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Moon in Capricorn in the BirthChart

For individuals with Moon in Capricorn, being useful and productive are basic needs. They tend to be more serious and responsible, in their minds obligations come first. Another important point is the desire for respect.

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Moon in CapricornCapricorn is a sign of great appreciation for what is real, for the practical and tangible aspects of life. Having the moon in this sign suggests that you have solid emotions and are well anchored in reality, with a greater desire for the feeling of being in control and for undertaking more practical and realistic goals. That is, it is very possible that people with their moon in Capricorn do not like to take excessive risks and seek more protection and solidity in their actions, as this can bring greater emotional security.

They tend to let their serious emotions show, nurturing a feeling that obligations come first. The internal feeling of being productive can be very important to those with this lunar positioning. Another important point is a greater desire for respect. They may feel that they need to be recognized and respected by others to be more secure. They tend to safeguard their interests with their keen sense of planning. As for getting hurt, they can be considerably sensitive.

People with their moon in Capricorn may feel ambitious, something they find comforting. They need to feel secure about the fruits of their own efforts, but they can be insecure about their real value. They often strive to feel important and be recognized for their achievements. They can be as sensitive as anyone else, but they just do not usually show their sensitivity due to a certain fear that this type of display might be mistaken for weakness.

Just like those who have the Sun in Capricorn, people born under a Capricorn moon can sometimes feel as if they must carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, and constantly get on their own case. The ideal for them is to let their guard down from time to time, accepting help from others as well.

Emotional control: activated.

Those who have their Moon in Capricorn, which is a Cardinal Earth sign, tend to keep their emotions under control. Linked to this is their image of competence, especially for those who relate to them directly, like their staff. Even though they have complex emotions under the surface, they tend to keep a cool head and are seen as stable or reliable people. They seldom blow their cool, and they value mutual respect, especially with those closest to them.

They tend to harbor a certain discomfort and aversion to unstable behavior and to people who do not have emotional control. They usually earn a reputation for being emotionally strong people, as they manage to hide their sensitivity in many ways. Wherever Capricorn is found in a person’s astrological chart, there are links to the themes of structure and control.

Emotional dependence: disabled.

Depending on other positions in a person’s chart, they may feel especially uncomfortable with any emotional dependence, but it is a good learning experience for them to accept the fact that no one is self-reliant all the time, much less perfect. It would also be nice for them to take it easy with their own desires if they find them childish, as they can often stop doing some things because of such an opinion. Relaxing more, having fun and playing sometimes is part of our life and is perfectly normal - in addition to doing tremendous good.

Their feelings and sense of loyalty run deep, but they are only truly committed when they realize that their partner agrees with their parameters. When conflicts arise, they prefer to solve any problem to avoid a separation and sometimes do not let their partners really know how much they care.

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