moon in Libra gives one the power of the argument, their indecisiveness can cause other people to influence their opinions.

Pleasure and the need to relate

Whoever has their Moon in Libra has a different feeling of contentment when relating, as a feeling of incompleteness can be perceived when they do not have someone to share their demands and feelings. For this reason, many people with this positioning, (or with this sign very strongly marked in their birth chart), get married or start living with someone very early. Because this need for harmony and sharing is so powerful, they can be condescending, accepting their situation, and staying in relationships that are not as harmonious as they ideally require or need.

This positioning entails an influence that can increase their power of attraction, where other people tend to approach more naturally. It also encourages a greater tendency to flirt. They are rarely aggressive people and win others over in a softer and more refined manner, especially when they gain more intimacy.

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