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Combustion, Cazimi and Under the Sun`s Beams

The Conjunctions of the Sun

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For Astrology, the evaluation of an Birth Chart in a complete way must take into account several factors, the analysis must be something synthetic. One of them, but little known by the general public, is related to the position of the planets in relation to the Sun.

One of these positions is called combustion. A burning planet (or "burning" as it is called by some astrologers) is considered an accidental weakness. In this situation, the proximity of the Sun interferes with the characteristics of the planets, causing them to weaken or lose their positive qualities, something that makes it possible to see what is necessary for that person's spiritual growth.

The types of Solar Conjunction

There are actually three types of solar conjunctions: Cazimi, Combustion, and Under the Sun’s Beams - each of which has a slightly different effect. Combustion takes place when the stars are very close to the Sun, at a distance between 0 and 8 degrees. Each planet, however, has a different average distance to the end of solar action. The degree of distance that makes a planet considered combustible can vary according to the school followed by the astrologer and its respective interpretation, such as:

  • ☽ Moon: up to 12°
  • ☿ Mercury: up to 14° (in direct motion) or up to 12° (retrograde)
  • ♀ Venus: up to 10° (in direct motion) or 8° (retrograde)
  • ♂ Mars: up to 17°
  • ♃ Jupiter: up to 11°
  • ♄ Saturn: up to 16°

Under the Sun’s Beams

Planets "Under the Sun’s Beams" (those from 8 degrees away and up to 17 degrees depending on the star) are mildly debilitated. When in this condition, a planet is "slightly warmed and vitalized", which means that it is commanding and infused with our inner light, but somehow "on the sidelines", without its conventional status. In this case, it is possible to feel the weakness in the influence of the planets, but it does not appear so seriously in the maps.


Imagine being just a meter away from an active volcano. The heat of the lava, as well as its intense light, would certainly cause enormous discomfort in anyone. With that, all its qualities - which could be used to get out of this situation - end up forgotten, as the malaise is so unbearable that it prevents anyone  from focusing.

In a very general way, we can compare this process with that of combustion in astrology. The Sun's heat interacts with the influence of the stars, leaving them frustrated or irritated. As a consequence, the positive qualities of each planet lose strength, but the negative ones can end up standing out.

In combustion, the power of the planet is practically transferred to the Sun. Therefore, it will always act in the service of the Sun.

From 0 to 8 degrees, the weakness of the planets is said to increase to a higher form. Combustion is considered a more serious weakness, which implies a restriction of power, since the Sun's fury burns the principle of the planet, making it lose its shine, which in astrological terms means losing part of its force of action.

Burning planets often deliberately defy outer direction, as they are confident in their own differentiated and unique inner understanding. They are distant or uninterested in the basic motto of the planet in question, but they will still display their power, albeit in a slightly more enigmatic and very individual way.


Finally, when in the Sun's core it is down to 0 degrees and 17 minutes, the planet is said to be in Cazimi, being briefly strengthened by its contact and union with the solar principle. At that distance, the Astro-King stops burning the planets and begins to share its strength, causing the power of both to intensify. Such a conjunction generates a true alignment between the inner Self of the individual and the principle of the planet. It is often something that can bestow some kind of brilliance or genius on the person.

Cazimi leads to the most enchanted state of the star, where the essential power of the planet becomes truly inseparable from our spirit.

Is a burning planet bad?

In Astrology, there are no good or bad aspects, things just are. Cases like those of combustion serve to show which sectors of life deserve more attention so that the individual can evolve and, in this way, approach balance, reaching constant happiness. Whenever a chart undergoes combustion, one reflection remains: that some life lessons will be learned. Lesson types may vary according to the combust planet in question and the house where they are located. Check out some examples:

♂ Combusting Mars

Mars is the representation of the God of war, of impulse, the one who makes quick and assertive decisions. Therefore, he usually demonstrates our strength to face life's struggles, with courage, anger, discipline or odd assertiveness. However, when he is combustible, he can become frustrated that he doesn't feel powerful as usual, exploding in irritation. Suddenly there is an insecurity, and he is afraid that he is not brave or strong enough. It is normal to show sensitivity, argumentation and a will to win at any cost. In another aspect, there is also a greater tendency to events such as cuts, injuries and surgeries.

☿ Mercury in combustion

Mercury is the planet of communication, of intelligence. He is responsible for people's analytical ability, rational thinking and flexibility. Therefore, in a state of combustion, there is a difficulty in obtaining clarity in situations, causing a certain mental confusion and in the reasoning processes in general. In this way, the native is unable to use his analytical and intellectual capacity correctly, jeopardizing decisions in all areas of his life.

The conjunction of the Sun and Mercury usually gives a sharp mind (and tongue). These people live by their intelligence and possess the ability to shine with words. They are often social chameleons, often being a sign of a very good writer, but who can be very attached to their own opinions to the point of not listening to others.

Your restless mind may have an extremely active imagination, so active that it can give rise to peculiar thoughts or phobias. Nerves can always be tense and on edge. It can be difficult for people with burning mercury to separate their ego from their thoughts, tending to take things personally when they disagree with your opinions. They can be good at distorting and adapting the truth.

But there is also a question to be considered here. Mercury is never more than 28 degrees away from the Sun, so the probability of Mercury being combusted (within an 8 degree radius) is quite high. Despite their complicated side, there are many writers and composers with combustible mercury. Mozart, for example, is considered a genius and has combustible mercury. He was a super gifted person, but analyzing the story we can also see the action of combustion in the relationship he had with his father. When a person has Mercury near the sun in this way, they may have difficulty having their own mindset separate from the father figure.

The problem with shallow astrology is that there are anomalies only found when analyzing an entire birth chart. Still using Mozart's example, his chart ruler had a triplicity mutual reception with Saturn, who was also conjunct his Aquarian sun and in opposition to Neptune, the planet of arts and music.

In this case, a shallow analysis can only glimpse certain indications, but note that only a deeper analysis of the map can show such "gift-generating" nuances.

Those with combust mercury may also have had difficulty being listened to or taken seriously by authority figures as children. They may also harbor a feeling that everything they say is nonsense. As adults, they tend to rebel against mainstream society and often support causes considered ridiculous by the general public. They can be drawn into alternative movements, conspiracy theories and the like, with a propensity even to become aggressive or overzealous in their protests against their parents or to bring about a more globalized world.

Some very radical ideological militants can be good examples of this. It can be very difficult to debate with someone with combust Mercury, as there is this fusion of the ego with the mind that generally does not tolerate worldviews and ways of thinking that are very opposite to your own. Everything is usually very black and white, with greater difficulty in seeing the gray of situations.

When Mercury is in Cazimi, he is in the "heart of the sun" and seems to have a deep wisdom that permeates from other dimensions and through his soul. They are people who generally radiate wisdom, often becoming advisors and people ahead of their time.

Want to know how this information can affect your life?

♃ Jupiter in Combustion

Jupiter is an important planet in any chart, as it has many qualities associated with its profile, such as spirituality, religion, knowledge, wisdom, luck, morals, among others. Therefore, when it is combust, it can cause difficulties in several areas. This burning planet makes the native feel constantly hopeless. At the same time, a feeling of worthlessness or unworthiness may arise, which strongly shakes you. The individual ends up becoming very rigid in his beliefs, and can reach the point of seeming dogmatic.

Jupiter is a planet that can generate wealth and fame if well placed, making a person a good lawyer or a judge, for example. But when in flames, such a position can make a person terribly pompous and boastful.

♀ Venus in Combustion

The planet Venus usually represents sociability, the way we express affection. However, when it is in combustion, it sees its representation align more with luxury, love, beauty, relationships, art and creativity. So, in this chart, the native tends to feel undervalued and unappreciated, developing insecurity to show affection. It is common for these people to go through situations in life where they have to choose between a relationship and a career. Your biggest challenge is learning to value your partner, as well as overcoming the feeling of being disrespected and belittled by others.

A burning Venus, for example, can make a person a nymphomaniac, but it can also confer an almost supernatural charm on the person, an eloquent grace or make the person have a greater perception of the world of feelings. Combusting in the sign of Taurus, you can be that guy who wants to sleep with several women but without establishing a permanent relationship. When I'm combustible in Libra, I can be that gorgeous woman, but stuck somehow in a complicated marriage, and so on.

♄ Saturn in Combustion

Saturn is a planet that represents career, work, organization, responsibility and even health. In combustion, the native realizes that there is confusion in these areas, with accumulation of tasks and excess of responsibilities, which makes him feel overwhelmed. In some cases, they may have friction with bosses. Guilt for not giving your all is a frequent ghost, developing bitterness and a feeling of overload. Situations almost always force him to change, since the unwillingness to perform tasks is strong in this individual, who ends up being coerced by the environment.

These are some examples of how combustion can affect a person's Astral Map. However, as we said earlier, the assessment of the positions of the planets can vary according to the astrologer. The most important thing in all cases is to analyze what message the burning planet is trying to convey, because there is an error there that needs to be learned and overcome. Remember: the Sun is purifying this planet to help you find the teachings that should not be ignored, asking you to redouble your attention to this point on the Map


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