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Opposite and complementary signs

Do Opposites Attract?

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As we all know, the Zodiac is represented as a circle, where each sign is placed next to the other in order to express a whole dynamic concept.

This format allows different angles between the stars, signs, and houses involved. When a sign is 180 degrees away from each other, we say that they are in opposition and such an interpretation can clarify many points of their relationship.

Being at opposite poles of the zodiac, the signs in question are considered the two halves of a whole. Therefore, they have quite different characteristics, but they complement each other, and can create a love-hate relationship or balance between the natives.

Being 180° apart, these opposite signs are also complementary elements. For example, Air and Fire: Air makes Fire expand and grow stronger - and Water and Earth, which creates the cycle of life we ​​are already familiar with.

Generally, we feel a certain attraction to people whose sun sign is complementary to our own. However, this relationship can suffer from a lot of fickle issues due to essentially different characteristics. However, when they find balance, they can have a very beneficial relationship, with one helping the other to improve in the points necessary for their evolution.

What are the complementary signs?

Analyzing the zodiac, the opposite and complementary signs of astrology are: Aries and Libra / Taurus and Scorpio / Gemini and Sagittarius / Cancer and Capricorn / Leo and Aquarius / Virgo and Pisces.

Check out some basic information about the possible combinations according to the sun sign, the organizing core of your birth chart.

Aries ARIES + LIBRA Libra

Aries is the sign of impulsiveness and the Self, while Libra represents thoughtfulness and Others. Therefore, Aries will need a lot of patience to deal with Libra, who in turn will learn to lose their fear of acting with the energy of the Aries fire. In addition, Aries' aggressiveness can weigh on them, forcing Libra to focus on themselves in order to rebalance the scales.

When they manage to learn from each other, however, both learn to reflect on the situation before acting, without exaggerating and focusing only on what is necessary.

Taurus TAURUS + SCORPIO Scorpio

The attraction between these two signs is usually strong, as both are very sensual and are part of the fixed sign cross. However, Scorpio's possessiveness and intensity can clash with Taurus' desire for security and calm, creating some instabilities. In moments of crisis, Scorpio also tends to act in a choleric and almost vindictive manner, while Taurus reacts by becoming silent and moving away.

The process of finding the sweet spot involves Scorpio proving their loyalty to Taurus, who needs to feel secure. Taurus, on the other hand, must try to understand the deep emotions of Scorpio, who wants to dominate the soul and not matter, like Taurus.

Gemini GEMINI + SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius

The two signs have a cheerful and expansive side but with marked differences. Sagittarius can react to difficulties using the sign's characteristic sarcasm and wanting to break free. However, the fire sign can also be bossy, and the plurality of responsibilities, ideas and commitments can alienate the Gemini, who becomes less interested in deeper dialogues.

When they manage to understand each other, Sagittarius learns to be more versatile and light in communication and Gemini conquers the zeal and scope of the Sagittarius.

Cancer CANCER + CAPRICORN Capricorn

While Cancer is a sign recognized for its sentimentality, Capricorn is a reference in practicality. The temperamental and emotional style of the Cancer man has a chance of irritating his opposite, just as the dry way of the Capricorn man can hurt the native of Cancer.

When they find balance, both win. Capricorn brings security and maturity to the relationship, while Cancer leaves Capricorn's heart softened.

Aquarius AQUARIUS + LEO Leo

The Leo man loves to command and get out of hand, but the free Aquarian will not allow any kind of control over their life. From the friction between the two, an even more domineering Leo and an increasingly apathetic Aquarius can emerge. One point that can make this relationship worse is that both tend to be very different when dealing with feelings, which can push them further apart.

The key to building a healthy relationship will be honest dialogue. With this, Leo can learn to be more altruistic and give themself to others, while Aquarius finds an inspiring and dynamic person to guide their path.

Want to know how this information can affect your life?

Virgo VIRGO + PISCES Pisces

Virgo tends to be practical and perfectionist, while Pisces is emotional and dreamy. In this relationship, Pisces can end up feeling incapable and Virgo can be exhausted by always having to take care of the other. When this happens, each other's weaknesses are accentuated, and while the Pisces withdraw into their own world, the Virgo becomes even more controlling. In order to achieve a healthy relationship, they need to begin to understand each other in this sense.

Little by little, Virgos learn to be more sensitive and listen to their feelings. Pisceans will achieve balance, especially emotionally, and have the security they are looking for so much.

Learning is guaranteed

Even when there is no intention of having a romantic relationship with someone of the opposite sign and complementary to yours, coexistence is always a school that leads us to spiritual elevation. Learning to deal with each other's differences is a prerequisite for development, regardless of each one's signs.

But remember: astrology is very complex! The sun sign has an important weight on your personality, but it is not the only factor that interferes with it. In astrology, you must also take into account other placements and aspects of the Astral Chart. And, don't forget, the diverse circumstances of each of our lives also help shape the people we are.

Therefore, although the relationship between complementary signs can be a rich and enriching learning experience, do not just use this as a guide in your life. Seek to surround yourself with individuals of all signs and learn more each day from the point of view of each of them.

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