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Moon in Virgo in the BirthChart

People with Moon in Virgo find security in the little things in life. Every little thing counts and they are usually happy when they manage to get all these little details and tasks of everyday life right.

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Moon in VirgoWhoever has their Moon in Virgo tends to be more rational than emotional, at least outwardly. This is the lunar positioning of curious people, who are interested in the problems of others, who like to feel useful and helpful, and who are always willing to help, especially those who are part of their circle of close friends. And in the moments where you feel comfortable and safe, these characteristics are even more emphasized. Their advice may seem harsh to some people, but those with this moon positioning can be surprisingly relaxed when faced with criticism from others, as their sense of enhancement and the possibility of improving themselves through some constructive criticism can be comforting to them.

They feel, emotionally, that the little things in life are the ones that really matter and feel safe with that line of thought. Every little thing counts and they are usually happy when they manage to accomplish all the tasks of everyday life.

If anyone needs help, they are always willing to help. This is a positioning that likes to see to believe, which can make people born with their Moon in Virgo quite skeptical about things that are not very concrete and practical. They tend not to control themselves in asking questions, especially about things they do not believe in, dogmas or blind and limiting beliefs. And their criticism can be fierce, especially if they are confronting someone who is very dreamy.

Being useful, intelligent, meticulous and detail-oriented are important themes that can generate the sound ability to analyze people and situations, and then choose the fastest and most efficient method of accomplishing (or feeling) what is needed at that moment.

A simple life, feelings not so much

One of the worst things for a person with their Moon in Virgo is not having a defined routine or a satisfactory job. Those who are not well-balanced can be agitated and/or complain a lot, often becoming extremely restless. Many individuals with their Moon in Virgo are happy to live a simple and modest life because they tend to feel comfortable with simplicity, due to the perception that everything that is simple is very far from pressure and stress. They can be concerned when they have a lot to think about and usually know their emotional limits, to what point they can take certain things.

The best solution may be to find a job or hobby where they can express their deep need to analyze, take care of the details and micro-manage.

Discretion, kindness, modesty, rationality...

They may not feel very comfortable with their sexuality, but that does not stop them from doing everything to please in their relationships, as this brings emotional satisfaction. They are often shy with new people, however, when they are more comfortable, the shyness will go away for good. Once they learn to let go, they usually have a lot to contribute. It can be difficult for them to receive affection, because sometimes they may feel internally that they are not worthy, that a sense of helpfulness is an obligation.

They tend not to express their feelings in a very open and expansive manner and can be a little blocked when it comes to showing affection. They may prefer to show their affection with small gestures, often trying to help their loved one by doing something that can help them in some way.

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