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Rising x Descendant: The other You

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Surely you have heard about the Rising sign in astrology. But, what about the Descendant? The combination of these two placements on the Birth Chart can indicate a lot about a person, but what little is known is that this analysis can also suggest the type of loving partnership you are looking for in a relationship.

The Rising sign (beginning of the 1st house) governs our personal potential, being the place where we start things and present ourselves. It represents our personality, the way we show ourselves to the world. Meanwhile, in opposition to this, we have the Descendant (beginning of the 7th house), which talks about the "self" in relation to others. It is here that we face society and relate to others, whether in a professional or loving way, as will be addressed here in this text.

Eixo Asc Dsc

It is in the 7th house that we perceive the existence of the other, in which the Ego (the I, the individuality) expressed in the 1st house, has the opportunity to interact with the other things in its surroundings, rivaling, interacting, uniting, setting up societies and often interacting in an affective or matrimonial way.

As Rising Sign and Descendant are placed in opposite astrological houses, these signs are complementary opposites. This means that they are "two halves of a whole", they have different characteristics, but they complement each other.

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Thus, while the rising represents our Ego, we can say that the Descendant shows us the contrast of what we are, that is, an interpretation of the world and of the intimate people around us, from our particular point of view. In other words, it is seeing and interpreting others from our organizational and psychological point of view.

For this reason, there is often a fascination and attention to these opposite characteristics, although complementary and of the same meaning. After all, in the 7th House, we have the opportunity to experience the other through relationships.

If someone is characterized as affectionate (ascendant in Libra, Pisces and Cancer, for example), it will be normal for him to show protection, support, acceptance in a natural way. So you can, if you are not aware, imagine that "everyone" is like that.

It is more than natural to perceive by contrast, all 5 senses work like this. Therefore, when we start to relate in a more intimate way, we will find the opposing characteristics strange (Aries, Virgo, Capricorn) and will notice more not when they are effective, but when they stop being effective.

We will perceive from the outside, the contrast of what we are. If you have a Virgo Rising, for example, being organized and thrifty might come naturally. Thus, if outside people are organized, they are not judged or classified as organized but "normal". Thus, we will not perceive them because they do not draw attention due to their resemblance to our infantile Ego.

We will then better understand those that are not so organized, as they contrast with our Ego. Thus, the more organized a person is, the more he believes that he is always "running into disorganization". For if what is organized is nothing more than normal, the memory of the experience is not so fixed.

In fact, the Self may be being deceived by the perception of itself that it projects onto the world. In this case, with the 7th House in Pisces, we can mistakenly interpret the other as: "he is a confused, disorganized, uncertain person, etc.", but the other is not always as we believe.

If the person with the Rising sign in Virgo never forgets the cap of the toothpaste out of the tube, and his partner (7th House in Pisces) in 5 years has forgotten two or three times, he will soon interpret and classify the other as: "you always forget".

If we look more closely, the term "always" is unrealistic and disproportionate. If we don't realize this, for example, it will be a matter of time and living with the partner so that he/she becomes, in our imagination, someone who has the characteristics of the seventh house sign.

Hence, we will call this "fate". If I'm organized, I always run into disorganized people. If I am brave, I always run into cowards and conciliators, etc. Thus, we may just be relating to the distorted perception of the other created by ourselves.

In this way, the 7th house is often the way we perceive the other with whom we have intimacy or complicity and not exactly who the person is. We are often relating to the feeling of the other that we think is out there.

The axis - different versions of the same things

  • Aries / Libra: Both admire justice (by their own hands or by understanding), youth (by strength or beauty), prominence (by protagonism or sympathy).
  • Taurus / Scorpio: Both signs have the same characteristics as control (by the body or psychology), love life (one focuses on life and away from death, the other looks at death all the time, to know where it is is and not taking it), focus on nutrition and preservation (one focuses on bringing food into the body to maintain it and the other eliminates what can kill us and eliminates semen so that something of me remains alive after death).
  • Gemini / Sagittarius: Both love content (Gemini the news and quick information, and Sagittarius the ethical implications and reflections of the same things), both love to know (Gemini knowing the cities the geography, how they talk, knowing how to live, what it's about, the curiosities of a place, while Sagittarius prefers to pack the bags, live the field research, drink the wine instead of talking about it, smell the earth instead of knowing its classification), they like to relate (Gemini in a conceptual, news, intellectual and ideological way, and Sagittarius in an anthropological, experiential way, creating historiographical, photographic and visceral links).
  • Cancer / Capricorn: Both tend to be complementary as they focus on conserving (Cancer the home, the house, and Capricorn the goods, supporting documents, social receipts), adapting (Cancer adapting relatives, children, creating respectability and Capricorn teaching them to be fair, correct with social rules, respecting the hierarchies and norms established outside the family). Both are protectors (Cancer protects to adapt and children are accepted among acquaintances and relatives and Capricorn, protect the name, credit, have inheritances to be more adapted and be socially respected in the future).
  • Leo / Aquarius: Both have the same characteristics but with opposite manifestations such as standing out (Leo for the classic, the legendary, the evening wear, the dignified and Aquarius for the rare, vintage or rejected and renegade and ripped jeans). The desire to attract attention (Leo for the pedigree, for the name, for the fame and Aquarius for the rebelliousness, for the provocative tattoo and for not framing) Therefore, we are only talking about style since the affinity and the objectives are the same.
  • Virgo / Pisces: Both have common aspects such as helping (Virgo in a helpful and pragmatic way and Pisces in an affective and empathic way) Educating (in a pedagogical and instructive way and morally teaching how to fish, and Pisces trying to make the other feel heard and welcomed, respected, understanding the weaknesses and often giving the Fish).


Áries x Libra

Aries x Libra

Want to know how this information can affect your life?

Aries Rising - Libra Descendant

The Rising in Aries Aries is the dynamic of impulse, who likes to take the initiative, be the pioneer, break new ground, where life can be an eternal roller coaster. Libra will be in the seventh house, therefore, therefore, the feeling is that the other is not as courageous, intrepid, intense and therefore can create a feeling that the other is accommodated, does not have initiative, does not manifest (projection) as much as Me. However, the other can be equally firm and proactive in a different or elegant way, manifesting this through admiration, through beauty and not through force. It can show courage by "getting the other side" and apologizing as one of the greatest examples of an act of courage. If you can understand this, you will see that opposites admire the same things in different ways.

Touro x Escorpião

Taurus x Scorpio

Taurus Rising - Scorpio Descendant

People with the Rising sign in Taurus may not understand the other who does not seek all the time and only the values ​​that characterize themselves, distorting the external perception. They may feel a stronger attraction to Scorpio characteristics, due to the strong sensuality of this sign and the sharp sexual energy. In addition, people with Scorpio characteristics have a greater affection for power, which attracts Taurus, who seek security.

Gêmeos x Sagitário

Gemini x Sagittarius

Gemini Rising - Sagittarius Descendant

A Rising Sign in Gemini tends to be more cheerful, spontaneous, friendly and, above all, curious. This is a sign known for seeking to know a little about everything, without getting attached to a single thing. A person with Sagittarius body signs and characteristics is an excellent match, as Sagittarius' pursuit of curiosity can satisfy Gemini's curiosity. Both are complementary as they work in the same sense but in opposite directions.

Câncer x Capricórnio

Cancer x Capricorn

Cancer Rising - Capricorn Descendant

When they have Cancer Rising, they  are characterized by emotions and reminiscent feelings, generating attachment to what was part of his personal history. Memories of the past and the inclination to nostalgia for periods of protection and support can be motivating to create new stories. As Capricorn will be in the seventh house, the feeling will be that the other is not so romantic, is hard, inflexible and unintuitive, or insensitive to feelings, when in fact it is often just a sensation created by projection.Leão x Aquário

Leo x Aquarius

Leo Rising - Aquarius Descendant

This Rising sign likes to show what he came for, prove his place in the world and, above all, be praised. This person, due to a physical energy that calls his attention a lot, can focus and self-center and in some cases become self-referential. So you can dedicate a lot of time to your own personal projects. As the seventh house will be in Aquarius, the individual may judge the other to be very distant, impersonal and inattentive, as the other's attention is often very demanding. Thus, there are challenging and tense aspects of this axis, which can lead to intense, creative and dramatic clashes that can lead to ruptures if not understood.

Virgem x Peixes

Virgo x Pisces

Virgo Rising - Pisces Descendant

The practicality and perfectionism of the Rising in Virgo can clash with the emotional and dreamy sign of Pisces, but it is a relationship that has a lot to build. Virgos need to understand that not everything is perfect at the same time and that they manage to prove themselves useful in taking care of a person who is so detached from the material, understanding and empathetic. In these cases, a practical and functional temperament may be structuring the Self on the Ascendant. The Descendant will necessarily be in Pisces and for this reason the feeling will be that of little practicality, difficulty in specifying your desires, disorganization, unpredictability, etc. Always remembering the possibility of projections, it may be that the other is not like that. Many times we are only perceiving the contrast of our own structure.

Libra x Áries

Libra x Aries

Libra Rising - Aries Descendant

The Rising in Libra is thoughtful, extremely concerned about not displeasing the other in order not to displease anyone. To leave the place, nothing like a little push from a person with Aries characteristics, who is more busy doing than caring about other people's opinion. And that is what may attract this placement. The functioning of the axis, already described above, in this case can create the feeling of aggressiveness on the part of the other, the presence of a masculine prominence still unusual in the structure. In heterosexual male charts, for example, one can feel attracted or interpret the woman as trying to lead the relationship, or she may have clearer traits of masculinity.

Escorpião x Touro

Scorpio x Taurus

Scorpio Rising - Taurus Descendant

The magnetism and intense feelings of the Rising in Scorpio, together with the great need for depth and control, go against the affection, seduction and the search for security and stability that can come against the characteristics of Taurus in the seventh house. Passivity can be one of the characteristics observed as projection. The silence on the other side, due to a projective issue, can generate distrust in the relationship. As Scorpio's characteristics are being projected onto the other person, it can be understood and interpreted that the other is planning something, hiding something and thus suffering unnecessarily.

Sagitário x Gêmeos

Sagittarius x Gemini

Sagittarius Rising - Gemini Descendant

Rising in Sagittarius is the great lover of freedom, while also having an attachment for the intellect. Thus, the eternal traveler of the Zodiac is always adventuring, exploring new cultures, new philosophical currents and so on. Gemini curiosity is of particular interest here. In general, projections manifest themselves by creating the feeling that the other is too serious. He should trust more and discuss the relationship less. Thus, it can be stimulated, but feeling tired of the exhausting polemics that could be resolved with more irony, relaxation, sex and letting life take over a little more, instead of explaining too much (believe that the other does this) would prefer more "never mind".

Capricórnio x Câncer

Capricorn x Cancer

Capricorn Rising - Cancer Descendant

Maturity, focus on professional growth, incessant search for security and consolidation, and difficulty in showing feelings and trust, which is hidden behind a serious face. Nothing like an emotional intensity and attachment to the small - and atavistic - things in life to break this Capricorn armor. A person with Cancer characteristics is capable of doing this. Complaints may be related to the lack of commitment and seriousness of the partners. The feeling created is that partners or husbands are weak, emotional, sensitive, impractical or that they spoil children or employees too much and do not prepare them for life abroad, when many times the other does this too, but this is not perceived , because when it does, it is considered as "normal" and "basic".

Aquário x Leão

Aquarius x Leo

Aquarius Rising - Leo Descendant

For Aquarius, drawing attention and leading minorities, excluded, non-conformists and displaced people is a way to stand out and assume leadership. Relationships where bonds of stimulation and motivation without proximity and commitments of reciprocity as long as they are stimulating become common. If there is encouragement, respect for freedoms and individualities, complicity and common interests, more Socratic Philos relationships and friendships can be built more solidly. However, this feeling is approached very rationally. Leo complements by bringing more visceral, instinctive, theatrical and intense passion and attitudes. Projection implies feeling charged and limited by the other. Imprisonment can be another important point of projection. This feeling is often irrational, as one cannot share without losing a certain freedom and autonomy. The search for showy, strong people turns out to be attractive for the exaltation of individuality, using the other as a platform. As if to justify: "I have someone that everyone wants, but this is not relevant", despite loving being in this position that he considers special.

Peixes x Virgem

Pisces x Virgo

Pisces Rising- Virgo Descendant

Sensitive, empathetic, in the internal world of your emotional expectations and passionate about the fascination of the existence of objects, people, practices, moments and places capable of incredible transformations that will rescue you from a world that does not correspond to your internal expectations, with some difficulty to deal with dense, practical and mundane matters: this is the Rising in Pisces. The outside world can seem threatening and often frustrating to this Rising. Thus, practical, time-consuming, unexciting and not at all poetic and inspiring processes may not be motivating. In this way, demands for dates, deadlines, times, among so many demands of the material world, can be left to the other to resolve. Projection can make one find the partner, partner, member of the band, or theater company over time boring, boring and not stimulating, despite being necessary. Passion and fantasy can disappear if living together becomes constant.


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