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Moon in Cancer in the BirthChart

The Moon feels at home in Cancer, as it is the natural ruler of the sign. Individuals with Moon in cancer have a great potential to get in touch with the feelings and state of mind of others, being a more dedicated and welcoming person.

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Moon in CancerWhoever has their Moon in Cancer is usually more dedicated to their loved ones in a more welcoming, peaceful and emotional manner. The security of their homes and of family and intimate life is important. The Moon is the ruler of Cancer and has extreme affinity when in contact with this sign.

When this positioning of the Moon is on your birth chart, you have enormous potential for getting in touch with the feelings and moods of others, since Cancerian empathy naturally makes you better at understanding their emotional nuances. Even so, your natural tendency is to be a little more closed off and retentive, especially if the position of your Sun or Rising sign also favors this.

Emotional retention

People with this positioning look for more security and intimacy in everything they do. They value tranquility and security but can feel a little uncomfortable when they need to adapt their emotions in a very abrupt way, from outside and unnaturally. They tend not to like anything that is very superficial and does not have a stronger emotional connection, regardless of whether it involves people, conversations or feelings.

When they feel insecure, they may engage in some manipulative behavior to protect themselves. But when treated well, with understanding and sensitivity, they tend to reciprocate in the same way. But in spite of your occasional swings of mood, your emotions are genuine. One of your greatest joys is to take care of someone, enjoying more lasting and meaningful friendships. You are naturally quite tenacious, the kind who do not give up or abandon things or people easily.

They react very sensitively to the emotional environment surrounding them, absorbing feelings like a sponge. Learning how to control your moods a little can be somewhat difficult, but it is really a necessary task. Because they are not always able to explain the source of their feelings, whoever lives with a person with their Moon in Cancer must understand their emotional ups and downs and respect their need to withdraw from time to time.

They manage to be able to understand even those feelings that are not expressed verbally, as well as the emotional needs of others through the observation of small nuances. Indeed, they tend to take some people 's mistakes personally. Although they can forgive a mistake made by a friend or loved one, forgetting them completely is a little more difficult. Another interesting detail is when they feel that no one is taking them seriously, they do not always confront others directly, such that they are able to use more indirect means to attract attention.

Your sense of humor for "bullshit" tends to be remarkable and your senses and emotions are very strong. Ideally, others should always listen to your intuitive side, as they can be very sensitive to everything.

Your memories of what has already happened can also be excellent, especially if you have a strong emotional connection. This is a characteristic that can make the desire to let go of things a little more difficult. This almost automatic link with the things of the past can make them continue to suffer because of some event, even after everyone has moved on or the line has already moved up.

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