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Sexuality and Astrology

What can the birth chart indicate about sexuality?

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Did you know that astrology can indicate many nuances of our relationship with sex, as well as your partner's relationship? Also, it can suggest the type of people we are attracted to and those with the greatest potential to be attracted to us. With this, we can better understand some impulses and behaviors that describe us.

It is also possible to analyze the sexual compatibility between individuals through the synastry of those involved, allowing you to understand which love language most identifies with you and your partner. Such analyses, although very fun, are also complex, since different elements in the birth chart can demonstrate different characteristics.

When we talk about sex, we are addressing a complex subject, still a taboo and that can involve one, two or more people, as well as desire, love, emotion, insecurity and the need for satisfaction. In addition, there is the social issue involved around the theme, not leaving aside the different sexualities. All this complexity is present in the map, therefore, its reading is unique and different for each person.

It is necessary to make it clear here that astrology does not talk about gender diversity or different sexualities, but, for example, there are recent studies that indicate that the planet Uranus, the placement of Lilith and the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius could provide evidence on these issues, but there is still no conclusion on the true effectiveness of these analyses. Therefore, we will address here only pleasure and exchange between people, whoever they are.

To start analyzing "how I am in bed" we need to pay attention to many variables in a birth chart, including an analysis of the Moon, Venus, Mars and Lilith, as well as the 5th and 8th houses. , especially when sex also involves love and commitment between two people, involving the analysis of the 7th house.

The moon and sex

The Moon is not the star directly involved in the physical part of sex, but it indicates the emotional needs that need to be fulfilled in the exchange, how our senses react and the type of climate that will happen before, during and after. When our natal moon's needs are not met, we are less likely to be happy and we will feel that something is missing in that bond, as the moon is demanding and is the archetype that speaks most about our emotional well-being.

When we talk about the Moon, we always point to our relationship with feelings and our expression when we are intimate and feel safe. As sex also involves emotions and intimacy, we involved this star in our analysis. For this, it is interesting to check: the sign in which the Moon is in the birth chart, which astrological house it is in and which aspects it is making with other stars.

Factors that relate the Moon to the Sun and the Ascendant are also interesting, as self-confidence, self-love and self-acceptance are essential for healthy sex, which generates pleasure for the people involved and non-toxic relationships.

Venus and Sex

Venus is the star related to the goddess of love and has a close relationship with common and carnal love, in beauty and affection. There are several facets that are represented by this planet, such as a more rational goddess, a more passionate one, the beautiful, the lover, the sensual and the romantic... that pleases us, gives us pleasure, about acceptance, appreciation and self-love. With so many characteristics, Venus can behave in the most different ways depending on its configuration in the birth chart.

It is important to emphasize that astrology is beyond the sayings and understandings of society. With his interpretation, we can understand any form of love and relationships, there is no pattern to be followed. Many people ask about the relationship between the fidelity of the signs and the answer that is usually analyzed is based on the position of your Venus. However, the monogamous relationship is just one of the forms of romantic relationship and the way you will behave depends only on your human and not astrological action.

Venus speaks of fluid love that can be expressed in the flesh, in words, in touch, in feelings, in hugs and in looks. It talks about sensuality, delicacy and affection, characteristics that exist in everyone and that can be expressed differently according to the individuality of each one. With that, she can be multiple and her options are endless. This planet is powerful in every relationship.

Venus aspects to Mars and Lilith can also demonstrate a lot about how your sexual energy is understood. Aspects to Mars can indicate pulls or withdrawals in your comfort in your body and your willingness to act, and aspects to Lilith can suggest fears, insecurities or dominance at certain points in life. These placements will only say about how you act in the relationship and how it interferes within your being, whether or not it can be transmitted to the other.

Mars and sex

Mars is the planet that represents the sex drive itself, the hunt, the physical relationship, as it symbolizes the human instinctual impulses. It talks about physical activity, representing our most primitive Being and virility. When we talk about sex in this sense, we are dominated by an instinctive sense of presence. It also talks about how we want / are going to please the partner.

It is Mars that ignites all our senses: hearing, smell, sight, touch and taste. In the moment of excitement, we are alert for that meeting of people and our body and cells act without any rational interference. We are guided by a more primitive and intense system.

Unlike Venus, which will address more seduction, reception, softness, the mode of attraction and the question of the relationship between people (and how sex will interfere with this), Mars speaks of the initiative and the physical act itself. It is simple, basic and makes us understand how our impulses occur. The relationship of Venus and Mars shows the relationship between the feminine and the masculine within each of us. It is the Yin and Yang of relationships and extremely important in reading the natal chart and synastry, since a good aspect of both with your partner can demonstrate a high potential in the couple's bed.

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Lilith and Sex

Lilith, the Black Moon, is a point that deals especially with our relationship with the feminine, which does not only represent women, but everything that is related to the dynamics of the feminine in a more intense or obscure way. This is not a planet, but rather the virtual point regarding the Moon's motion around the Earth. Part of its interpretation is linked to our repressed, contained, disowned or abandoned emotions, which we don't manifest all the time, but which are found in our depths. Your quest is to release these desires and emotions, to rebel against everything that is imposed on us. She seeks sexual freedom and imposed standards.

His position wants to teach us not to judge and not to condemn. It is necessary to know and understand the wound, the pain, the reason for exile, and embrace it, let it come to know and integrate all its faces, from the light to the shadows.

Lilith shows you what you have given away or something you have been denied and that it is your task to reintegrate and bring it into awareness. It is very much in line with the truth and does not admit anything that differs from this characteristic. In sex, it can represent all the social and personal taboos we place ourselves. It could be the fear and shame of masturbation, generated by a taboo for people to know their own bodies and desires. It is the taboo of bodies, denied by the standard of beauty, it is our fear of being judged for intimately exposing ourselves in the relationship with the other.

Your positioning may also encompass more intense aspects of our being, a tendency to enter into abusive relationships due to a great deal of insecurity within ourselves. And a fear of talking about orgasms, the use of sex toys or a fear of exposing their own fantasies. Your position shows the insecurities that we disown and that need to be welcomed, loved and awakened.

Astrological houses and sexuality

Houses demonstrate areas of our lives and the quality and potential for certain situations to occur in them. All houses are "cut" by a sign and within a single house two or three signs can be present. However, what is considered as the sign of that sector is what is on the cusp, on the line.

When we talk about sex, we have two houses that refer more specifically to the subject: House 5 and House 8. If we were to carry out an even deeper analysis, you could also interpret the ruling planet of that house, but this is a subject for another post .

The 5th house is about casual, fun, no strings attached sex. Depending on the sign that is there, there may be a greater tendency to extroversion. It represents the pleasure obtained in our hobbies and our way of enjoying life, our facility to meet and get involved with new people without the need to deepen relationships, the quality of love that is donated. When we are in a relationship, it shows the tendency to curiosity, the impetus to live new stories, to have new ideas, the space to release fantasies and jokes. In addition, it also represents part of our reproduction and many times, talking about sex is also talking about children. This space shows loyalty and how your relationship with your children can take place.

The 8th house represents a very deep relationship with sex. It talks about our subconscious, our soul (and the fusion of souls), our deepest, most mysterious emotions and death. Here is addressed the depth of desires, emotions that involve sexual intercourse. It's an exchange of souls and not just contact of bodies. It can also address issues about our sexuality, without the description of gender, but the way we deal with it. Here we have our repressed fears, our traumas and undeveloped expectations. If by chance your relationship with sex is involved by fears and taboos, a more detailed analysis of your 8th house and the position of your Lilith is necessary.

The 7th House can also represent our sexual way of exposing ourselves, as it talks about our relationships and how we can place ourselves in a long-term relationship. If we have the Moon, Venus, Mars or Lilith inside this house, it may represent a tendency towards the need for the language of love with physical touch. The way you express yourself and put yourself in the relationship is interpreted from this house and this may (or may not) also affect the relationship. A lot depends on the sign she is in and her ruling planet.

Astrological aspects

In the case of aspects, it is interesting to observe those that the Moon, Venus, Mars and Lilith make among themselves, as they can indicate new impulses or retractions in the way you master your sexual activity, in addition to presenting forms of action and quality of emotions.

Positive aspects (sextiles, trines and conjunctions) can demonstrate greater confidence in oneself and in the exchange relationship with others, a greater potential for attraction and sensuality.

The negative aspects (squares and oppositions) can demonstrate a greater difficulty to be established during the relationship, problems such as insecurities, mistrust and traumas can surface and shake your sexual performance, but these generate friction as a way of overcoming.

In this case, self-love, self-confidence and trust in the partner are factors to be conquered, slowly, and when these problems are overcome, the disposition increases considerably


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