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The Water Element

Water - Yin

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The Water element in astrology governs emotions, the subconscious mind, sensitivity, feelings and underlines the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. It is considered a cold and wet element. It rises above Earth, but is below Air, and gives suppleness and nourishment to substances. The symbol for the Water element is a triangle pointing downwards, representing your desire to descend because of your cool and wet qualities.

The strength of this element can make people more patient, compassionate, empathetic, secretive, imaginative, dreamy, selfless, more artistically inclined, intuitive, emotional, and sensitive, those who more easily feel something that may have gone unnoticed by other people. Its elemental characteristics are humidifying, hydrating, purifying, refreshing, toning, cleansing, calming, protecting, and diluting.

Together with the Earth element, Water sustains us: it is the source of life, it cleans and purifies. It has to do with our feelings, and just as the tides are always changing, our temperaments can be a rollercoaster ride. Therefore, it is quite complex to fully understand all its nuances since logic and emotion do not go hand in hand.


Unlike fire, which rises and expands, water is Yin in nature, directed downwards. That's why many people with a predominance of this element have a certain tendency to melancholy, get depressed or become discouraged more easily. Emotions can give the impression of being always overflowing, to the surface, although they can act in a little impulsive way, drowning in their own feelings. They tend to follow the desires of others over their own more easily. They always need to be in good tune with their existence, otherwise, they can dive so deep that returning becomes difficult. Formerly they were classified as people of Phlegmatic Mood.

It is a magnificent element, which has the power to mix with air, disappear in the heat of fire, and be absorbed by the earth. Water is quickly lost, it is not easily contained and needs the earth to establish its limits, the fire to decant its impurities and rise and the air to propagate itself. This is the element that represents the human psyche, something that looks a lot like the waters of the sea: consciousness glides over its surface while the subconscious goes deeper and dives into a vast ocean of possibilities, with deep, unknown ,and dark areas.

Therefore, it becomes more difficult for people with a predominance of this element to remain in a constant and linear flow for a long time. And this can be noticeable with Cancer's mood swings, Scorpio's emotional outbursts and Pisces' existential or melancholic crises. It is also worth mentioning that the word "humor" itself derives from the Latin "humore", which means liquid - especially body fluids, such as blood, bile, lymph, saliva, and others. Remember that our organism is composed of an average of 70% water and that without it we cannot survive for a long time, making the element even more relevant.
Water people are more guided by feelings and intuition. Thus, they tend to be more sensitive, feel the pain of others more easily and cultivate compassion, often leaning towards altruism. They may even think of others first and forget about their own needs. Unlike Fire people, they think about the consequences before acting, always with their emotional side involved. They think they can absorb everything and tend to lock up their emotions, but when problems start to weigh on their shoulders, or when they have doubts, distrusts, and fears, they activate their defense mechanism and prefer to isolate themselves rather than face the harsh reality of the world.

People with a lot of evidence of the water element tend to be more influential, considered more emotional and sensitive, as well as more adaptable to any environment. However, they may find it more difficult to fully adapt to the confines of the material world, and they may also be a little more lazy, irresolute, vulnerable, or hypersensitive.

If you lack water, stay hydrated.

When there is very little incidence of the water element in the birth chart, the person may have reduced empathy and intuitive capacity. You may want to isolate yourself from everything and everyone, closing yourself in your shell. The real world starts to make less and less sense, so she looks for subterfuges to escape reality as much as possible. Emotions become a very heavy burden, so you don't want to deal with feelings, preferring to lock them up. Isolation is also about not wanting to interact with others so you don't have to absorb even more emotional issues.

They don't live so much on the sentimental level and their personal relationships may lack emotion, largely because of the difficulty in expressing - or understanding - what they feel. It is not uncommon for them to look for more sensitive people to relate to, trying to fill this gap, or else to follow some more spiritualized philosophy in an attempt to connect with something superior and discover a purpose.

They may not pay much attention to the feelings and problems of others, especially in their most intimate relationships. But, this can be compensated through demonstrations of care and affection. However, these demonstrations can be a little out of tune, becoming exaggerated or unnatural. Sometimes they are very intense, always looking for external stimuli to remedy the lack of emotions.

In order to recover the energy of Water, the person needs to reconnect with their inner being, working on the feelings that are locked up and venting their emotions. Water is a great energy source, so it can go to the beach, pool, and waterfall, in short, stay close to water. The head should rest a little and give way to emotions. Letting them flow freely downstream is essential to regaining your sensitivity and intuition. The company of friends with good energies can also be good, as they have the necessary empathy and sensitivity to understand and help.

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Be careful not to drown!

When the Water element dominates, empathy and emotions are amplified. The person can become too sentimental, experiencing a whirlwind of emotions that are more difficult to deal with and control. Or else, you start to feel the pain of others much more. For this reason, you can start to annul yourself more and more in favor of others, neglecting your needs and suppressing your emotions. The problems and sufferings of those she wants to help are enough - and more important in her view.

They tend to become true martyrs, giving themselves completely to help someone or some cause. This also applies to affective relationships, where you can end up accepting to continue a relationship without that fire of passion or being worn out, even without meeting your emotional needs.
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The signs ruled by WATER

The signs involved with the water element fulfill well the elemental scope to which they belong. They all have a somewhat vague and mysterious side, they seem to be always looking for their corner, their ideal place to rest, dream, meditate, recharge their energies and social distance. In general, they never forget what marked them emotionally. They show kindness, empathy, and generosity, but when they are hurt or feel that they are in danger, they can become unpredictable, disorderly people or have their feelings exacerbated.


CâncerCancer is directly linked to your home, to the place you consider your refuge. It is fresh water, which turns to the preservation of its own, caring, protecting, nourishing and calming, predominating in its energy the habits of childhood or family. Your emotional exacerbations are usually associated with losses. The sign also has great ease in evoking the past, clinging to memories and everything that refers to childhood or the old days. They can have a serious problem with attachment and, like water in the form of a dam, good advice is to throw out what is old from time to time so that they can renew their emotions.


EscorpiãoScorpio strives for survival and is generally suspicious of everyone and everything, not allowing anyone to penetrate its territory. In the process, it investigates, involves, deepens and transforms, bringing with it the reflection of the evils or goodness of the world. It is like marshy water, fixed, still. Your emotional outpourings are usually linked to hurt feelings. They have the great power of never forgetting what has been done to them, good or bad, as they deal with a more passionate energy. With this, they will always keep the details of the situations that marked them, and it is necessary to work on forgiveness. They may have problems with jealousy, something that derives from their murky and obscure waters, where there is always the possibility of there being something on the other side or not...


PeixesPisces seeks a broader meaning for existence and often tends to prefer distance, escapism, blurring before clarity, escaping from reality and the pains of the world, and diving into their personal world. In the process, he dedicates himself, sacrifices himself, and imagines, bringing in his essence the innate ability to disguise himself and mimic himself with others. It is the water of the seas, oceanic, deep waters. In Pisces, disappointments are the main causes of their emotional crises. They tend to always spread eternal gratitude and usually don't forget a gesture of kindness. They may have problems with excessive fantasies and idealizations, like the waters that contaminate or cloud the mind.

Returning to the core of the element, water also represents "under the rug", escapes, and escapism. We can compare the disharmonious side of the element Water with torrential rains, tsunamis, rough seas, and powerful floods. They are exacerbated emotions that have the potential to harm people. Damming water without renewing it periodically can mean insecurity, repression, and psychopathology. You need to renew your water, make it circulate, expose your feelings, and avoid containing too much emotion or anguish.

For water, the search for the simple and obvious things is less important, as the element operates on a more complex frequency that involves emotion, intuition, fantasy, and imagination. It acts like a mirror, which reflects light and at the same time displays in its own world an enormity of perspectives, reflections, secrets, and illusions. The element is the submerged realm of withdrawal, anxieties, fears, anxieties, daydreams, dreams, susceptibility, and absorption of influences around you. A person under the great influence of water signs can behave more like liquids, that is, their feelings are expressed and captured more easily, more fluidly, and with better conductivity.

 Always think of Water as something connected to emotions. The water is transparent, making all feelings gain fluidity, nutrition, and strength wherever it passes


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