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The Full Moon - Vision, Illumination, Realization

When the Sun and Moon are in opposition

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The Full Moon symbolizes the end of the cycle started at the New Moon, that is, things reach a climax. Whether the result will be positive will depend a lot on the work done so far.

It is where the Moon opposes the Sun, receiving all its luminosity. It is the peak, when the Moon is fully illuminated by the Sun. Your energy helps with productivity and perception. You may finally notice and have more momentum to accomplish your goals, as this period brings harmony and balance into the equation.

This phase centers all energies and highlights our most original nature. It is the ideal phase to fight for what you want to achieve, to declare your love for the person your heart yearns for and to show the world your inner strength.

Were your plans successful? So the Full Moon will still help you to expand, absorb and use the most of this experience. Have you committed yourself, fought for your goals, overcome obstacles, but still the results obtained were not satisfactory? No problem, turn that page and get back to your short-term goals on the next New Moon, at the beginning of the next lunar cycle.

  • The full moon inspires: sharing, cooperation, learning, intensity, growth, changes, art and romance.
  • Keywords: awareness, vision, enlightenment, experience, exacerbation, realization, enthusiasm, transformation, restlessness.
  • Angle between Sun and Moon: 180 to 225 degrees
  • Phase: Active

The Full Moon - Fifth Lunar Phase

A word that defines the Full Moon well is "overflow", both in the literal sense, with the rising of the tides, and in the figurative sense, with our emotions on the surface. The feeling of optimism is also high, so care must be taken not to act impulsively or commit excesses.

The fifth phase of the Moon is active and suggests adjustments. It sharpens awareness, favors cooperation and sharing. The cycle started at the New Moon has reached its apex and your plans reach maturity.

The Full Moon is generally a very positive period. It helps to abandon those situations that do not bring benefits, such as relationships, business, investments, etc. All you have to do is commit yourself to changing the picture, making room for the next cycle. Remember that even if your recent plans didn't work out, you will be more experienced than before and must learn from your mistakes and disappointments. Only then can we grow and try again.

Periods of Double Full Moons (Blue Moons)

August 01 and August 31, 2023
May 1st and May 31st, 2026
December 2 and December 31, 2028
September 1st and September 30th, 2031
July 1st and July 31st, 2034
January 2 and January 31, 2037
March 02 and March 31, 2037
October 2 and October 31, 2039


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