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Numerology Predictions for 2024

Discover the vibrations of numerology for 2024 and your Personal Year

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According to Numerology 2024, the year will be ruled by the number 8, which is linked to power, justice, and abundance.

There is a perceptive energy in this number, as if strategy and rationality are activated so that we can see opportunities with eagle eyes.

After an introspective and analytical year like 2023, we are invited to go out into the world and activate our self-confidence, recovering our inner power.

Want to know more? Keep reading! In this text, we explain the meaning of the number 8, teach how to calculate the Personal Year in 2024, and present the predictions for love, work, money, and health in numerology 2024.

Numerology 2024 and the Vibrations of the number 8

The number 8 is the symbol of the universe and represents cosmic balance. It is also known as the “guardian” of the law of action and reaction, due to its infinite shape.

The lying 8 is the lemniscate, a symbol widely used by ancient peoples, linked to universal creation and the movement of planets. It represents the absence of a beginning and an end, birth or death. It is the connection of the physical plane with the spiritual.

Moreover, the number 8 also refers to the union of forces from different groups, symbolized by two united squares or two united circles. Thus, it has a value of mediation between these two, which is why it is related to the intermediate world, a symbolism of central balance and justice.

The image of the 8 formed by two circles, one on top of the other, gives us the idea of two wholes together, two energies in motion of cooperation and union.

Under this energy of numerology 2024, we are collectively invited to a moment of harvest. Therefore, a year to think, plan, and mainly act. The harvest of previous cycles manifests as a "karmic" return.

According to numerology 2024, this year, material issues come to the fore, so people may want to pursue their dreams and achieve their personal goals.

The energy of 8 favors focus, but care must be taken with anxiety, competition, authoritarianism, self-demand, and exaggerated haste that tramples processes, especially from March 20th, when the Astrological New Year begins, under the regency of Saturn in Astrology.

Thus, it is important to develop discernment and not forget the spiritual side, which can be the key to finding balance and not succumbing to power and worldly temptations that try to divert us from the true purpose of existence. We are spiritual beings living a material experience and not the other way around.

The vibration of this number evokes the need to develop emotional maturity. We need to recognize the true power that exists in us, awaken our value, self-confidence to realize our dreams and, above all, think strategically so as not to waste energy on what is beyond our control.

The energy of 8 brings focus, perseverance, intelligence, discernment, overcoming, strength, confidence, abundance, and prosperity, but to achieve all this, it is necessary to direct energy consciously.

The power of conscious co-creation resides in our feeling. It is necessary to be connected with the energy of the heart so that we can listen to our intuition and use the rational side to make more accurate choices, without wasting energies and realizing our dreams.

2024 Guide

How to calculate your Personal Year in 2024

The number 8 governs the Universal collective energy, however, individually, each person lives their own cycle, which in numerology we call the Personal Year.

It is through the Personal Year that we calculate the number that reveals the trends, lessons, learnings, and energies available for your year.

These are cycles that occur every 9 years. When we align with them, we understand more deeply the lessons that are presented, and we can take advantage of the opportunities by embarking on the flow of the Universe.

Your Personal Year begins on your birthday and goes until a day before your next birthday. That is, the milestone of your personal year is the day you have your birthday, not the beginning of January (unless your birthday is in that month).

Therefore, to make the calculation, you will use 2023 still, until you have your birthday in 2024. See more in the examples below.

See the examples below:

Example 1:

Date of birth: 12/21/2000
Personal year in 2024: Use day and month of birth + year of the last birthday; the vibration with 2024 will start from 12/21

21 + 12 + 7 = 40 = 4+0 = 4

Current personal year: 4

(Personal Year 4 from 12/21/2023 to 12/20/2024, on 12/21/2024 enters Personal Year 5 and so on up to 9.)

Example 2:

Date of birth: 01/05/1999
Personal year in 2024: Use day and month of birth + year of the last birthday; in this case the birthday is at the beginning of 2024, so we use that year

06 +01 + 8 = 15 = 1+5 = 6

Current personal year: 6

(Personal Year 6 from 01/06/2024 to 01/05/2025, on 01/06/2025 enters Personal Year 7 and so on up to 9.)

Meaning of the Personal Year in Numerology 2024

Just like the cycle of a tree, the annual cycles show the vibrations present in our life during these periods. Check below the meaning of each of the Personal Years.

Want to know how this information can affect your life?

Personal Year 1 in a Universal Year 8

número 1

This will be a year of beginnings. The universal energy of number 8 calls for strategy, so look for better ways to find new opportunities.

Furthermore, do not waste energy: focus on your goals and go after them. Take more risks, start projects, act boldly! It is not a year to stand still, but be careful with anxiety and excessive competitiveness.

Work on your self-confidence and creativity. A good dose of positivity and willpower will help you overcome challenges.

Personal Year 1 in love: In 2024, the focus should be on you. Therefore, dedicate yourself to realizing your dreams and projects – the energy of this cycle will reverberate for the next 9 years. Be careful not to get too entangled in worn-out relationships. Keep people by your side who encourage you to challenge yourself and follow your dreams.

Personal Year 1 in work: A great time to put in energy, make things happen, start something new, or renew what was obsolete.

Personal Year 1 in money: Material issues depend on your ability to innovate. Being stuck in the past can hinder your prosperity. Seek to dare and innovate.

Personal Year 1 in health: It's a busy year, you will need energy and willingness, so take care of your diet, rest whenever you feel the need, and do physical activities that can help improve your daily performance.

Personal Year 2 in a Universal Year 8

número 2

This will be a year to root your projects. It is a time to cultivate patience.

However, with the universal reign of number 8, you may feel internal restlessness and some dissatisfaction. Channel this feeling through introspection and try to investigate and heal your emotions.

Trust your intuition and follow your instincts. Internal conflicts that arise will be great opportunities for personal growth, so seek pleasurable moments and face everything more lightly.

Personal Year 2 in love: In 2024, intimate relationships are emphasized, resulting in heightened feelings of neediness and affection. Enjoy good times together and take care of the people you love.

Personal Year 2 in work: It is a time to work in a team and cooperate. Therefore, avoid trying to do everything alone and taking on more responsibilities than you can handle. Allow others to take the lead and support for a better workflow.

Personal Year 2 in money: Material things will be favored as you manage to collaborate. You may prosper more in a partnership than alone. Trust your intuition and do not act on impulse.

Personal Year 2 in health: This tends to be a calmer and quieter year, similar to a gestation, a good time to rest more, respect your limits, and channel energy only into what you feel is worthwhile.

Personal Year 3 in a Universal Year 8

número 3

You are in a more sociable year, a time to cultivate communication and let your star shine. Take advantage of the powerful energy of year 8, to focus on your boldest projects.

Choose your friends wisely and avoid wasting energy on gossip, complaints, and love triangles.

Cultivate your creativity, reconnect with your inner child, awaken your artistic talents… According to numerology 2024, this should be a slightly busier year than the previous one. Therefore, try to live with joy, relaxation, and lightness, as the next cycle will require more discipline.

Personal Year 3 in love: This year your interpersonal relationships are on the agenda. You may meet people and feel more attractive, but be careful with love triangles. Travel and live happy moments as a couple.

Personal Year 3 in work: It's a time for networking. Try to frequent places where you can be in contact with people, making friends and connections that can be beneficial for your profession.

Personal Year 3 in money: Material things are favored as you use your creativity to do new things, letting your magnetism and personal shine come to the fore. Don't be afraid to be the center of attention, but be careful with your ego and avoid wasting money on luxury and extravagances.

Personal Year 3 in health: This is a year to get moving. Take dance, music, or art classes. Taking care of your appearance may be a goal, just be careful with excesses or superficiality.

Personal Year 4 in a Universal Year 8

número 4

According to numerology 2024, the year calls for practicality and organization of material issues. It is imperative to reorganize your life in all aspects, focusing more on your professional pursuits.

The energy of year 8 further contributes to the need for more discipline and focus, as well as to think, plan, and act. Review your path, observe your values, seek self-knowledge to clear your beliefs and thoughts of scarcity.

Take advantage of good opportunities that may arise, and do not waste energy on trivialities.

Personal Year 4 in love: The energy of 4 can lead to the need to make things more stable and “concrete”. Therefore, moving in together, getting married, or starting a family may be one of your desires. Be careful not to demand too much from the people you love.

Personal Year 4 in work: It is a very favorable year professionally speaking, but it demands hard work, structure, and planning. You may not even be able to take vacations and might need to work extra shifts, but if your professional life is not aligned with your values, possible breakups can happen so that you can restructure your life.

Personal Year 4 in money: In year 4, material and earthly issues are on the agenda. Financially, it is good for savings, but you may also buy a house or a car. Just be careful not to do anything impulsively: think and plan well before taking such a step.

Personal Year 4 in health: This is a more laborious year, you might feel the physical weight of your responsibilities, so take moments to rest. Massages can be very beneficial. Take care of your joints, teeth, and bones.

Personal Year 5 in a Universal Year 8

número 5

According to numerology 2024, this is a year of changes and transformations, with the potential to mark your trajectory. Therefore, open yourself to experiences, get into the flow, and adapt to possible unforeseen events.

The energy of number 8 brings power and magnetism but also demands ethics in your actions. Being in a personal year 5, you will need positivity, perseverance, and flexibility to face challenges.

Travel, take courses, seek self-knowledge, trust your intuition and the signs that present themselves. Learn to deal with the unexpected, allow the Universe to act in your life, renounce control, see the hidden beauty in situations that present themselves, and open your heart to live passionately.

Personal Year 5 in love: Year 5 is permeated by sensuality and magnetism. You will feel more attractive and ready to live adventures and pleasures. Just be careful not to get carried away too much by skin-deep issues and close your eyes to the signs. Use contraceptive methods if you would rather not get pregnant, and be careful with overwhelming passions.

Personal Year 5 in work: It's a cycle where professional issues will require more maturity and lightness. You will need to be flexible and adapt to possible unforeseen events. You may travel more. If you work in sales, take advantage of the energy of the moment to achieve your goals.

Personal Year 5 in money: Material fluctuations are possible. There is a tendency towards instability; however, it may be momentary. Work on your more confident side, explore your magnetism, and place your faith in your dreams, do your part and open yourself to receive rewards from the universe. Excessive control will only hinder.

Personal Year 5 in health: Health may fluctuate. Be careful with anxiety, try to face life more lightly, and do not neglect your body with unregulated eating, drugs, and alcohol, you will feel the return of this on your skin. Use your freedom responsibly. Practice exercises where you can expend energy.

Personal Year 6 in a Universal Year 8

número 6

Social, family, romantic relationships, and friendships may be the theme of the year, according to numerology 2024. This may make you feel challenged to reconcile opposites, mediate conflicts, and help the people you love.

Temporarily, you may feel as if you have to abandon your personal needs to turn more towards the people around you. Use these opportunities as ways of self-knowledge, as people often mirror what needs to be healed in us.

Your intuition tends to be sharper, as well as your sense of justice, due to the energies of year 8. Therefore, seek your inner power to get out of conflicting situations and cultivate harmony.

Personal Year 6 in love: Year 6 is excellent for relationships, marriages, and children. However, it is also a call to resolve possible conflicts that have been dragging on, especially those involving family ancestry that may be interfering in the couple's life. Resolving these issues can make things align or end.

Personal Year 6 in work: It is a year when professional issues are favored when they involve caring for people, teamwork, and general services. Do not shy away from responsibilities, do what is within your reach and practice empathy if you want your professional life to prosper.

Personal Year 6 in money: In this cycle, material issues align when they walk in a balance between giving and receiving. You may feel the call to take more care of people; do this, and you will have rewards.

Personal Year 6 in health: Your emotional well-being will be demanded this year. Therefore, your health needs to be in order: take care of your body, appearance, and don't do more than you can handle. You can only give to others if you are whole.

Personal Year 7 in a Universal Year 8

número 7

It is a year of diving into your self-knowledge, inviting moments of introspection and review of all the structures of your life.

The search for truth and the awakening of essence become latent, so neglecting the spiritual side can lead to setbacks.

This year, the curtains fall, and you will be able to see what previously seemed obscure. Your intuition becomes more active, and you can achieve high levels of consciousness expansion if you take control of your life.

The number 8 of the year activates your personal power to take charge of your destiny, just be careful with excesses, as this is a phase where you will need rest and to withdraw a bit more.

Avoid judging and criticizing others and yourself. Be attentive to signs and synchronicities. Travel, studies, metaphysics, therapy, yoga, meditation, and self-knowledge tools are very appropriate for this year.

Personal Year 7 in love: Year 7 is introspective, meaning your relationships will go through the scrutiny of your reason. You tend to become more analytical and notice things you previously ignored. Be careful not to invade others' space, and only get involved with those you feel are in tune with you. Avoid crowds.

Personal Year 7 in work: It's a year when professional matters may take a back seat, or be the target of changes you feel you need to make. Do not make decisions impulsively, think well before doing something, but follow your intuition and instincts that are sharper this year.

Personal Year 7 in money: This is not a material year, but rather a spiritual one. However, this does not mean you will not prosper. It means you cannot just think about money: you need to turn your focus to yourself, your self-knowledge, and trust that what you need will come to you. Seize opportunities, but analyze them well before. Preserve your energy and do not take on commitments greater than you can fulfill.

Personal Year 7 in health: Your mental and spiritual well-being will be the topics of the year, and this can directly influence your physical health. Therefore, pay attention to your body's signals. Sleep more, rest, and take time off. Engage in lighter activities and try to meditate. Take a vacation, as the next year will demand more from you.

Personal Year 8 in a Universal Year 8

número 8

The intensified energy of year 8 invites you to become the master of your destiny. According to numerology 2024, there is no longer room for procrastination from the previous year.

You will need to reclaim your personal power and manifest your dreams. The vibration of power and justice presents itself, activating the law of action and reaction, allowing the harvest of everything you have planted in the last 8 years.

Channel your energies into what is truly important, act responsibly and strategically, taking calculated risks.

Take advantage of the accumulated energies from the previous year and focus on your dreams and projects. It will be necessary to balance the material life with the spiritual, cultivate your faith, dedicate time to your spirituality, and trust that everything you need will come to you.

Personal Year 8 in love: Relationships that survived the previous year enter a new phase of realignment. If things were bad, they need to improve now, otherwise your life may become stagnant. Keep only those by your side who encourage you to challenge yourself and be your best version.

Personal Year 8 in work: This year, professional matters are highly favored. Put energy into your ventures and do not get distracted. Keep your focus on the target and act strategically.

Personal Year 8 in money: This is a cycle of material harvests. Everything that was planted in previous years will be reaped. Therefore, if the harvest is not good, rethink how you planted, take action, and don't just wait for things to fall from the sky. Preserve and increase your assets, take calculated risks, and be careful not to overspend on extravagances. Seize opportunities, but do not act impulsively. Strategy is the keyword for the moment.

Personal Year 8 in health: Material demands may divert attention from your health; be careful not to lose yourself and become too exhausted. Engage in activities that can revitalize your body, and meditate more to balance the mind and emotions.

Personal Year 9 in a Universal Year 8

número 9

This will be a year of contemplation, according to numerology 2024. Like someone who climbs a great mountain, goes through all the challenges, and now can see the landscape, feel gratitude for the process, and understand that now the cycles will be completed.

You need to be generous with others who are still on the path, showing compassion and love. However, being stuck in the past can worsen things. Therefore, trust the flow, forgive what needs to be forgiven, heal what must be healed, make an inventory of the entire cycle, and open yourself to changes and transformations. This is a year that will mark your history.

The new will soon knock on your door, so now take the time to contemplate the landscape, clean out the drawers, let go of what needs to go. Isolate yourself if necessary, travel, be in contact with nature, reclaim your inner wisdom, and seek self-knowledge.

Donate your time, teach what you know, observe the signs, people, live with your own company, forgive and love yourself. Be the person you would like to have around.

Personal Year 9 in love: Look at your relationships and see if they are contributing to your life. Perhaps some cycles need to be ended. Now, you need peace. So, if things are not okay, it's time to sit down, talk, and realign… Let go of what does not add and before opening up to the new, be whole for yourself.

Personal Year 9 in work: This year, professional matters are very favored as you can contribute with your experience and wisdom. You need to rethink your profession and whether it is what you want to maintain for the next cycle. If not, start thanking what you have received so far and gradually open up to the new, looking for another area, studying other things, just do not act on emotion and impulse.

Personal Year 9 in money: Material matters are favored through generosity and gratitude. The more you give and thanks, the more blessings you receive. But you need to do this wholeheartedly! Pass your knowledge forward, you may receive good remuneration for it. Renounce control and practice gratitude that the Universe will repay.

Personal Year 9 in health: Physical health issues may become quite evident. Get a check-up with your doctor and take care of your mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well. Rest and give your body time to recover. Do not exert beyond your limits. The next cycle will demand a lot from you, so save energy.


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