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Monthly Horoscope - December 2023

The monthly horoscope for December is marked by Mercurys retrograde and tensions with Venus

Published in: 30/11/2023 at 01:20

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As 2023 draws to a close, the monthly horoscope for December reveals itself as a month full of astrological significance, bringing unique opportunities for reflection, growth, and transformation. The station of Mercury Retrograde and the important transits of Venus highlight the need to reflect and set realistic goals for the coming year.

Keep reading to check out the monthly horoscope, remembering that the predictions below are collective. To know the trends for your life, always check your Free Personalized Horoscope.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn and Sagittarius

In the monthly horoscope for December, Mercury will influence our communication and planning. From 12/01, when Mercury enters Capricorn, you will be encouraged to adopt a practical and analytical approach. A favorable alignment with Saturn in Pisces suggests it is a good time to establish concrete plans to achieve your goals.

From 12/13 to 01/01, we will have the last Mercury retrograde season of the year, passing through the signs of Capricorn and Sagittarius. Although this coincides with end-of-year celebrations, there is no reason for concern, as planetary retrogradations are natural processes and not necessarily negative.

Use the end of the year to reflect on your achievements and set realistic goals aligned with your day-to-day life. Remember: it's natural for goals to change and mistakes to happen. They are essential parts of your growth and learning.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus is the second star to stand out during the monthly horoscope for December, due to its interactions with other planets.

Venus enters Scorpio on 12/04, but before that, there is a tense aspect with Pluto in Capricorn, which can generate some power disputes at the beginning of the month.

In Scorpio, Venus forms a trine with Saturn in Pisces, which will help us find practical solutions amidst emotions. This period is like a meeting between emotion and reason, where both try to contribute to our success.

However, prepare for an intense opposition between Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus in Taurus, which can lead to exaggerations and conflicts in relationships. Keep an eye out for how you interact with others during this time.

Venus remains in Scorpio until 12/29 when it moves to Sagittarius. This transition brings a lighter and friendlier atmosphere, ideal for end-of-year celebrations.

End of Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

On 12/06, Neptune Retrograde in Pisces comes to an end, marking the monthly horoscope for December with a touch of creativity and imagination.

However, at the end of the month, an intense square with Mars in Sagittarius may stir up the atmosphere of the New Year's Eve. Be careful to tell the difference between what you imagine and what actually happens, and don't act based on misunderstandings or false beliefs that you might have. This is a time to use your imagination wisely and maintain clarity in your decisions and interactions.

New Moon and Full Moon

The monthly horoscope for December begins with the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 12th, bringing a feeling of lightness and encouragement for new discoveries. The optimism and thirst for knowledge of Sagittarius make this a great time to set big targets, plan adventures, and build up your self-assurance.

In contrast, the Full Moon in Cancer on the 26th invites us to balance our exploration of the world with a keen eye toward our emotions and family ties. This period will highlight our deepest feelings and the importance of nurturing personal relationships. It will be an ideal opportunity to find a balance between our individual freedom and connection with our roots, promoting emotional healing and understanding.

Sun enters Capricorn

On 12/22, the Sun begins its journey in Capricorn, marking a period of greater rationality and pragmatism. This phase will illuminate the area of Capricorn in your Birth Chart, bringing clarity and a sense of strategic planning to develop this part of your life.

With the Sun entering this earth sign, positive connections with Saturn and Jupiter arise. These astrological influences will help us focus on what is essential and make decisions based on what is most important and productive for our personal and professional growth.

End of Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus

During most of the monthly horoscope for December, the combination of Venus in Scorpio and the station of Mercury Retrograde may bring challenges, with an increase in fatigue and intense emotions that can cloud our perception of reality.

However, the final 3 days of the month promise a significant change. Venus's entry into Sagittarius and the end of Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, on 12/31, signal a period of growth, enthusiasm, and renewal.

Astrological Calendar for December/2023

12/01/2023 — Mercury enters Capricorn
12/04/2023 — Venus enters Scorpio
12/06/2023 — Neptune stations direct in Pisces
12/12/2023 — New Moon in Sagittarius
12/13/2023 – Mercury stations Retrograde in Capricorn
12/22/2023 – Sun enters Capricorn
12/23/2023 — Mercury retrograde returns to Sagittarius
12/26/2023 — Full Moon in Cancer
12/28/2023 — Mars in square with Neptune
12/29/2023 — Venus enters Sagittarius
12/31/2023 — Jupiter stations direct in Taurus

The monthly horoscope is always filled with influences, but beyond the collective potential, they also have a unique impact on each person's life. Sign up for Astrolink and follow your personalized horoscope daily!


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