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Lunar Calendar 2023

The dates and signs of each Moon phase in 2023

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The Moon, in astrology, represents an important position in your birth chart, since it is directly related to our most intimate emotions and our intuition. Therefore, understanding its phases and the sign it is in is the first step for us to understand the moment we are living in emotionally. So, for you to prepare yourself, check out the Lunar Calendar for 2023, with all the dates of the lunar phases and eclipses that will occur throughout the year!

Lunar Calendar for the 1st half of 2023

Lunar Calendar for the 2nd half of 2023

What are the phases of the moon?

The Moon takes about 28 and a half days to complete its cycle, which begins in the New phase and ends in the Waning. We can observe emotional fluctuations and favorable periods for more specific attitudes along this journey. Therefore, the lunar phases indicate trends in the dynamics of our daily lives. Let's go through what each one means!

New Moon: it is the first lunar phase, which indicates energy focused on beginnings, changes, and spontaneity. Here, we face an excellent moment to start a new project, come up with new ideas and create something from scratch.

Crescent Moon: in this phase, we water what was planted in the New Moon. There is a certain excitement and that sudden urge to do something, making it a great time to actually act toward our goals.

Full Moon: Here, the Moon is at its peak. With that, we can feel more intense emotions. The Full phase is the one in which we understand and reap what we sowed at the beginning of the cycle. Sharpened awareness and intuition help us in this process.

Waning Moon: This phase is an invitation to delve into our interior, being a good period for analysis, to understand what is happening and what needs to "wane". That is, here, we close and abandon what is no longer up to us to embark on a new cycle.


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