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Moon in Taurus in the BirthChart

Moon in Taurus people generally appreciate being in a familiar and pleasant climate, they are down-to-earth, need security and like to put down roots. To achieve this security, they are persistent and steadfast.

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Moon in TaurusWhoever has their Moon in Taurus generally values being in a more familiar, calm and pleasant climate. They are those people generally considered more "down-to-earth", who need security and do not like many changes all the time, being prone to take root. To achieve this security, they tend to be persistent and firm, so the seeking out of this material link can be an ongoing concern.

They use their senses fully and tend to like the way they are. In fact, the world of the senses tends to be extremely important to them, since the sign of Taurus has a strong affinity for everything that can be touched, felt, and experienced.

Comfort tends to be quite important, so having a comfortable home and a stable life makes them feel safer and happier. It is not cool to try to force those who have the moon in Taurus to do something very abruptly, since they tend to be stubborn, but also very persevering and practical when making a decision.

A question of stability

People with this positioning tend to focus on creating and maintaining safe things, so they usually pass on this feeling of protection to those around them. And they pass on this feeling due to a realistic and stable way of dealing with their emotions, where in times of crisis they are the calmest and most reliable people around. They strive to avoid unforeseen events and problems, as well as to avoid public arguments. They do not like surprises, or exaggerated exhibitions in public, that is, the most conservative trait of these people can be maddening for people with more progressive and dynamic personalities. As Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, with that planet’s more polished energy, things like that are capable of disorienting their emotions.

This is a practical, stable and exalted positioning of the Moon, which gives those with this aspect in their charts greater ability to protect themselves as well as their interests. They will rarely do anything without first determining whether it is safe and/or that it will bring some practical and useful return, which may not necessarily be material.

Their needs are strong, but at the same time, very simple: they love the good things in life and this can be a breath of fresh air for your soul and help in times of great tension. They also tend to be loyal. Some have a real "Midas touch" and are good at making things grow and prosper.

The tranquility that emanates from the soul

People with their Moon in Taurus are generally calm, and their emotions are solid and stable. They are sentimental and affectionate in general and in their intimate circle too, at least most of the time, and they have reliable instincts. They are very much connected with the physical world and usually have a well-developed sense of smell and taste, which is why they like to eat well; good food is very appealing to them. They should take care with high-calorie foods and sweets in general.

This need for what is concrete, physical, palpable can make them always want to satisfy their desires. Because they react to things in a possessive way, they can end up becoming jealous. However, relationships with people who are born with their Moon in this position often last long, since they can stick with their partners even when fights and disagreements arise, with no need to give up. Taurus is a fixed sign, so separations do not happen easily.

Unless there are other positions or aspects that interfere, you really must provoke someone with the Moon in Taurus a great deal to make them angry and shake their emotional well-being. However, when they do get angry it usually comes about quickly. The ideal is to get out of the way to let them settle down on their own.

Their love for stability, practicality and security can make them slaves to routine, so in relationships they may not realize when their partner needs changes or emotional stimuli - even if it is a simple walk somewhere different, for example. The problem is that many have a stubbornness that makes them resistant to certain changes, their motto could be: No need to mess with a team that is winning. When they get very comfortable with things, it becomes even more difficult to make a change. Then the one who ends up suffering is the partner if they are not very adept at the routine.

It is not uncommon for those who have their Moon in Taurus to cling to things from the past and to tend to collect things. This comes from the need to own and touch, to have assets and to apply a personal value to them.

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