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Mercury Retrograde in Astrology

Mercury Retrograde and its effects

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In Astrology, Mercury retrograde is popularly known to be a more challenging period. The retrograding of the planet of communication and reasoning, which occur at least 3 times a year, are interpreted by some astrologers as an invitation to review specific aspects of our lives.

It's as if it were a request for us to slow down our rhythm and for us to pay attention to what really matters - only then can we move on, being a view that has been commonly publicized in recent times.

But beware: it is not necessarily true that in times of Mercury retrograde everything goes wrong, relationships come to an end and electronic devices stop working. Retrogradation indicates different trends for each individual and, for that, it is necessary to understand how it relates to each Birth Chart individually.

In this article, therefore, we would like to invite you: relativize the theme, placing it hierarchically below natal chart studies and other prediction methods, such as individual transits - which can be seen in your personal horoscope.

To help you with this mission, we have prepared this content, which aims to demystify some points and convey correct knowledge on the subject. Here, you will better understand what Mercury Retrograde is, what are its influences and meanings, possible impacts on everyday life and even understand what myths and truths surround the topic.

Important points about Mercury retrograde

Before delving into this article, we would like to bring 3 points that we consider important about Mercury Retrograde, respecting your attention and interest on this subject. We know that, when researching the subject, many people seek knowledge, self-knowledge and even have an astrological look to make important decisions, which can be very aggregating. Therefore, the information below deserves attention.

1 - The retrogradation of stars is a technical and important topic in astrology. However, currently, there is a certain trivialization and some excesses on the subject

2 - Although commonly accepted by some astrologers, many opinions expressed below are not consensus among professionals, professors, researchers and congressmen. Therefore, as in any area of ​​knowledge, some information about Mercury Retrograde is not part of a fully consensual domain and must be understood as such.

Astrology is a study and has a body of knowledge. It is, therefore, in constant revisionism. Its most serious thinkers are constantly observing advances in other areas of knowledge and reviewing their views, attentive to abuses in their practice. We are here just bringing some synthesized ideas on the subject.

3 - Regardless of the differences on the subject, keep in mind that:

  • Studies and statements about the interpretation of retrograde stars are not fully accepted by astrology professionals and scholars;
  • Tables and dates are usually astronomically correct in most places;
  • Regardless of whether these periods are favorable or not, your birth chart is always the first criterion to be taken into account. Thus, the study of your map will come first in any evaluation;
  • In the same way, retrogradation dates (and yes, they are a consensus among astrologers) are not superior to indicators in the natal chart and prediction methods, such as personal transits, your personalized horoscope;
  • If the date indicates an unfavorable time for something, for example, but in your methods and transits there are no clear indicators, always follow the information on your individual chart to the best of your knowledge;
  • Always refer to your personalized horoscope as a basis, as it is more individualized and determining than just looking at retrograde in isolation.

Next, we offer you a few perspectives so that you can reflect on this and be able to better separate the mere repetitions without so much foundation from the possibilities.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

All planets except the luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) go into retrograde motion every year. Of all, Mercury seems to attract the most popular attention. Its retrogradation is well known and is surrounded by controversial statements among scholars of the subject.

Much of this "popularity" comes from the fact that Mercury is a planet that has a lot to do with everyday issues. Thus, when it is retrograde, it indicates trends for our daily lives, leading us to notice obstacles and unforeseen events in our paths. But there is also the possibility that we are trying to blame someone else for our adversities and failures.

So that you understand better, let's go back a few steps. When astrology was developed, scholars noticed that Mercury's movements in the sky demonstrated more emphasis on our communication, negotiations, and speaking and selling skills - or inabilities.

In Mesopotamia, among Assyrians and Babylonians, Mercury was called "Nabú or Nisaba" and its cycles were associated with people who carried and brought messages, scribes and Chaldeans, those who predicted the future by observation, speed of processes, thieves and smart, to commerce, contracts, writing and communication.

This was confirmed in Greek, Islamic, Renaissance and post-Renaissance schools and is a worldwide consensus among those who study astrology.

Hence the fact that Mercury is known as the planet associated with communication cycles.

Generally speaking, Mercury has to do with our nervous system (the neocortex in particular, like the left lobe, dedicated to language, speech, logic, models, etc.) and with all types of communication, including listening, speaking , learn, read, edit, research, negotiate, deceive, boast, sell, buy and so on.

Mercury retrograde - image that refers to the nervous system

Mercury is also related to all formal contracts and agreements, as well as important documents, book manuscripts or terms documents, agreements, deeds, leases, wills and so on.

Another point of attention for Mercury is all types of code (including computing), as well as transport and travel.

When Mercury goes into retrograde (which happens about 3 to 4 times a year, with each cycle lasting around 20 days), it can, yes, indicate some changes in our lives, but it's not the end of the world.

The first thing to do is not worry so much. Some people can be more sensitive to Mercury retrograde periods, while others are practically "immune". Even with the fame (or infamy) achieved in recent times, this is not a time of disasters: each one will perceive this movement in a unique way. Therefore, we should not attach undue importance to this.

What happens when Mercury is retrograde?

It is a fact that there is a lot of fanfare around this topic. Some astrologers, especially those more fond of modern astrology and fast learning, say that this movement indicates communication failures, problems sending emails, device malfunctions, lost documents, problems with personal projects and other things like that. .

However, if we analyze it more calmly, this kind of thing can happen at any time, regardless of whether Mercury is retrograde or not. For this period, if there is something important to do, it is to pay attention to the review and concentration aspect. Actions such as cleaning and organizing our working or resting environment, throwing away accumulated papers that are of no use, undertaking revision and correction tasks and all sorts of actions of that kind are good things to do during this period.

Planets in retrograde motion, according to some astrologers, suggest a state of introspection, rest and preparation for a new course. Therefore, while Mercury takes its "moment of concentration", the activities it governs may not be as fluid as when it is in its normal course. It would not be, they claim, a time for impulsiveness.

But, as we have already explained, there is divergence of opinion between traditional and modern astrologers on the subject. While traditional astrology places little focus on the retrogradation of Mercury or the other stars (since it understands that the focus on aspects of introspection, contemplation and revision are more related to a set of indications such as signs, luminaries, astrological aspects and houses all conjugated), modern astrologers (who may not have studied traditional authors) argue that there may be more chances of misunderstandings, problems, delays, breakdowns, losing things, careless traffic, cell phones that don't work, repeating yourself more often to express something correctly or having to redo certain things that insist on not working out.

The big differences stem from the fact that Mercury's retrograde seems, for some, to be above everything that has been studied on the subject over time.

When Mercury starts to park, they say, we can be in a more vacillating state and make mistakes, be in the middle of misunderstandings and misinterpret information. Maybe we need to redo or correct things as Mercury goes, comes back and goes again, passing through the same place three times.

When, in fact, Mercury is retrograde, according to this adopted doctrine, the effective phase of analysis and revision takes place more properly and we can say that we are already operating in another mode of action. The same happens when the movement becomes straight again. It's like there's a "key exchange" and everything goes back to normal.

What are the influences of Mercury retrograde?

Mercury Planet

By the Principle of Correspondence, Mercury retrograde would indicate tendencies for everyone. However, some people perceive this period more intensely than others. If you have a very strong Mercury, Gemini or Virgo in your Birth Chart (including aspects formed with this planet and signs), for example, you can feel this moment more intensely.

In general, it depends on where Mercury is in your Horoscope during this period: if you have many planets, or at least the most important ones, such as the luminaries, in the sign in which the retrogradation occurs, this period tends to be more challenging.

And that's not all. If you have favorable transits over Mercury in your chart and at the same time Mercury is in transit with consonant aspects, they must prevail in the face of these isolated retrograde movements or not.

The Astrological House in which Mercury transits in your Birth Chart during retrograde indicates the specific area of ​​your life in which you may experience this interaction.

So we can say that, in the opinion of some astrologers, if you checked your Personal Horoscope and saw that Mercury is retrograde, it is transiting your:

1st house (Rising): the way you see yourself and how you allow others to see you come into focus. His authenticity, the way he communicates, behaves and places himself in the world are highlighted. A propitious moment for a reflection on yourself, on who you are, what you are doing and if you are really happy. There is also a possibility for you to revolutionize yourself, change the way you present yourself, act more authentically and work on your self-esteem.

2nd House: The focus is on your personal values, finances and the way you handle possessions. Here, you have a moment when the things you value are put in check, leading you to reflect on your possessions and what you want. Time to get organized, establish control over your money and the way you spend it as you earn.

3rd House: Gemini curiosity and creativity gain focus, which can make a whirlwind of ideas and situations pass through your mind. Therefore, the need arises to organize your thoughts. Time to review and rethink the way you have communicated with yourself and with others. Have you been expressing yourself in the best way?

4th House (Bottom of the Sky): internal need to turn inwards in order to establish a connection and communication with your intimate. Here, the main objective is to understand how it will be possible to deal with your impulses from now on. Such impulses can be a change of home, environment and even people you truly trust, but who may be more distant at this time.

5th House: your hobbies and interests intensify and there is a need to look at this aspect of your life, to practice more activities that bring pleasure during your free time, to discover new forms of fun and dedicate yourself to other things that do not have a concrete objective or require productivity.

6th House: it is time for you to look at your health, be more careful with your body, mind and spirit, and perhaps consider a change, which can be from a new profession, position or work, to something smaller, such as the search a promotion or something else connected with what you want and believe.

7th House (Descendant): the need arises to review your relationships, both romantic and professional, seek lighter ways of dealing with the other, rethink your attitudes and go towards healthier and more meaningful connections. On the other hand, it is important not to act on impulse and just reflect, since conflicts can arise from failures in communication.

8th House: This house represents your innermost emotions, your subconscious and the inner need for transformation. With that, the best advice is to turn inward, embark on a more introspective journey and understand how your inner pains, traumas and weaknesses are affecting your development. What can be done to find the cure and get rid of the ties? Reflects.

9th House: represents your life aspirations, your desires for expansion and growth. With that, this is a moment of reflection on what you have dedicated time to so far, what experiences it has provided you and what it has added to you. Reflections about yourself, what you like and what you expect from your future may be common, but they call for a change of stage so that you can see life from a new angle.

10th House (Midheaven): perhaps your professional activity needs some transformation, either completely or small adjustments that will help you to have a life with more freedom and autonomy. In addition, reflections on what you like and what mark you want to leave in the world, and how to leave it, can be propitious during this period.

11th House: Be careful with your contacts, pay attention to people who may be sucking your energy, wearing you down. It's important to analyze your ideals and see if you're getting involved with a cause you believe in. If you are not committed to something, this may be the best time to look for an organization that helps you work with an ideal greater than yourself.

12th House: time to have a consistent reflection that helps you focus and pay attention to things that are really important. However, for this to happen, you will need to stop doing meaningless things and dedicate even more time to self-knowledge. The main tendency is to work on your spiritual side or be careful with fixed thoughts, in circles that would not take you anywhere, or even the affection you have with your essence and the way you deal with your emotions and desires.

Mercury retrograde favors reflection

I have Mercury retrograde in my birth chart. What does that mean?

According to fans of modern astrology, those born during Mercury's retrogradation and, consequently, have this position in the Birth chart, may have more difficulty putting thoughts and opinions into words or on paper. They are people who can think too much and have a more philosophical, interiorized and reflective mental nature, something that helps them to reflect complex concepts in a very creative way.

Many people considered intelligent were born during Mercury's retrogradation period. Usually, they are big thinkers, although also very individualistic, gathering all the necessary information to come to a conclusion for themselves. They tend not to be easily swayed and can also have a gift for seeing things from a different perspective.

What to avoid with Mercury retrograde?

Still following the understanding propagated by modern astrology that is generally conveyed regarding Mercury retrograde, during this period we should avoid:

  • Serving advertisements and marketing actions;
  • Very important decisions;
  • Sign important agreements or contracts;
  • Starting businesses and ventures;
  • Starting fights and arguments, as well as gossip;
  • Make major repairs at home or on machines;
  • If possible, choose more carefully for travel and communication equipment, such as smartphones.

Understand that it is not forbidden to make commitments, sign contracts and start important things at the moment, nor that you should postpone decisions like these considering only Mercury's retrograde period,. But it is advised to constantly question ourselves if this is really what we want or if it is the best way.

Remembering that we should ALWAYS put these indications in the background, if it is not indicated in your personal transits. Always consult your personal horoscope to verify these guidelines in a personalized way.

What to do with Mercury retrograde?

On the other hand, it is recommended that you:

  • Make sure the digital files are safe and backed up;
  • Slow down, as if we have a moment where we are allowed to do less and in a more concentrated way;
  • Take advantage of the revision trend and be cautious, not allowing the movement to disturb productivity and avoiding some frustrations;
  • Review and reassess your plans;
  • Recover old businesses and projects;
  • Clean closets and junk deposits;
  • Analyze issues more thoroughly;
  • Check schedules, itineraries, messages and recipients before clicking send something;
  • Finalize or complete projects already started;
  • Balance your online life and interact more in the real world with the people around you;
  • Aha with quite a sense of humor.

The Other Side of Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde also indicates, according to the defenders of modern astrology, an excellent opportunity to study and delve into the desired subjects. In addition, collecting information, filtering and organizing it so that it can be well used after the retrogradation period is also interesting.

There are still those who say that many ventures started during this retrogradation can be very successful, since we had the opportunity to reassess, contemplate, focus and improve our thoughts, something that certainly can help to achieve success, since everything has been reviewed so thoroughly.

In any case, perhaps the ideal is not to launch, but to actually improve whatever it is, so that everything is as well done as possible for a possible launch as soon as Mercury returns to direct motion.

mercury retrograde forms of communication

Mercury Retrograde in 2024

In 2024, we will experience four instances of Mercury in retrograde, meaning that four times during the year, there will be an illusion that the planet is moving backward in the sky. Let's understand what happens in each period:

  1. Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius: We will start the year 2024 with Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn (at 8°), which began on December 13, 2023. The planet will station to its direct motion in Sagittarius (at 22°) on the early morning of January 2, 2024. This period suggests a transition from a practical and structured approach to a more expansive and philosophical view.
  2. Mercury Retrograde in Aries: Here, Mercury retrograde occurs in Aries, moving from 27° to 15°, from April 1 to April 25, 2024. Aries is an impulsive sign, so there is a focus on thinking before acting and communicating clearly to avoid misunderstandings.
  3. Mercury Retrograde in Virgo and Leo: From August 5 to August 28, we will experience the penultimate Mercury Retrograde of 2024, stationing in Virgo (at 4°) and ending in Leo (at 21°). This period calls for attention to details and may bring challenges in expressing creativity or leadership.
  4. Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius: The last Mercury retrograde of 2024 occurs in Sagittarius, from 22° to 6°, from November 25 to December 15. This period emphasizes pondering beliefs and expressing thoughts, taking care not to exaggerate or simplify information. 

During all these periods, it's a good idea to review plans, avoid quick decisions, and think carefully before speaking. A good tip is to pay attention if you have planets positioned at the degrees of Mercury's retrogradation in your Birth Chart, as these moments of conjunction can be more prominent in your life than others.

Upcoming Mercury Retrograde Dates:

12/13/2023 — Mercury retrograde at 8º Capricorn
01/02/2024 — Mercury direct at 22° of Sagittarius
04/01/2024 — Mercury retrograde at 27° of Aries
04/25/2024 — Mercury direct at 15° of Aries
08/05/2024 — Mercury retrograde at 04° Virgo
08/28/2024 — Mercury direct at 21° of Leo
11/26/2024 — Mercury retrograde at 22° of Sagittarius
12/15/2024 — Mercury direct at 06° of Sagittarius
03/15/2025 — Mercury retrograde at 9° of Aries
04/07/2025 — Mercury direct at 26° of Pisces
07/18/2025 — Mercury retrograde at 15° of Leo
08/11/2025 — Mercury direct at 4° of Leo
11/09/2025 — Mercury retrograde at 6° of Sagittarius
11/29/2025 — Mercury direct at 20° of Scorpio

In this content, you understand that Mercury retrograde is not exactly a period of apocalypse, as many people announce out there, and that its effects reverberate in a very personal way.

If you want to know more about how astrology can interact at all times in your life, consult your personal area on Astrolink and check your daily horoscope and other very interesting information.


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