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Void-of-Course Moon in 2024

See the complete table of the Void-of-Course Moon in 2024

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Knowing which days we will have the Void-of-Course Moon in 2024 can be a smart way to organize the planning and execution of projects or even to understand our rhythm, respecting the typical fluctuations of the period.

This is because, according to some astrologers, the Void-of-Course Moon indicates a certain unpredictability in routine, making the periods in which it occurs unproductive.

In practice, it is advised not to start new tasks or activities when the Moon is void-of-course. Moreover, a decline in performance can be felt. It's as if time stops following its usual rhythm and things simply become unpredictable.

In this article, we will unveil its mysteries and pass on tips on how to act during the periods of the Void-of-Course Moon in 2024, which can be a challenging moment but also an opportunity for self-reflection and self-care.

What is the Void-of-Course Moon?

The Void-of-Course Moon, also known as the Void Moon, is the name given to a period in which the Moon's influence is weakened, resulting in uncertainty and unpredictability.

However, this correspondence is not a consensus among astrologers and scholars. Recent discoveries in modern Astrology have shed light on the relevance of this phenomenon and questioned its true influence.

To understand this revision, it's important to know that the Moon travels quickly through the Zodiac, staying in each sign for about 2.5 days. This means that, on average, every 2 days we experience at least a few minutes of the Void-of-Course Moon. This increasing frequency raises questions about the strength of its influence, especially when compared to other more enduring astrological aspects.

Imagine the Moon as a cosmic traveler, constantly moving through the Zodiac. During most of its journey, it forms significant connections with other celestial bodies, impacting the astrological atmosphere and, consequently, our lives. However, when the Moon is Void-of-Course, it's like this traveler takes a brief pause, momentarily losing its sense of direction.

In the past, this period was considered unproductive – initiatives taken during it might not produce the expected results. However, recent studies suggest that, given the frequent occurrences of the Void-of-Course Moon, its influences might translate into minor adversities in life, often easily manageable.

In Astrology, the Moon is related to our inner world, representing our emotions and instincts. When the Moon is Void-of-Course, it's as if our thoughts become momentarily more confused and scattered. This can lead to daydreaming and distractions, making it more challenging to access our emotional and instinctive knowledge.

It's important to highlight that the influence of the Void-of-Course Moon is not uniform for everyone. It can affect people in different ways based on their astrological signs and other factors present in their birth charts.

Therefore, the next time you hear about the Void-of-Course Moon, remember that modern Astrology casts doubts on its influence, turning it into a moment of reflection as we navigate the uncertain waters of the astrological universe.

Table of the Void-of-Course Moon in 2024

Now that you have a better understanding of what the Void-of-Course Moon is and what its possible reflections are in our day-to-day life, see the table of the Void-of-Course Moon in 2024.

The information below considers the UTC/GMT time zone, so for other locations, it is necessary to adjust according to the time difference.

Void-of-Course Moon in January 2024

01/02: from 11:35pm to 00:47am on 01/03

01/05: from 11:40am to 12:40pm

01/07: from 08:21pm to 09h09pm

01/09: from 06:24pm to 01:34am on 01/10

01/12: from 02:32am to 03:02am

01/13: from 09:58am to 03:29am on 01/14

01/16: from 04:32am to 04:49am

01/18: from 08:02am to 08:12am

01/20: from 01:56pm to 01:58pm

01/22: from 08:39pm to 09:51pm

01/24: from 10:57pm to 07:37am on 01/25

01/26: from 09:19pm to 07:12pm on 01/27

01/29: from 11:19pm to 08:04am on 01/30

Void-of-Course Moon in February 2024

02/01: from 09:02am to 08:37pm

02/04: from 03:24am to 06:28am

02/06: from 05:05am to 12:09pm

02/08: from 07:52am to 02:00pm

02/09: from 10:58pm to 01:43pm on 02/10

02/12: from 12:31pm to 01:26pm

02/14: from 10:20am to 03:03pm

02/16: from 03:00pm to 07:40pm

02/19: from 03:20am to 03:25am

02/21: from 06:37am to 01:41pm

02/23: from 04:17am to 01:38am on 02/24

02/26: from 07:35am to 02:30pm

02/27: from 06:21pm to 03:09am on 02/29

Void-of-Course Moon in March 2024

03/02: from 07:47am to 01:56pm

03/04: from 03:40pm to 09:15pm

03/06: from 07:35pm to 12:39am on 03/07

03/08: from 06:55pm to 01:04am on 03/09

03/10: from 07:45pm to 12:20am on 03/11

03/12: from 11:07am to 12:29am on 03/13

03/14: from 10:28pm to 03:16am on 03/15

03/17: from 04:42am to 09:41am

03/19: from 06:52pm to 07:33pm

03/22: from 06:33am to 07:42am

03/24: from 03:48pm to 08:38pm

03/26: from 11:08pm to 09:03am on 03/27

03/29: from 03:39pm to 07:52pm

Void-of-Course Moon in April 2024

04/01: from 12:15am to 04:05am

04/03: from 05:40am to 09:08am

04/05: from 05:39am to 11:13am

04/07: from 08:26am to 11:25am

04/09: from 02:38am to 11:24am

04/11: from 10:03am to 12:59pm

04/13: from 02:45pm to 05:45pm

04/15: from 11:22pm to 02:24am on 04/16

04/18: from 12:01pm to 02:11pm

04/21: from 12:19am to 03:09am

04/22: from 11:23pm to 03:20pm on 04/23

04/25: from 11:16pm to 01:37am on 04/26

04/28: from 07:30am to 09:38am

04/30: from 03:18pm to 03:20pm

Want to know how this information can affect your life?

Void-of-Course Moon in May 2024

05/02: from 09:28am to 06:52pm

05/04: from 07:05pm to 08:41pm

05/06: from 05:56am to 09:42pm

05/08: from 09:54pm to 11:21pm

05/11: from 01:48am to 03:13am

05/13: from 09:12am to 13:36am

05/15: from 04:40pm to 09:33pm

05/18: from 09:08am to 10:23am

05/19: from 03:48pm to 10:34pm on 05/20

05/23: from 07:27am to 08:24am

05/25: from 02:46pm to 03:36pm

05/27: from 08:01pm to 08:45pm

05/29: from 02:19pm to 12:33am on 05/30

Void-of-Course Moon in June 2024

06/01: from 02:54am to 03:29am

06/02: from 10:03pm to 05:56am on 06/03

06/05: from 08:08am to 08:36am

06/07: from 12:15pm to 12:41pm

06/09: from 07:05pm to 07:29pm

06/11: from 07:16pm to 05:39am on 06/12

06/14: from 05:53am to 06:12pm

06/17: from 06:04am to 06:38am

06/19: from 04:18pm to 04:32pm

06/21: from 10:57pm to 11:09pm

06/24: from 03:05am to 03:15am

06/25: from 10:29pm to 06:08am on 06/26

06/28: from 08:44am to 08:52am

06/30: from 04:56am to 12:01pm

Void-of-Course Moon in July 2024

07/02: from 03:42pm to 03:50pm

07/04: from 08:43pm to 08:52pm

07/07: from 03:47am to 03:56am

07/09: from 06:03am to 01:48pm

07/12: from 01:54am to 02:07am

07/13: from 10:48pm to 02:53pm on 07/14

07/17: from 01:10am to 01:25am

07/19: from 07:58am to 08:14am

07/21: from 11:26am to 11:43am

07/23: from 09:57am to 01:23pm

07/25: from 02:31pm to 02:53pm

07/26: from 10:14pm to 05:23pm on 07/27

07/29: from 08:59pm to 09:28pm

Void-of-Course Moon in August 2024

08/01: from 02:46am to 03:19am

08/03: from 10:31am to 11:10am

08/05: from 03:15pm to 09:17pm

08/08: from 08:39am to 09:32am

08/09: from 09:44pm to 10:34pm on 08/10

08/13: from 09:00am to 10:01am

08/15: from 04:51pm to 05:51pm

08/17: from 08:43pm to 09:45pm

08/19: from 06:25pm to 10:52pm

08/21: from 09:53pm to 11:02pm

08/23: from 12:44pm to 12:01am on 08/24

08/26: from 01:40am to 03:04am

08/28: from 07:13am to 08:48am

08/30: from 03:24pm to 05:10pm

Void-of-Course Moon in September 2024

09/02: from 12:24am to 03:49am

09/04: from 04:06pm to 04:12pm

09/07: from 05:08am to 05:19am

09/09: from 05:11pm to 05:26pm

09/12: from 12:20am to 02:38am

09/14: from 07:34am to 07:54am

09/16: from 05:03am to 09:39am

09/18: from 09:02am to 09:24am

09/20: from 08:38am to 09:03am

09/22: from 10:13am to 10:25am

09/24: from 11:58am to 02:50pm

09/26: from 10:12pm to 10:48pm

09/29: from 03:35am to 09:42am

Void-of-Course Moon in October 2024

10/01: from 09:38pm to 10:20pm

10/04: from 10:40am to 11:23am

10/06: from 10:52pm to 11:34pm

10/09: from 05:53am to 09:39am

10/11: from 03:52pm to 04:31pm

10/13: from 02:10pm to 07:55pm

10/15: from 08:00pm to 08:34pm

10/17: from 07:26pm to 08:00pm

10/19: from 07:33pm to 08:07pm

10/21: from 08:59pm to 10:50pm

10/24: from 04:47am to 05:24am

10/26: from 08:03am to 03:48pm

10/29: from 03:54am to 04:30am

10/31: from 04:56pm to 05:30pm

Void-of-Course Moon in November 2024

11/03: from 04:50am to 05:20am

11/05: from 10:23am to 03:18pm

11/07: from 10:37pm to 10:58pm

11/10: from 12:23am to 04:00am

11/12: from 06:13am to 06:26am

11/14: from 06:49am to 06:59am

11/16: from 07:02am to 07:09am

11/18: from 04:08am to 08:50am

11/20: from 11:19am to 01:51pm

11/22: from 01:14pm to 11:01pm

11/25: from 05:34am to 11:20am

11/27: from 09:14am to 12:21am on 11/28

11/30: from 06:18am to 11:53am

Void-of-Course Moon in December 2024

12/02: from 03:46pm to 09:09pm

12/04: from 11:33pm to 04:21am on 12/05

12/07: from 12:01am to 09:49am

12/09: from 08:44am to 01:38pm

12/10: from 10:13pm to 03:55pm on 12/11

12/13: from 12:38pm to 05:22pm

12/15: from 02:31pm to 07:22pm

12/17: from 06:33pm to 11:39pm

12/20: from 05:19am to 07:37am

12/22: from 01:26pm to 07:08pm

12/24: from 10:43am to 08:07am on 12/25

12/27: from 02:23pm to 07:47pm

12/29: from 11:33pm to 04:38am on 12/30

What to do during the Void-of-Course Moon?

The fundamental question during the periods of the Void-of-Course Moon is: how can we deal with this period of unpredictability? The answer involves a balanced and compassionate approach to taking care of ourselves. Below are some suggestions to make the most of the Void-of-Course Moon in 2024.

1 — Rest and recharge

During the Void-of-Course Moon, it's normal to feel a decrease in energy and mental clarity. Instead of forcing productivity, allow yourself to rest and recover. Remember that you are not a machine; you are a person who needs moments of pause.

2 — Light and relaxing activities

If you need to work or perform tasks, focus on activities that do not require a high level of concentration. Avoid starting complex projects or making important decisions during this period. Lighter and routine tasks may be more suitable.

3 — Acceptance and self-love

During the Void-of-Course Moon, it's common to feel less productive or out of sync with your expectations. Remember to forgive yourself for not being perfect and for not accomplishing everything you wished. Self-compassion is essential to face this period calmly.

4 — Contemplative activities

Take advantage of the Void-of-Course Moon in 2024 to connect with yourself. Meditation, yoga, and other contemplative practices can help calm the mind and find inner clarity. These moments of introspection can be especially valuable during this transit.

5 — Time with loved ones and pets

If possible, set aside time to enjoy the company of your loved ones or your pets. These interactions can be comforting and provide a sense of emotional support.

Sometimes, allowing yourself to swim with the tide, rather than against it, can be the wisest approach during the Void-of-Course Moon in 2024. After all, just like a tree that sheds its leaves during winter, there are times when we need to retreat and wait for the sunlight to return.

What to avoid during the Void-of-Course Moon?

Just as there are beneficial actions to be taken during the Void-of-Course Moon, there are also certain activities that it is advisable to avoid, minimizing the challenges and unpleasant surprises that may arise during this astrological period. Here are some precautions to consider:

1 — Scheduling important appointments

Avoid scheduling critical appointments or significant meetings during the Void-of-Course Moon in 2024. As mentioned earlier, this period is characterized by unpredictability, which can lead to delays and communication challenges. If possible, postpone important appointments for when the Moon is in a more stable state.

2 — Demanding too much from yourself

During the Void-of-Course Moon, it's better not to demand too much from yourself in terms of work productivity. Pressuring yourself too much can lead to frustrations and emotional exhaustion. Be willing to accept that not every day is the same, and it's natural to have moments of lower efficiency.

3 — Depending too much on others

As the Void-of-Course Moon can bring unpredictability in interactions, avoid relying excessively on others to fulfill commitments or expectations. Have a contingency plan in case the people you count on are not available or do not fulfill their responsibilities.

4 — Making impulsive purchases

During this period, avoid making impulsive purchases, especially if considering buying expensive or significant items. Indecision and lack of clarity can result in regret later on. It's better to wait until the Moon is in a more favorable position to make financial decisions.

5 — Starting important projects

Avoid starting major projects or making decisions that have a significant impact on your life during the Void-of-Course Moon in 2024, as they might face unexpected challenges or unforeseen events that can hinder your progress.

Remember that the intensity of the effects of the Void-of-Course Moon can vary depending on your Birth Chart. Therefore, it's crucial to observe how this influence manifests in your life and adjust your actions accordingly.

Additionally, we invite you to follow the Lunar Cycle, a valuable tool to keep track of the influence of the Moon's cycles on our day-to-day life, with opportunities and challenges of each period.

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