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The Fire Element

Fire - Yang

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The Fire element in astrology represents action, motivation and creativity, being the fuel of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. It is considered hot and dry. It has a radiant scope, it symbolizes expansion, heat, light, courage, the will to fight, dominate and conquer, but it also favors spiritual elevation, extreme lucidity and purification of the soul. In humans, it represents the superconscious mind. The symbol for the Fire element is a triangle pointing upwards, representing the desire to climb because of its hot and dry qualities.

People with an abundance of the fire element tend to be more optimistic, idealistic, dynamic, ardent, passionate, enthusiastic, direct, spontaneous, naive, and expansive, with more inspiration, motivation, and courage to impose themselves, take risks, and face challenges. Always on the move, they tend to embrace challenges naturally (in fact, they need that fuel to keep the fire burning brightly).

Your leadership power and achievement are great. Others are compelled to follow her because of the passion she passes on, her self-confidence is so great that she makes everyone believe that success is guaranteed. By donating body and soul to an idea or project, the person inspires others to donate in the same way, to believe with the same fervor that the goals can be achieved.

They usually show energy, determination, ardor, and perseverance and may like to command more than obey. This whole disposition can bring more agitation and impulsiveness. Their impatience can cause them to start and not finish things, especially if they get bored. An out-of-control fire, for example, can be very dangerous, as the other side of the energy tends to be somewhat tactless, overly ambitious, violent, angry, authoritarian, and aggressive - physically or verbally.

They can be a little insensitive and indifferent, sometimes selfish and arrogant too. In anger, they tend to hurt others, but generally do not hold grudges. Formerly they were called people with Choleric Moods.


Of all the elements, fire is likely to give itself away in a darker place. From this arise such things as sincerity, objectivity, and the natural tendency to show off. Thinking of a fire sign that always has to stay hidden is a tremendous antagonism because for fire, it is important to give your message and impress your ideas. They are used to fleeting passions, where they can become interested in something and soon after become disinterested. With that, we can evoke that maxim: "the fire only burns as long as there is fuel".

And indeed, fire often quickly consumes its fuel. As such, it is in his nature to make the most of life, open the door to creativity, move towards new ideas, and push everything he touches towards adventure, risk and speculation. Its function is to reveal, show itself, illuminate and give more passion and enthusiasm to things.

And when there is little strength of the fire element?

A person with little fire element in the chart may lose that spontaneous spark, something that suggests greater pessimism, lack of will and initiative. any obligation

it seems like the worst thing in the world, it makes me extremely lazy to do anything. And when someone asks for something, it's almost certain that the person has that typical ill will. Not to mention the boredom, where if there is no external stimulus, the person will want to stay more indoors, avoiding contact with the outside world and especially with very active friends, who will want to drag him to some activity.

They need external stimulus to get out of inertia and may prefer to follow than be followed, seeking inspiration and motivation in others. They even feel the need to express their ideas and feelings, but often prefer to repress them. When expressing something, they often get the tone or timing wrong, creating more drama than clarity. Disinterest and apathy are words that can be part of your life if the person does not look for alternatives to shake the dust. She needs to look for some purpose that generates interest, because she will only be able to improve her will and self-esteem when she gets involved with someone or something.

To recover the energy of fire, a person must help himself. Staying indoors with the "oh life, oh bad luck" mentality is not going to rekindle the flame. Think about how we make a fire in nature: you have to gather dry sticks and rub them together to produce a spark. Fire doesn't exist, you have to produce it from some action. The same goes for reactivating your energies. Thus, the person must make an effort to leave the house, he must not avoid friends, especially the more active ones, as they have plenty of energy to lend and motivate. Movement is the best "battery charger", so she should do exercises, sports, walks, sunbathing, in short, anything to activate her body.

Stimulating the mind is also very important, as this drives away pessimism. The person should get involved in new projects, and look for something that piques their interest. New challenges occupy the head and bring purpose, changing the mentality and channeling
again the energy. Rekindling the Fire brings action again, the person activates his impetus to pursue goals with more determination. He takes on the leading role again, a more inspiring role.

By donating body and soul to an idea or project, the person inspires others to donate in the same way, to believe with the same fervor that the goals can be achieved.

Too much fire can also burn or blind

On the other hand, if the person has a lot of fire element energy in the birth chart, he starts to see his followers not as individuals, but as a mass that serves his purposes. That is, the person tends to use others to achieve their goals, without considering what they feel and expect. This is because the energy can be so intense that it overshadows any obstacle or person in the path of desire. When a person wants something, he pursues it blindly and as hard as he can, taking risks if necessary. Especially because she doesn't even know she's taking risks, because fear is something that almost doesn't exist in her vocabulary. All that matters is getting what she craves at the moment.

But, not everything revolves around the ego. Fire is also the flame of life, the spark of inspiration. More fire means more creative power and more passion for living. That's why it's not uncommon for people with energy to spare from this element to love adventures, and great romances and pursue their desires with ardor. Their dreams of grandeur can become more fanciful, making it difficult for the person to live in the reality of the present. She is always thinking about grandiose goals for her future, but not knowing how to separate the possible from the impossible, which makes the responsibilities of the here and now almost unbearable. This awakens impatience and a more explosive temper, where everything must be her way, or she doesn't accept it willingly. He often takes out his frustrations on those around him, even if the person is not to blame for anything.

The signs ruled by FIRE

Fire signs show themselves to the world in different ways:

Want to know how this information can affect your life?


ÁriesAries is more immediacy, wanting to be the pioneer, stronger or faster, inspiring competition. It is the sign that opens the way to the unknown, that wants to overcome the inertia of time, the fire of origins, the affirmation of Being, and action in its potentiality. Strength, courage, animation, independence, innovation, competition, and adventure are weighty words within the Aries scope. It is a sign of enormous energy and impulsiveness: "I Initiate", "I Am", "I Do".


LeãoLeo is more daring and wants to be the best, inspiring authenticity. It brings the pleasure of experiencing life with an optimistic view of the world. Mind and heart come together to represent man's individuality and expansiveness in a more independent way, drawing a line between Being and Existing, managing to think about oneself, question oneself and analyze oneself in a passionate way. The energy that radiates from the fire of Leo tends to make him centralizing, but often in an authoritarian, domineering, dictatorial or self-centered way.


SagitárioSagittarius is more enthusiastic and exaggerated, wants to be the wisest, optimistic and pioneering, an inspiring adventurer. It is the energy that expands man's potential, giving him an extremely developed sense of morality and justice, making him seek knowledge, truth and the best right path to follow. The purpose and reason for existence are ideals that encourage greater knowledge about all things, a total surrender of oneself.

Forcing the fire signs into a condition of extreme stillness is an arduous and virtually impossible task. When in their crises, they are like the mythological Phoenix bird: they manage to turn around, rising from the ashes. Such energies tend to be always in motion and need to be. Moving and going beyond is one of its mottos. It is the nature of fire to act, for no flame has a tendency to stillness.

It is also the nature of fire to rise, to rise, to rise. It is Yang energy, which inspires expansion, the positive side of things. It will always be directed upwards, soaring upwards and towards the divine. Therefore, many mythological gods of ancient times have their archetypes portrayed as: Aries (heroes, soldiers and warriors), Leo (artists and kings). Sagittarius (priests, philosophers and counselors).

 Always think of Fire as something more ardent, idealistic and abstract, an energy that influences creativity, new ideas, that stirs up adventures, propels action and our artistic side. Warming up, living in the present, turning the page on the situation, showing that life is good and overcoming yourself are themes that are always present in your elemental booklet.


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