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Eclipses - an astronomical and astrological phenomenon

Eclipses and the astrological influences that this phenomenon has on us

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Whenever an eclipse approaches or is announced, it is evident that people are curious to understand how this phenomenon happens from an astronomical point of view and what are its possible influences on the part of astrology.

Since ancient times, our ancestors used to fear eclipses, seeing them as bringing about abrupt changes. This view has a justification: for them, repetitive cycles ensured that the predictability of the future was maintained and, thus, it was possible to plan collective life. At this point, it is also worth remembering that the emergence of astrology has its origins in organizational purposes, ranging from the collective to the individual in its studies.

Thus, eclipses meant a break in this order and, therefore, a moment of fear, uncertainty, disruption of routine and the ability to predict the events of things.

For ancient peoples, the occurrence of an eclipse acted as a kind of warning that they would no longer be in control of nature's signs and, therefore, the lives of the population were at risk.

In the solar eclipse, for example, the interrupted sunlight represented a "break" in the flow of light and heat so essential to life. Likewise, the lunar eclipse disrupted the customary order.

However, every year, we go through two eclipse seasons, which are repeated, on average, every 6 months (or about 173 days). Here, we’d like to help you better understand what an eclipse is, how this phenomenon happens, what is the difference between a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse, what lessons can we learn from each of these periods and what influences an eclipse can have on individual birth charts. Good reading!

What is an eclipse?

Eclipses are a phenomenon that results from a very precise alignment between the Sun, Earth and Moon. In the sky, the Moon and the Sun describe well-defined paths. When these trajectories expressed by reference planes intersect, we have the Moon nodes - also called lunar nodes or lunar nodes -, which are crossing points of these projections. When both stars are at these points, or close to them simultaneously, eclipses tend to occur.

Each eclipse season - remembering that we have two in the year - lasts, on average, 34 days (this number can vary from 31 to 37 days). During this period, two to three different eclipses may occur, whether partial or total.

The difference between a partial and a total eclipse is determined by how close the Sun and Moon are to the Lunar Nodes. If they are close enough, a total eclipse will occur. If not, a partial eclipse — when the Sun or Moon is not completely covered by the earth's shadow.

A lunar eclipse always occurs at full moon. A solar eclipse always happens at New Moon. The time it takes the Sun to travel from one lunar node to the other within the ecliptic is what dictates this 6-month cycle that separates each of the eclipse seasons.


What is the meaning of an eclipse?

Astronomically, an eclipse means the alignment between the Sun, Moon and Earth, which are positioned to shadow each other. This phenomenon occurs at least four times a year - two lunar eclipses, along with the Full Moon, and two solar eclipses, along with the New Moon.

As for astrology, eclipses mark periods of time and along with houses and can also bring other interpretations and influences to a person's birth chart, depending on the position of the star at the time of his birth. In general, solar eclipses and lunar eclipses have always represented markers and can signal the triggering of major conjunctions or their developments. In addition, they also serve as complements to studies of equinox or fourth ingresses in World or collective Astrology.

Some support the thesis that its effects can be felt more strongly closer to the dates they occur (about two to five days before or after), and others claim that the consequences of an eclipse can take about 1 to 6 months to manifest themselves.

Differences in observations are often related to the collective or individual liabilities involved, the directions and transits or even the great conjunctions or their development. Thus, many times, the variation in the interpretation of their influences occurs if we try to use only eclipses and not combine the astrological cycles.

Lunar eclipses, solar eclipses and the astrological experience

Eclipses can be considered as opportunities to carry out important changes or consolidate processes. Everything will depend on what the natal chart is like and how they relate to other prediction methods.

If you notice any signs during these phenomena, try to understand them so that you can take full advantage of them. This is a good opportunity to reflect on which area of ​​your life is asking for changes or repair and consolidation, either because it is not flowing the way it should, or because of the need to make things happen and achieve goals.

Lunar Eclipses

Lunar eclipses always occur during the Full Moon, the phase that represents the apex of the lunar cycle. It is common, at these times, for the emotional correspondence and behavior of the people to be emphasized, since astrological studies on the moon show a clear relationship with these issues.

An example is the research of Arnold Lieber, an American psychiatrist who wrote the book "The influences of the Moon". In the work, Lieber relates the phases of the Moon, their differences and rhythms to thousands of hospitalization maps, recorded over many years in various American hospitals. In his studies, he (who is not an astrologer) shows evidence of the relationship between these phases and psychiatric psychic mood swings — evaluating periods in which there is a greater predisposition to mood instabilities in cases of depression, mania and other psychiatric disorders.

The Full Moon represents a period of heightened intensity and chaos. It is when ongoing situations come to the fore, emotions are intensified and some occurrences have a chance of happening or gaining scale.


These monthly swings will depend on where these cycles are activating in individual charts and how they relate to prediction methods including astrological transits - your personal horoscope.

Often, a lunar eclipse indicates the resolution or completion of some situation, an outcome or the need to reflect and reconcile chaos in relation to the moment before a new cycle with new potential begins.

We should see it as an important "marker" of a sector of our individual maps, highlighting certain subjects for a few months.

Many possibilities enter the 'stakes table' if they affect an unstable sector of the natal chart or are heading in the same direction as methods and chaotic transits over the natal charts. But basically, the lunar eclipse can be a good time to question old habits and invest in new ways to progress through life. Such an event always opens important and special opportunities for us to break any unwanted patterns (addictions, postures, habits and relationships) and make, in a well-managed and administered manner, positive transformations in our lives.

If the positions of the eclipses affect security and consolidation sectors, they can only deepen what we are doing, consolidate processes and forward dynamics to the chronology.

But what if we feel, deep inside, that everything is as it should be? What if balance is already reigning? Well, in this case, we just have to say thank you and make sure our personal garden is always healthy and lush. In this way, we say that eclipses can only function as pavers of what we are or what we have been doing for some time now.

Want to know how this information can affect your life?

Want to know how this information can affect your life?

Solar Eclipses

Solar eclipses have always received greater protagonism than lunar eclipses, as they occur on the New Moon (conjunction of the Moon with the Sun). Furthermore, when they are total or when they are visible from somewhere, they have much more visually noticeable effects than lunar eclipses, which tend to occur at night, with little variation in brightness.

In astrology, solar eclipses can signify a transitional moment in the short cycles of our lives. It is a period in which we have the chance to plant new seeds (desires) that will blossom into different flowers (achievements). It's a great time to let go of past aspirations and commit once and for all to the present.

But remember: the influences of an eclipse always depend on how each of these phenomena relates to our individual chart.

If we are undecided about something, an eclipse tends to force us to act, influencing unexpected situations that may require changes in plans. Everything that is not destined to remain in our timeline tends to be eliminated in these moments, making room for new possibilities if confirmed by other markers, such as personal transits (personalized horoscope), for example.

The map axis affected by lunar eclipses

As every Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and the Moon, every lunar eclipse works with opposite axis, generating a different influence on each astral map.

A lunar eclipse talks about dealing with opposing characteristics and conflicting polarities and invites us to cherish a certain balance and common sense.

In this way, the location in your birth chart where you have the signs involved in the eclipse (being these opposite signs and houses) will determine how these effects are more likely to influence you.

We must carefully analyze where these signs are positioned, the planets that are there and understand how they are interacting, because that is where we will realize what needs to be worked on and clarified.

By highlighting flaws, absences, needs or even potential for personal development - mainly in relation to past habits that may have negatively interacted with such sectors -, the eclipse allows us to work on creating a success or improvement strategy capable of realigning all these things in our lives. Everything can gain new contours, giving rise to the desire for an "upgrade", an update of concepts.

As we said - and it is important to remember - it all depends on the sign and the aspects involved with the natal chart at each time when the eclipses occur. But, in general, these are the basic themes that we can use when analyzing the axes of the birth chart where the eclipse is taking place:

eclipse happening

House 01 and House 07

Reflection is on the theme I x Others and can generate activity and analysis on the balance of our own needs, desires, aspirations and ambitions and our relationships, societies and partnerships in general as well as in crises or development of identity potentials. The priority is listening, reflecting, seeking consensus and mediation between oneself and the other.

It strengthens the most solid and balanced relationships as well as being able to apply tension to those that are not in balance. Be more careful with serious decisions or discussions and stick to self-knowledge capable of generating greater personal growth. The evidence, therefore, is related to the debate about "who I am" and who the others are, personal relationships, the development of individuality and relationships as a couple, whether social or romantic.

House 02 and House 08

In this axis, there tends to be questions about "mine and yours — and ours". How are our values, livelihood, resources, talents and even how our personal self-esteem is going, in contrast to themes such as the resources of others, mergers, dominance and dependence relationships and our perception of necessary transformations, changes or adjustments . It calls for attention to purchases, attachments and a sense of control and dependency and can stimulate sexual urges.

The inner world is shaken and there may be more motivation to resolve things that need to be resolved and do not seem to be very clear. The activation of this axis can, in turn, consolidate and protect financial life, as well as provide evidence of long-term financing. It suggests being careful and reflecting before going into debt just for personal satisfaction. It might be a good time to save and learn to control yourself financially, being careful with incredible and miraculous offers, because all that glitters is not gold.

House 03 and House 09

If the degree of the eclipse occurs on the axis of the 3rd and 9th houses, the reflections must be about "the here" and "the beyond". How are your immediate environment, your ideas, your communication and learning? How is the sense of expanding boundaries beyond basic knowledge? How far can you reach and deepen and how is your relationship with your immediate environment? There may also be an emphasis on studies and training necessary for continuing professional development. Travel, in turn, can be highlighted.

Focus on exchanging information, on intellectual needs, on interactions with siblings and peer relatives. Legal issues are also on the analysis agenda. Time to look inward and seek meaning in spirituality, meditation or any religious doctrine that is aligned with you, as well as reflection on what has the most potential to generate satisfaction in terms of learning and exchanging ideas. There may therefore be a focus on how we view external influences intellectually and morally. Try to understand how you can be your own guide, reflecting on more philosophical questions.

House 04 and House 10

Emphasis on this axis highlights our family and social learning values. Issues such as work, success, career and quality of life and housing may be in evidence, as well as aspects related to professional and personal success and values ​​inherited from the family. It is worth reflecting on the past and the present and how your roots have contributed so far, on how your emotional connection with things is in balance with your achievements, or even on personal management and your contribution to the world, where you want to go and its reputation. Focus on the balance or administration that can transit between private life and public life, as an internal feeling of pressure to achieve recognition may arise.

Dedicate yourself to aligning with emotions, trying to understand them and see how they influence your family life to ensure more security. Greater willingness to reconcile home life and professional life, get well-deserved raises and make career changes are expected potentials. Solving pending family situations to meet emotional demands is also a possibility. There will invariably be matters that gravitate between the interests of home life and professional life.

House 05 and House 11

This axis essentially highlights the creative potential and small and large life projects. It also relates to our personal projects, what makes us happy and what we enjoy. In short, what makes life funnier and lighter. In the same way, it is related to fleeting courtships and the deepest affairs of many years without a solution in the direction of a married life.

When falling in the 5th or 11th houses, the Sun is either at home or away from it. Reflections should be on the development of the image itself, what we create and how we appear to the world, what influence and legacy we are leaving and how this affects the collective and vice versa. It is essential to analyze whether there is, at the moment, a balance between giving and receiving. It can inspire a greater desire to take care of self-esteem, to achieve satisfaction from your hobbies, from what makes you happy. If you have children, the relationship can become closer, bringing personal satisfaction or they can go through situations that need your attention. Greater connection with some friends and withdrawal from others. In this way, children's issues, the conflict between dedicating themselves to them or hobbies and meeting friends, or even the expansion of small ones into large projects can be in evidence.

House 06 and House 12

It refers to an axis of occupations of time with preserving and conserving. Whether it be health, domestic or structural issues of the property or appliances, as well as the difficulties encountered in everyday life due to lack of infrastructure or equipment that, because they are not working properly, hinder the development of the daily flow. In the axis of the 6th and 12th houses, the motto is about integrity versus dissolution. How are we transcending or watching decay and just suffering the effects of constant accumulated mistakes over the years of life, having to blame ourselves or dealing with the practicalities? How is the compassionate side of our lives, the balance or objective management between serving what is on the side and serving the whole?

Reflections on intuition, discipline and reason, practical analysis versus the spiritual side or living with suffering and its presence in our lives. Focus on routine, work environment, health, search and spiritual growth and emotional well-being, often due to drama and present suffering.

It may suggest a shock of consciousness, in which the person becomes more attuned to the existence of a spiritual nature beyond the manifestation of repressed fears and desires. However, it can show an increase in neurosis, where we start to blame the world, victimize ourselves and feel increasingly powerless in the face of adversity.

Everything will depend on how we are dealing with the aspects that most imprison us in existential terms. If efforts are well channeled, they can result in better routine practices, food and good coexistence in the work environment. Otherwise, a darker and more unconscious side of the personality gains more clearly defined contours at the moment.

It is important to be very sure of what you say and think so as not to allow subconscious aspects to erupt into professional or personal conflicts. It is a period, therefore, of increasing personal care, choosing caregivers and doctors well and being more careful with drugs and chemical substances. Attention to one's fears, rest, dreams, meditation and introspection.

Always try to see where this eclipse falls on the individual maps and compare it with the other methods, in order to better understand what it will highlight and leave active. In view of this information, every time there is an eclipse, pay attention to what is happening around you and what it may mean at the moment, because in events like this it is always possible that we have a light to understand the future courses of events, its durability, intensity, importance and show us a new path, so that we can reflect on our current directions and decide whether it is worth keeping it or changing the course of things a little.

For a better analysis of how eclipses or other astrological movements can influence you, try to understand more and more the experience that your personal birth chart can provide


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