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The Air Element

Air - Yang

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The Air element in astrology corresponds to the mental spectrum, intellect, communication and exchange, being the driving force of the signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. It is considered hot and humid. It is below Fire and above Earth, being pervasive, diffuse, and mobile. In humans, it represents the self-conscious mind. Your element's symbol is an upward-pointing triangle with a horizontal line through it. The ascending triangle represents that it is hot and seeks to ascend, but the humid component blocks its total ascent.

The function of Air is to stimulate reasoning and the exchange of information. As we all breathe the same air, the element also acts as a social component, that is, of all the elements, it is the only one that we are forced to share in a less controlled way. It favors reason and logic much more to the detriment of sensitivity or emotions. Some of its characteristics are: transmitting, agitating, mobilizing, communicating, oxygenating, fomenting, energizing, and purifying.

Unlike the passion and impulsiveness of fire, the air element prioritizes reason. The mind is the most important aspect and must be developed, in this sense the processes of socialization and communication are essential. By relating to others, we can exchange ideas and grow intellectually. In common with fire, air has an expansive and lively side, almost always optimistic, which serves precisely to communicate, always in search of intellectual stimulation, exploring new visions of the world and creating its own values ​​and ideals from the experience of sharing.

As rationality has priority, the side of feelings can be harmed, making it difficult to deal with very emotional people, for example. Usually, people with a predominance of the air element dwell in their minds, disconnecting from reality and moving away from others. But, as the social side is stimulated and important, the air tends to help and support others, creating groups that share the same ideals and projects, even with this need to be more isolated. In fact, airy people need to preserve their space, they don't like to be tied down to think and convey their ideas in the way they want.


In this case, Gemini is about communicating, unfolding, and exchanging, Libra is about adjusting, balancing, harmonizing, and socializing and Aquarius is about progressing, revolutionizing, inventing, innovating, and energizing. Like the other elements, Air has its extremes, and it can show up as a light breeze or turn into a devastating hurricane. Of all the elements, it is the most difficult to predict its actions and has a tendency to instability and unpredictability. The same air that blows and cools can also fuel fires and spread toxins. People with great strength in the air element are always focused on improving proposals and ideas, bringing new concepts and favoring inventions. Formerly they were classified as people of Sanguine Mood.

It is notorious that people with a predominance of the air element in the map tend to be more active, sociable, talkative, light, quick, curious, full of ideas, versatile and interactive.

All this aerial energy favors intellectuality, but on the other hand, we also have the negative aspect of communication, which appears in the form of gossip, "told me-told", discussions, and misunderstandings. This other side can also indicate voluble, dual, distracted, undisciplined, rushed, poorly done and/or lacking in-depth behaviors.

Thus, the tendency is not to create so many roots and not to pay so much attention to details, being people who are more detached from the limits of the material world. The problem is that with this it becomes more difficult for them to put their ideas into practice since they can always vary their desires and opinions. As the tendency is to be interested in many things at the same time, they may not have enough willpower to focus on any one of them specifically, making it much more difficult to finish what they started. Their feelings are not easily shown and they don't always act as they say or think, although they are usually the first to question something.

Returning to the core of the element, it is in the air that we find all kinds of energy waves: electromagnetic, light, and sound, in addition to an infinity of floating particles, mixed with gases in an incredible shared system of transmission and reception. All this nature that inspires connection is expressed in their signs, which have an inherent need to communicate, create social bonds, and maintain a dynamic social tune.

Airy people tend to be guided by science and/or the news, looking for true or sensible arguments and not letting themselves be easily impressed by ideas without the foundations they consider adequate. For these people, everything has to have a good explanation, a logic behind it. It is not enough to idealize, it is necessary to establish a purpose. Therefore, people with a greater weight of these signs generally have greater difficulty with intuition and a greater attachment to metrics and rationality. The conflict, in this case, is that as an element does not inspire focus and solidity and is more prone to dispersion, some ideas and concepts can be lost quickly.

And when there is shortness of breath?

It may seem like a joke, but when there is little predominance of the air element, it seems to lack breath. There is less desire to interact with others and the person may become quite isolated from friends and social interactions. The mind starts to get lazy and it doesn't even feel like talking, so the exchange of ideas doesn't exist. Without intellectual stimulation, there is no development of consciousness and no pursuit of higher purposes.

Those with very low air energy even feel the need for socialization and communication but in a different way. You may be a more shy or withdrawn person, afraid that your ideas will not be interpreted correctly. He always tries to explain himself to make sure he is understood but often prefers not to say anything. Thus, he seeks to express himself through writing. Living in the world of ideas doesn't have much appeal either, as the intellect is nothing more than a tool to learn through practice.

To recharge the air tank, the person needs to oxygenate his mind. Without communication and interaction, the air will continue to be lacking. A stagnant mind soon becomes suffocated, so it is essential to interact with other people who can stimulate your intellect. This constant exchange of ideas and experiences is the fuel for mental expansion. Going out, meeting friends, having those long chats from which many cool ideas and insights are born, especially with that friend who also loves to talk non-stop. Can't find yourself now? It can be done online, no problem. Is there no one available? Go for a walk in the park, a walk, or a run. Reading, meditation, and diving inside are also important because through self-analysis, we also develop our intellect and rebalance ourselves, finding solutions with our own analysis.

Want to know how this information can affect your life?

Too Much Air Is Also Toxic

If our air were 100% oxygen, we would quickly become intoxicated. When a person has a predominance of the air element in their birth chart, an imbalance in the characteristics of this element may occur. The need for communication becomes much more active, for example, which makes the person want to talk all the time and express their ideas, while incessantly seeking knowledge.

The obsession with stimulating the mind and verbalizing can end up displacing the person from reality and relationships. She begins to live in a world of ideas, and for that she needs total freedom to socialize and meet the most varied types of people. Creating bonds becomes more difficult, people enter and leave your life much more quickly, serving the purpose of creating experiences and exchanges of ideas. Because of this, their relationships end up being measured by the level of stimulation that others can provoke. The more your mind is stimulated, the more motivated and interested a person becomes. Thus, this verbal attunement is prioritized in relationships much more than affection or feelings. Balancing the excess of this energy is a challenge, but one that must be faced in order to have more focus on your relationships and social life.

The signs ruled by AIR


Gemini is the sign of "why". Likes to convey ideas and spread information, has curiosity as a driving force, always looking for news, interesting or intellectually challenging things. It is the air in its agitated state (strong wind), restless, dispersed, diversified and dynamic. Gemini energy promotes the awakening of intellectuality and wherever it is positioned, it is a curious, light energy, which has to do with duality - as the name of the sign suggests. You tend to get lost in the variety of choices you have to make.


Libra is the sign of "drops in the is" and conveys justice, harmony, and aesthetic beauty, seeking partnerships and politicization. It is the calmest air, a light breeze, revealing stillness, observation, deliberation, temperance, judgment, and diplomacy. A possible problem is indecision generated by insecurity, which can harm the progress or agility of your plans. From this arises the tendency of the sign to let the other choose the best option because with that they do not need to commit and give in to their doubts.


Aquarius is the sign of contestations and transmits innovation, egalitarian ideas and breaking paradigms, deconstructing obsolete or very rigid systems, being a sign linked to nonconformity and aimed at social revolution, always seeking progress. It is the violent air, agitated like a hurricane, revealing insubordination, unpredictability, revolution, radicalism, eccentricity, turbulence and liberation. There is also here a predisposition to chronic dissatisfaction, causing a sudden loss of interest in what one is looking for, generating instability and unpredictability.

Remember, a person with high Air sign influence will indeed appear more volatile. This means that there can be a greater distance between it and matter, preferring to cultivate the mind, imagination, movement, agility, variety, haste, and communication. He always needs new stimuli, to move around. Thoughts become faster, as well as the gas molecules that are far apart also move quickly. The worst thing for these people is to get stuck in any tedious, repetitive, or limited condition. They always need recycling because it motivates them.

Learning is important and usually, air signs can't stand absolute silence for long (although Libra has a little more appreciation for stillness). They tend to admire people who speak well, and who have ownership in their speeches. Each sign, in its own way, needs to hear what the other has to say and everyone is attentive to what the other is transmitting.

 Always think of Air as something volatile and linked to intellect and communication. It is an energy that stimulates the mind and gives strength to our thoughts and the propagation of information.


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